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"You have ten turns to live." This was Just what happened when I saw sovereigns realm for the first time. Definitely not competitive, and meant for 1v1 casual. Idk how it would hold up with multiple players, but it can definitely be changed that direction. Just keep most of the Ramp cards, and branch into any other direction you want. - Its best to get ramp going early as possible, whether through exploration, Azusa, or Animar. Remember to exile every turn. - Get the Bridge out turn five at the LATEST. - The field is weak for the first ~5 turns, so try to have some stax enchantments on the field, like crawlspace, or no mercy. You will be fine generally taking ~5 damage every turn until you get some of the larger creatures to block. - Incoming, Omniscience, and Planar Bridge are the goals for populating your field. Though cards like incoming will likely be game enders for everyone at your table. - If you don't have dominance by turn ~10, you're either playing a mean blue deck, or being a bit too conservative. Either way, be meaner.


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