Thought Distortion

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Thought Distortion


This spell can't be countered.

Target opponent reveals their hand. Exile all noncreature, nonland cards from that player's hand and graveyard.

Profet93 on You're Dun'd

1 year ago

You state it's a midrange deck, but with a combo wincon and an avg cmc of 2.14, this definitely seems like a control + combo deck IMO. I see you're trying to make infinite black mana, but the pieces utilized are several and are easy to disrupt, especially after your meta adjusts to your shenanigans. Rather than relying on rituals in conjunction with rings + basalt, why not utilize Cabal Coffers + Deserted Temple + Rings = Infinite black mana? This eliminates the need for basalt monolith, which provides room for other cards. Furthermore, by having 2 pieces as lands, the combo is less susceptible to disruption.

You mention hand hate in your single card discussion in order to prevent removal for your combos. If your goal is to truly be a midrange deck, then adding higher CMC cards will allow you to be more resilient and more impactful during the mid-late game, as midrange decks thrive. As such, swapping in some of the 1 cmc hand hate cards for Mind Twist or my personal favorite silver bullet, Thought Distortion, you eliminate the potential of not discarding anything. Not to mention, distortion exiles graves too of all non-creature cards, so necrotic ooze can still utilize opponents activated abilities in grave. Mind twist is the better of the 2, especially if you can ramp into it early game.

You run contamination lock, awesome! You might want to consider redundancy in the form of Infernal Darkness. At best, it gives you a turn or 2. At worst, it's counterspell bait and force them to tap out during the main phase.

While not an entirely serious suggestion, something worth considering is Helm of Obedience, given you already run leyline void and the creature form of it. This redundancy will allow you to combo out more easily. Not to mention, helm disrupts topdeck tutors and can potentially get you something in a pinch should you need.

I prefer Soul-Guide Lantern > Tormods Crpyt, as it effects all opponents rather than 1 and be utilized for draw should grave hate not be needed.

I know Bolas Citadel is a combo with Aetherflux Reservoir but I don't see it in the list, does it combo with something else I am unaware of? I don't see it listed in the description.

Speaking of combos, unsure regarding your budget per card but Yawgmoth's Will (or the creature form whose name eludes me at midnight) might be worth considering to recur combo pieces like rings or help establish massive value given your artifact ramp and low cmc.

Volrath's Stronghold > Command Beacon. This allows you to keep your commander in grave and at the cost of your draw, you can get him back to recur another card (say, demonic tutor).

Buried Ruin - Recur rings

Deliver Unto Evil - Politics. I know most people hate cards that give opponents choices, but this can target A) Tutor B) Draw C) Combo D) Utility. It's another way of saying Damned if you do, damned if you don't except it doesn't cost 6 mana like choice of damnations

Feed the Swarm - Enchantment removal is nice, removes a pesky rest in peace. I see no artifact or enchantment removal, so having one silver bullet to enchantments could prove worthwhile depending on your meta.

I dont think you have enough artifacts for metalcraft to work on mox opal. How has it played for you? Would you not be better off served by something more consistent?

I used to run Xiahou dun until I changed it to Sidisi. Always love helping another Xiahou dun player win! Looking forward to your response for each item

Profet93 on The Goal of a Game

2 years ago

I've always found games that allow for crazy interactions to be my favorite. The story, the memories are most important. Utilizing worst fears, then mindslaver, then emrakrul the promised end 3 turns in a row is just pure fun, using their own necropotence. Redirecting their own spells just for them to redirect it back at me!

One of my favorite moments against me was when I played a Thought Distortion against my friend with a smug/smirk on my face, cocky that his mono blue deck would crumble. He politely smiled, tapped his lands, to which I replied, it can't be countered to which he responds, i know and proceeds to cast Narset's Reversal against my creatureless mono black deck. BOY DID THAT MAKE ME LAUGH AND CRY! Such a found memory, being put in my place, IN STYLE.

Grubbernaut on Pioneer Challenger Decks

2 years ago

I just hope Fateful Absence makes a traditional control shell viable, but Thought Distortion makes it rough. Narset's Reversal will be a must-include, i guess.

I'd like to see more innovation in the format, but it largely just feels like old standard.

MLS91 on Crippling Fear

3 years ago


  1. Absolutely my dude, I love the sharing of ideals and interactions within the game itself and have greatly appreciate the discussion between us in terms of the assessment of the deck and card choices.

  2. I don't currently have access to Necromancy either in my collection or from my LGS(support the LGS's!!!!!), and when it comes to the time's we're in I can't justify the expenditure of a card unless it's in front of me (we loss a lot of money over opportunity cost and "convince" of online stores). That being said, I will absolutely cut unearth for Necro, i've had that same thought of interaction brother.

  3. I cannot contest the point that you bring to the forefront, however because I don't have anyone at the moment to play with ill stick to grasp, however I will swap them when I can get games in im sure, so in other words Grasp is just a place holder for Slip

  4. Man, after the inclusion of necromancy takes place I can see this being done, I have a hard time with Sheoldred in thought because of how it lines up in the deck, but again I can not contest your rational, this we'll file as to be determined. Thought Distortion is such a cool card and i'm diffidently struggling with because i'm actually leaning towards the mindset that blue/azorious control will be more of a struggle for me to play against then aggro strategies (reason being after further thought decks of this manner are generally permanent saturated thus only feeding Tergrid more in my favor then not)

  5. Im trying to be proactive about an assessment of my meta, this is a MASSIVE assumption to what my meta MAY be. Because of the popularity of snow lands at this current moment i feel that a lot of other decks/stategies are going to plan for snow lands in some manner so id rather stick to basic basics, however, the day i can find an Extraplanar Lens ill be all over it.

