Contested War Zone


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Besieged (MBS) Rare
Mirrodin Besieged: Mirran (MBM) Rare

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Contested War Zone


Whenever you are dealt combat damage by a creature, that creature's controller gains control of Contested Warzone. {T}: Add 1 to your mana pool. 1, {T}: Attacking creatures get +1/+0 until end of turn.

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Contested War Zone Discussion

SimplyG on 8-Whack Goblin Artifacts

3 weeks ago

Okay, cool. I'll do some testing with it and Contested War Zone

xyr0s on 8-Whack Goblin Artifacts

3 weeks ago

I've tried out both, and Mox Opal was a lot worse, even with two Darksteel Citadels in the lands. When you get a hand that enables the mox from turn 1, you don't get much else. And it gets even worse when you then sac an artifact to Kuldotha Rebirth. Springleaf Drum works even with no other artifacts, as long as you have a creature, and that makes a difference.

I've had a lot of fun out of Contested War Zone - it goes pretty well with your overall strategy in this deck.

fasmith718 on Red Politics

2 months ago

EXOSURE on Mox whack

3 months ago

Yeah, I can see why keeping Kuldotha Rebirth could be nice. I've been able to consistently flip Kytheon with hasty creatures (Goblin Guide, Bomat Courier, Dashed Zurgos) so I haven't found too much need for the go wide plan, but I'll test out lists with both cards. The big problem I was having with the deck is that the Mox-base is a little inconsistent, and so I ended up cutting Rebirths and some Grenades to add more legendaries and artifacts, but now I'm worried I won't have the reach I need to close out the game. I'll let you know how my testing goes.

If you do keep Kuldotha Rebirth, a card to consider is Contested War Zone, which can be an extra Signal Pest trigger and seems super sweet.

As for the sideboard: I am sucky at sideboarding in general but here are my thoughts. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben seems like an easy inclusion which meshes with our gameplan really well. I'd probably put in Abrade/Smash to Smithereens or Wear / Tear over Ancient Grudge, or Shattering Spree if we hate affinity. I think one copy of Selfless Spirit could be a nice addition since boardwipes ruin us. Electrickery seems pretty cool, and I think maybe Tormod's Crypt over Relic could be a cool addition to pump up the 0 cost artifact count. Path to Exile is always a nice addition to take out Goyfs and likesuch.

Some ideas stolen from similar decks I've seen: Genesis Chamber helps us play a "go long" strategy against control decks, which is nice. I think Ethersworn Canonist might be better than Damping Sphere versus storm, and I think the Tron matchup looks good enough anyway.

Alesha, Who Smiles at Death is another interesting long game card, but is maybe too slow and too susceptible to removal, but it could be sweet.

keksoe666 on Seismic Hunt

4 months ago

The7thBobba maybe,I'll be honest with you: I just took my Hunting Zombies replaced the Zombie Infestation with Seismic Assault and the Contested War Zone with Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle as it made more sense in a deck with not even creature tokens xD

I'll just try it out and see how many Hunts work best :D

Chopwood on Red Goblins

7 months ago

Fun deck! I too have a Goblin deck, so I know how fun they are to play! I have some tips regarding your cards if you're interested. You seem to have 62 cards in the deck, it's never a good idea to have more than 60 card - consistency is king! In general you want a curve that is as low as possible, since you need to keep a pressure all the time. If you don't win turn 4 or 5, you will probably loose the game.

The lands look good, what you need is red mana and you've got it. A tapped land can be dangerous since you need to keep a pressure! I'm trying to run Contested War Zone in my goblin deck, it's risky since it only produce colorless mana, but it's +1/0 ability can be game winning.

Card you can consider adding, price tag in (parenthesis):

Goblin Guide - (Expensive), but really good!

Foundry Street Denizen - Can get really big really quick, (cheap).

Legion Loyalist - Devastating against token heavy decks, first strike can be really good if your goblins are buffed. (Kind of expensive).

Goblin Piledriver - Get really big, game winner with Legion Loyalist's trample, (average price), well worth the cost!

Goblin Rabblemaster - Creates you a massive goblin army, constant pressure, one of these can totally dominate the battlefield, two of them wins you the game. Recently reprinted, so it's (cheap) for what it does. Great if Quest for the Goblin Lord.

Lightning Bolt - 4x.

Goblin Bushwhacker - One of the best one/two drops for goblins, (cheap).

Warren Instigator - Haven't tried myself but he can be really powerful. (Average).

Mogg War Marshal - I like it more than cards like Krenko's Command, since it gives you a bit more resistance against sweepers. It's also a great gobling to sacrifice for Goblin Grenade.

Goblin Wardriver

Additional card to consider, mainly for sideboard:

Smash to Smithereens or Vandalblast

Goblin King


Cards I'd cut:

Obelisk of Urd - In my experience, