Martyr of Sands


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ultimate Masters (UMA) Common
Coldsnap (CSP) Common

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Martyr of Sands

Creature — Human Cleric

, Reveal X white cards from your hand, Sacrifice Martyr of Sands: You gain three times X life.

Martyr of Sands Discussion

Spell_Slam on Heal the Cat

5 days ago

Great deck!

I think Holy Light would be a great inclusion to the deck, as White has very few ways of dealing with masses of tokens efficiently. This card lets you do that without affecting your own smaller creatures.

You have Suture Priest twice in your list, under board control and Life Gain.

Survival Cache seems like a great card for your deck. You'll most likely be the player with the most life anyways, and this gives you two life gain triggers and will most likely draw you two cards.

I'm not sure how good something like Revitalize / Healing Hands / Renewed Faith would be, but getting a lifegain trigger and a card seems like a decent way to filter through your deck.

Children of Korlis could be a good "Fog" effect for you.

Exile seems like a good fit for removal in your deck.

Seems a shame to pass up on Martyr of Sands . It only gets you one trigger, but it's still a lot of life, which is worth something.

Seraph of Dawn is an absolute beast in this format. the big butt means it survives a lot of removal and combat, and putting equipment on it is amazing.

Along the same lines, Student of Ojutai really dishes out the lifegain for you on a great body, especially considering how few creatures you're playing.

I feel like most of your lifelink creatures are not really worth playing. They're going to be easily blocked and killed in most situations and not net you much of an advantage. I'd say only the ones that gain your some sort of card advantage are really worth playing. I could be wrong about Healer's Hawk, though.

Lastly, you have plenty of ways to protect your commander, but I would just like to suggest Angelic Renewal . You can play this before your commander and not have to hold mana up all the time for it. Same goes for Benevolent Bodyguard . This lets you play a much tighter, more efficient game plan.

hungry000 on Soul Sisters

1 month ago

The biggest problem I can see is that you don't have enough lands. In my experience, Martyr Proc works better on 22-24. 19 is Burn territory. I would cut Force of Virtue to make room since you don't really need it. As a Martyr Proc deck, you should be able to afford to durdle for several turns after gaining life, thus there is no need to pump your creatures and win faster since you have the ability to attack and pass the turn without dying.

Next is that you need to have the fourth Martyr of Sands . It's the centerpiece of the deck, being that it's the deck's fastest and most consistent win-con enabler; you want it every game.

I also question the need for Oketra's Monument . I get that it's there to help supplement the soul sisters and Ajani, but something that creates value immediately like Spectral Procession is more valuable in my opinion. Though my bigger beef with it is that it takes up spaces that you could use for better cards like the fourth Martyr, more Ranger-Captain of Eos , and Giver of Runes (all of which I consider to be better for the deck than Oketra's Monument). That said, I don't think it's horrible, but if you end up cutting Force of Virtue (which I would) it would be best to play less Monument or just cut it completely and add any of the three cards I just mentioned.

RobBot on 'Jani and the Soul Sisters

1 month ago

Nice to see someone else starting their modern life with Soul Sisters, in fact it's still my main deck and even now i'm still tweaking it to make it better. What you need to know about modern is that it's blazing fast. You need to get going as fast as possible. There are a couple of cards here that are very...meh. While Ajani's Pridemate becomes the biggest card in the deck, Serra Ascendant is how you're going to win most games. Because of that, its just about required to run 4 Serra Ascendant in this deck, as well as 4 Martyr of Sands . The reasoning behind that is the turn 2 combo in which turn 1 you play Serra Ascendant then turn two play Martyr of Sands , immediately crack it for 9-12 life, get to 30+ life turn 2 and get the +5/+5 on Serra Ascendant then attack for 6 lifelink damage. You also need to get a set of Path to Exile because it is the strongest 1 mana removal in white. Having that will but you in a huge advantage. Trust me when i say this, DO NOT RUN Kabira Crossroads !!!! THE 2 LIFE IN EXCHANGE FOR A TAPPED LAND IS NOT WORTH IT!! I use to have it in mine and wow, was it mega mega slow to get going with something like that. Militia Bugler is extremely slow and restrictive, you need to go for Ranger of Eos because it can let you bring out stuff like 2 soul sisters, 1 Serra Ascendant and 1 Martyr of Sands , all your bread and butter. I would personally recommend Ranger-Captain of Eos becuase its 3 mana instead of 4, while it only gets 1 creature instead of two, it only costs 3 mana and has the added ability of being able to be sacrificed to stop any sort of kill spells / control spells for the rest of that turn so you can end the game without having a fat Cryptic Command come out to tap all our creatures. I would maybe also say to check out my decklist for soul sisters, even though its 2-4 times more expensive, see if you get any ideas from it, If you wanna talk mono white lifegain cards let me know because I can go on about them all day :)

Soul Buildup

Modern* RobBot


Bulldawg1310 on life

1 month ago

Honestly, youre under doing your life gain. You desperately need Martyr of Sands especially in a mono white build. Also, what is your strategy against board wipes and spot removal? Where is your spot removal? Benalish marshall isnt a bad card but hes clunky in a deck like this. Basically, your strategy is, getting up and beyond 30, and winning with multiple serra ascendants. To do that, you need to protect her, Giver of Runes can do just that. Hope you take my advice, keep me posted on what you do and how you do it!