Profet93 on Crippling Fear

3 years ago


  1. Thats a pretty cool comb, thank you for taking the time to explain it to me.
  2. Unearth - It hits a lot of creatures but I've personally never liked it nor found it impactful enough. In mono black, the color where you can recur easily from the graveyard, Necromancy is much more impactful. Being able to get any creature, instant speed, disrupt GY shenanigans by allowing you to target opponents creatures as well (which people might resort to after destroying their board and discarding their hand), I would much rather pay the extra 2 mana for that additional flexibility. Personal choice though, as maintaining a low curve is definitely crucial in builds such as this
  3. Idk about your playgroup, but in EDH, things usually die quite frequently. Moreover, with your sac outlets and being in mono black, it shouldn't seem to hard to reliably trigger. I think its worth playtesting, but I definitely see how having something uncertain is not in your best interests. I am usually a very conservative player, I just find the positives to far outweigh the negatives in this case.
  4. Massacre Wurm/Noxious Gearhulk - It wasn't an entirely serious suggestion. That being said, I wasn't advocating to remove gearhulk for it. Gearhulk is definitely better for this deck IMO, and you're right, they do different things. I was thinking of maybe (only if token decks are your achilles heel) Eradicator Valkyrie or Sheoldred being cut for it. Reason being, sheoldred is expensive for what it does, even if it does follow along your lines of play. Although, I'm sure you're never hardcasting it. Eradictor is cool, lifelink helps offset the hate you will receive, flying helps push damage and the ability is relevant if you ever use it often enough given the cost associated with it. To me, it's a balance between adding cards that fuel your gameplan and silver bullet against decks that you have trouble with. For example, in my mono black deck, I sacrifice tempo and speed for late game control. People who play against it know that since I destroy the board quite often, the only real way to interact is through blue, so I added in cavern, boseju (land slots are easier to justify) as well as the silver bullet Thought Distortion which has won me many games against my weakness, blue, as well at other powerful decks that are usually non-creature based such as my own (I know, a mono black deck with almost no creatures, I try to be different)
  5. Since you aren't afraid of wiping the board given you added toxic deluge, have you considered adding redundancy to that in the form of Dead of Winter + Snow swamps? Or is the limitation of snow-swamps a turn off to that idea?

LivingThing on Liesa's, L.E.G.S

3 years ago

Hey! Great deck you got there. Really good synergy and I liked the control build. I would add hate cards like Aven Mindcensor, Vryn Wingmare, and some more pillow fort cards like Sphere of Safety and Norn's Annex. Just for the sake of being wholesome, I would cut Felidar Sovereign, it's really not a fun card and you already have interactive and fun wincons in the deck. Lot of enchantments in the deck, so Idyllic Tutor and Mesa Enchantress. Monarch can't be bad here with how taxing attacking you should be once you get set up, so Thorn of the Black Rose and other monarch cards seem pretty good here.

As for cuttables, Megrim seems like it won't be relevant very often, you don't have a good discard package. Angelic Accord won't be doing much for you, as a 4/4 every couple turn isn't exactly efficient. Night's Whisper and Thought Distortion are all good, but there are better cards that can net you more value. I would also cut a basic or two as you already have a solid amount of rocks. Cheers

Sultai_Sir on Underrated EDH Cards

3 years ago


Head Games looks great for political decks! I always love the dynamic that multiplayer brings to the table.

Mind Twist: The OG mono-black x-spell is still powerful. I run it a couple decks, it's always a good draw.

Thought Distortion: Looks like a very powerful budget top-end card. Exiling a spellslinger's whole hand can be backbreaking.

The rest of the cards aren't exactly underplayed, but they're all still powerful.

Profet93 on Underrated EDH Cards

3 years ago


Head Games - Politics, fun, and "mind games" all in one. Did I give my opponent his combo piece so you have to focus on him instead of me, or did I give him all lands? The world may never know....

Mirrorpool - Utility land which can copy g-wave, rishkar's expertise, a tutor, etc... way too much utility to ignore IMO. Coming in tapped sucks, but for the utility it provides, in midrange decks it finds a loving home

Nissa, Vital Force - Recursion, wincon and untapped cradle/nkythos. Note that its very close to it's ult already

Rude Awakening - Wincon or ritual. Even more fun with cradle! Add in deserted temple/thespians stage/vesuva to make it more fun

Mind Twist - Mess over 1 player, at random makes it more painful. Its easy counter bait against blue

Thought Distortion - A very powerful silver bullet for my meta. Blue really does destroy our hopes and dreams. Note, it is also a form of grave hate!

Worst Fears - Never underestimate how powerful taking someone's turn can be. Putting their commander in grave/exile, destroying their own board, etc.... so much potential. In black we ramp anyways.

Sword of the Animist - For mono red and white decks that want lands

Ignite the Future - Draw, flashback is great!

Humble Defector - Politics, fun with Homeward Path

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