Precognitive Perception


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) Rare

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Precognitive Perception


Draw three cards

Addendum — If you cast this spell during your main phase, instead scry 3, then draw three cards.

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Precognitive Perception Discussion

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

1 week ago

Senator Florin II, Elocutor Exemplar

Legendary Creature - Vedalken Advisor

Spells your opponents cast during your turn cost more to play.

Instant spells you cast during your main phase and activated abilities you activate during your main phase cost less to cast.


This deck would feature the Addendum mechanic, and, frankly give it a home, as Arrester's Admonition would suddenly be a great spell for , or a Precognitive Perception !? Yes, please! It makes up for the inherent downside to sorcery speed instants.

I'd like a similar brawl commander (i.e. complementary to the mechanic for the guild).

Optimator on Human Fly

1 month ago

I know you're looking for non-wheel card draw. I don't love cantrips in EDH unless there is a number-of-spells-matters effect in play but they can smooth out a deck a bit. Ponder , Preordain , Portent , Sleight of Hand , Serum Visions , etc. The sweet spot in around 3-5 CMC for me, ideally drawing CMC -1 but there aren't a ton of spells that efficient. I don't love Divination in EDH (2 for 3) but it's the gold-standard in 60-card decks for a quickie hand refill. There are tons of efficient cards like Divination too.

There are a ton of "draw 3, discard 1" for 4 or 5 mana, which are okay. Sift , Trial of Knowledge , and Amass the Components , for example. Many are costed for being commons, which isn't where you wanna be in EDH. There should be plenty of good, efficient cards to draw from though. At the same time, you have a lot of great high-CMC draw, like Consecrated Sphinx and Thought Reflection, so having a few Divination effects might smooth out your draws.

Some suggestions: Concentrate , Windfall , Cathartic Reunion , Plea for Power , Tidings , Nin, the Pain Artist , Finale of Revelation , Mind Spring , Braingeyser , Stroke of Genius , Blue Sun's Zenith , Fact or Fiction , Chart a Course , Ugin's Insight , Treasure Cruise , Dig Through Time , Kumena's Awakening , Fevered Visions , Honden of Seeing Winds , Reverse Engineer , Read the Runes , Precognitive Perception , Distant Memories , Arcane Encyclopedia , Endless Atlas , Trail of Evidence , Theft of Dreams , Borrowing 100,000 Arrows , Nezahal, Primal Tide , Kefnet the Mindful , Cavalier of Gales , Combustible Gearhulk , Thassa, God of the Sea , Shared Discovery , Secrets of the Golden City , Vivisection , Weight of Memory , Recurring Insight , Breakthrough , Niv-Mizzet, Parun , Deep Analysis , Gush , Invoke the Firemind , Expansion / Explosion , Chandra, Flamecaller , Dragon Mage , Wild Guess , Tormenting Voice , Arch of Orazca , Runehorn Hellkite , Conqueror's Galleon  Flip, Kraum, Ludevic's Opus , Ludevic, Necro-Alchemist , Commune with Lava .

dingusdingo on Budget Kefnet Turns

2 months ago

I enjoy the Kefnet Turns build, haven't seen it before for this commander and I think its rather neat. You should focus exclusively on assembling your win and remove the extra side cards, like your mill sub-theme. I also think you should replace expensive removal and interaction with cheaper pieces, as you're less likely to cast them off the top with Kefnet. I also think you should add in more ways to discard and also tutor to top of deck. Your combo requires a handful of specific cards and also to be in a specific spot in your library, so topdeck manipulation and tutors help immensely.

My complete list of changes would be

Dismiss -> Counterspell

Everdream -> Ponder

Exclude -> Arcane Denial

Precognitive Perception -> Concentrate (You're never copying the addendum with Kefnet)

Supreme Will -> Mana Leak

Thought Collapse -> Mental Misstep (Every deck runs 1 cmc spells so Misstep is unbelievable value for EDH)

River's Rebuke -> Wipe Away

Zndrsplt's Judgement -> Vapor Snag (That card is hard to link to :O )

