This deck aims to win out of nowhere, maneuvering through multiplayer games with politics and grace, every win will be earned and every loss will be a lesson that will one day help you surmount the mountain.

Updates: As my meta evolves the typical political trickery and defensive nature of the deck has become less effective and obvious. In addition, with the prevelance of more combo, life loss and value based decks, I was finding less opportunity to surgically take down opponents. In light of facing increasingly stronger decks, I have chosen to tighten the control and draw nature of the deck while still maintaining the decks ability to surprise enemies in an akido fashion.

Card choices:

Serra Ascendant>Gifted Aetherborn: Gifted aetherborn is often difficult to play consistently on turn 2 due to its colour restriction and does little for the deck in the late game, other cards tested in this spot Foulmire Knight/Vampire of the Dire Moon

Painful Truths/Tectonic Reformation>Necropotence Notable exclusions: another card that is heavily restricted by its colour, necropotence is a house in the late game when you need to dig hard for a particular answer, however this is a surgically reactive deck and not every card you draw will matter. Hence, losing your natural draw/life/and a card slot is a hefty price to pay. The deck is a hoarder and we should often persuade opponents to deal with threats for us while retaining resources. What we do eventually hoard a lot of are lands, hence Tectonic Reformation lets us easily convert lands into actual card advantage

Field of Ruin>Strip Mine: the biggest downside of having targeted land destruction in edh is that it puts you back a land as well which is compounded horrible against 3 other players. Field ensures you do not miss a beat while having the added benefit of shuffling your opponents library in the event they play a powerful tutor or scry to the TOP eg Vampiric Tutor

Notable exclusions:

Smothering Tithe - An amazing mana generator no doubt but unlike Rhystic Study big mana means little if you do not have a cards to utilise it. As mentioned above the deck is a surgical tool and does not necessarily allow you to throw out your hand with excess mana

Chrome Mox - Exiling a card as mardu really hurts

Mox Amber - insufficient legends, Marchesa seldom lives because she generates value on her own

Ad Nauseam combo- If I do choose to support these cards it would require too much resources and I’d be creating a different deck

Deck inspirations: Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control - precociousapprentice

Akiri-Bruse (RW) Aggro-Control - cgomes

[Cunning Queen] - Queen Marchesa Political Control - Frankstar

Personal advice if you face a harsh meta: Unfortunately for us Queen Marchesa (Long May she reign) isn’t a particularly consistent deck to play at a competitive table, We certainly have the tools to hamstring them and (sometimes) steal a win with akido tactics but more often than not we will be heavily reliant on other players to take the strongest decks down.

Playing at a mixed power table yields the best opportunity for a win. As a politics deck it’s to your benefit to shout and point at every key combo piece your opponents put down.

That being said mardu has some great hatebears and you should fully utilise them if going against a stronger table. Linvala, Keeper of Silence, Pithing Needle, Aven Mindcensor, Rest in Peace, Hushbringer, Containment Priest, Rule of Law can completely house certain decks when played right and you have black to tutor them up

Of course, if you decide to go down that route you’ll be playing a totally different deck. Losing the soul of this beautiful deck is the price we pay to stay interactive.

Maybe the best advise would be to have several decks that you can pick to match the tables power level, and remember that who you sit down to play with is ultimately your choice.


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