"Me Grimlock no bozo, me KING!" - Grimlock, Transformers The Movie

I want to use Grimlock, Dinobot Leader   and my play group has been kind enough to agree to let me use him. Here is a summary of rules clarifications from Mark Rosewater's Blogatog. And here is a piece of birthday trivia from him about Grimlock.

I started with just jamming in whatever I had available of the things he cares about. I forgot my Transformer toy the first time I played the deck so I couldn't transform Grimlock, but he doesn't really need to transform. The deck is good at just playing creatures and turning them sideways and Grimlock's power boost makes those creatures good at what they're doing. Transforming him into Grimlock, Ferocious King can be a nice little combat trick.

The next step is to include cards to help my creatures "Get In There" for damage. Most of the cards in this category grant my creatures trample or menace.

I hope I have included enough removal. I am also partially relying on forcing my opponents to block as a form of creature removal.

Card draw is definitely an issue to look at. A creature-heavy aggro deck needs some extra card draw in order to keep going.

The Utility category is mostly ramp. It also includes a few other effects which are helpful. Utility is my catch-all for anything that doesn't have enough cards to need its own category.


Updates Add

The release of new Transformers cards means I absolutely must get as many of them as I can into this deck. Choosing what to remove isn't easy. I think I need to shift off of the dinosaurs a bit more in order to fit some of these new cards in.


Ultra Magnus, Tactician  Flip - I'm most interested in his vehicle form attack trigger making all my attackers indestructible. There might not be the critical mass of artifact creatures to make his robot mode ability work as often as needed.

Prowl, Stoic Strategist  Flip - Adding a bit of removal or card draw feels good considering how deficient this deck is in both.

Slicer, Hired Muscle  Flip - Everyone likes Assault Suit, right?

Arcee, Sharpshooter  Flip - I don't know that I'll be tossing around +1 counters often enough to get the best use of Arcee. I think I will be casting her vehicle form more often because it can place counters on herself.

Blaster, Combat DJ  Flip - Once again, I don't know I'll have the critical mass of artifact creatures to get Blaster's full value, but he would help Arcee. His ability to move counters around feels useful though.


Snapping Sailback, Territorial Hammerskull, Thundering Spineback, Ravenous Daggertooth, Aradara Express

I tried to focus on cards with relatively high mv and which lose some of their appeal as I take focus off of the dinosaurs. I like trains and it has been awesome to have all of the train vehicles in the deck so I'm sad to pull the Aradara Express, but I feel the remaining high mv dinosaurs are just that much better threats.

Not In:

Ratchet, Field Medic  Flip - As much as I want to get every possible Transformer into the deck, I don't think it has the life gain needed for Ratchet to be effective.


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