Mistfire Adept -> Long-Term Plans

Riverwise Augur -> Sleight of Hand

Niblis of Frost -> Mystical Tutor

Drowned Secrets -> Serum Visions

Fraying Sanity -> Preordain

Precognition Field -> Careful Study

Psychic Corrosion -> Fabricate

I think its worth noting

That to combo off, you need Library + Aminatou's Aug + Dino + Turn card + Commander. That requires 4 cards outside your commander, 3 of which are exactly specific. Finding another enabler or outlet to reuse your turn spells or another way to put cards on top would help the consistency of this deck a lot. Running more draw and tutors to topdeck also lets you value copy a turn spell to start chaining turns, and even if you don't hit an infinite loop getting 3 or 4 extra turns will get you much closer to establishing the lock. You should shave off alternate wincons and focus on getting infinite turns, because once you have them you've won.

dizzierabit on Bant Flash W.O.T.S. Update!

5 months ago

how does Precognitive Perception feel? I have a Bant wilderness deck for modern and am thinking of adding that in over Chemister's Insight .

destindigi on Jalira's Tokens & Fatties

5 months ago

EDIT - added links

Some Maybeboard cards I think should be in the main deck: Benthicore , Inspired Sphinx , Kederekt Leviathan , Pentavus , Intruder Alarm , and Soothsaying . Myr Turbine and Heartstone are kind of meh, I'd replace with Genesis Chamber and Unstable Obelisk . I'd also swap some counterspells - Geist Snatch , Summoner's Bane and Lazotep Plating in for Cancel , Dissipate and Rewind .

Cards I'd cut: Sage of Epityr , Talrand, Sky Summoner , Bane of Bala Ged , Polymorphous Rush .

Cards I'm not really impressed by: Stormsurge Kraken , Tidespout Tyrant , Windreader Sphinx (depends how much flying you end up with), Sphinx Ambassador , Darksteel Colossus , Pathrazer of Ulamog , It That Betrays . I think it's better to focus on big guys that also have ETB effects than use these.

Some other cards to consider (plus the ones I sent you): Erratic Mutation , Synthetic Destiny , Evacuation , Aether Gale , AEtherize , Crystal Ball , Interpret the Signs , Precognitive Perception , Seer's Lantern , Ugin's Insight , Treasure Map  Flip, Zhalfirin Void .

VampiricJace on Teyo is super cute, okay? (WAR Standard)

5 months ago

Shagoth: I haven't felt that yet in playtesting (though I've done little), but I'll swap for one additional blue-producer, and if I don't run into any trouble, I'll keep it. Thanks!

urzasails: Thanks! I appreciate it. Netdecking is terribly boring. And since I have absolutely no clue about Standard meta with little experience in the format as a whole, here we are.

  • Doesn't Cast Down work better as early removal over Moment of Craving , or is that 2 lifegain substantial to survival? My thought was that a hard removal spell is better than something that might sit in my hand in the late game. Though, I do see the benefit when Adanto Vanguard becomes indestructible. I'll go ahead and give it a go.
  • I'll play around with Chemister's Insight over Precognitive Perception while also adding a third copy (removing one Revitalize ). Keep in mind I am also running The Mirari Conjecture which is card advantage in a way, cause it returns 2 additional cards. But, I have no idea if that is a relevant card, or if it's too slow. What do you think of Wall of Runes ? That should help smooth my draws while protecting, which is another reason there is so little card draw.
  • I'll find a way to bump add an additional Kaya's Wrath .

And again, thanks for the bit of insight into the current metagame!

urzasails on Teyo is super cute, okay? (WAR Standard)

5 months ago

Card draw is very essential to any control deck and Precognitive Perception is a bit of a stretch when it comes to that. Chemister's Insight is basically the textbook esper/control card draw as its reusable and easily cast early and late. Although Precognitive Perception lets you scry and it draws 3, it only lets you scry on addendum and you almost always want to be drawing cards on the opponents turn to allow you to handle the board with wrath effects on yours. Overall I like the deck, it's not netdecking and a nice spin on a normally boring and predictive deck:)

Legendary_penguin_of_death on [WAR] Omni Jace

5 months ago

Precognitive Perception is better than weight of memory because it is instant speed and therefore has better synergy with wilderness rec. Additionally tapping out turn five to play something with no immediate impact is not a good card.

Growth spiral is one of the best cards in the deck play 4.

I would try Chemister's Insight in place of jaces triumph

Neat deck!

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Precognitive Perception occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.18%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%