JKRice on Soul Stampede

1 month ago

I think you are a bit heavy on the enchantments and stuff. Many soul sisters decks I have seen have four copies of Spectral Procession as the only noncreature spells. Since you have a lot of lifegain, you usually don’t need as many defensive enchantments like Pacifism . If you want a super solid base I would recommend finishing out full play sets of Martyr of Sands and Soul Warden , maybe even throwing in some Soul's Attendant s. As for sideboard, Teyo is a really good choice. Celestial Purge and Celestial Flare are good removal cards into decks like jund that will beat you on the board. Burrenton Forge-Tender and Auriok Champion are good into burn and other such decks. If you happen to hit another soul sisters deck, Suture Priest might be good, but that’s not super likely.

hungry000 on B/W Gideon, Brisela

1 month ago

Oh, I didn't realize. I would cut the 2 Authority of the Consuls , the Thalia and Kambul (you can move those to the sb if you want, Thalia's good against aggro and Kambul is probably good against that control deck), Dusk / Dawn , and 1 Sorin or Bruna.

I don't think those cards are really worth it unless you go all-in on the martyr proc plan. The big reason to play Martyr of Sands in the first place is Serra Ascendant , the two of them being the reason to play Ranger of Eos which is consequently the reason to play Thraben Inspector , and with the density of one drops there is thus a reason to play Proclamation of Rebirth as well. So without a payoff like Serra Ascendant there's not really any reason to play Ranger or Proclamation of Rebirth, and if you want to put Ranger, Thraben Inspector, and Serra Ascendant in the deck you might as well just turn it into Martyr Proc and drop all the black cards/lands (they'd take the black cards' spots). You'd have to consider whether you want to take that step at the expense of good black cards like Inquisition of Kozilek / Duress , Lingering Souls , and Gifted Aetherborn , which are some of your best cards against Control and aggro (respectively).

To actually answer your questions, Thraben Inspector is really the only card out of those three worth playing in the deck you have now unless you decided to add more 1-drops ( Serra Ascendant and Giver of Runes ) in which case Ranger of Eos and Proclamation of Rebirth would be worth it. The only cards I'd cut are the Gifted Aetherborn s, which are really good against aggro but may not be necessary given the positive matchup this deck already has against it. Those cards are not necessary since I think your deck works perfectly fine, but if you went full Martyr Proc mode you could have an objectively better deck (since you'll have Serra Ascendant as a wincon) at the cost of a worse matchup against the Control deck and maybe the other life gain deck.

hungry000 on B/W Gideon, Brisela

2 months ago

Oh, Martyr refers to Martyr of Sands . Sideboard is mostly dependent on what the locals play in your area but here's a general guide:

2-4 graveyard hate cards

2-4 artifact hate cards

2-3 Tron hate cards

2-3 anti-combo cards

2-3 anti-aggro cards

2-4 protection/anti-control cards

When making a sideboard, you should also consider what types of decks your deck will be good against, what decks it's bad against, what cards your opponent may bring in from their sideboard, any factors that may restrict your card choices, and how you can choose cards that will help with your deck's overall game plan while also shoring up your bad matchups. Your deck gains a lot of life and has various control elements, so it'll have a good matchup against aggro decks, a fair one against midrange and control, and a worse one against combo and graveyard decks. Traditionally Martyr decks also have a really tough time against Tron as well. So you'll need to address combo, gy decks, and Tron more heavily than aggro, midrange, and control in your sideboard. Next, your deck plays Martyr of Sands , so you'll want to play as many white sideboard cards as you can.

Here's an example sb:

2 Thoughtseize (alt. Duress for budget)

2 Rest in Peace (alt. Relic of Progenitus )

1 Grafdigger's Cage

2 Stony Silence (alt. Disenchant )

2 Damping Sphere

1 Sorcerous Spyglass

1 Runed Halo

1 Eidolon of Rhetoric

2 Blessed Alliance

1 Timely Reinforcements

If you know what others play in your area, I can make a more refined sb for you. There also exist more budget-friendly sideboard cards, so tell me if you want suggestions.

hungry000 on B/W Gideon, Brisela

2 months ago

Sure. I'd use all of the cards you ordered besides Thalia's Lieutenant , which isn't great here since there aren't enough Humans in your deck to make good use of it and it's more suited for an aggro plan. You should have a playset of Inquisition, Lingering Souls , Martyr of Sands , Squadron Hawk , and 2 Day of Judgment in the main, with the other 2 Days of Judgment in the sideboard (assuming you got a playset of it). Cut 1  Dusk / Dawn , 2  Fumigate , 1  Ironwright's Cleansing , 3  Never / Return , 1  Decommission , 2  Gideon's Reproach , 1 Approach of the Second Sun , 1 Renewed Faith , 1 Restoration Gearsmith , 1 Aerial Responder , 2 Grasp of Darkness , 1 Authority of the Consuls , and 1 Murder to make room.

There are functional replacements for Path that you can use: Condemn and Oust . I'd replace the Fatal Push, Murder, and 2 Grasps of Darkness with a 2/2 split of those until you get Paths since you want as many white cards as possible for Martyr. You might also want to consider getting Thraben Inspector for some card draw, Ranger of Eos to get more Martyrs, and a couple Proclamation of Rebirth .

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Martyr of Sands occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.05%

White: 6.39%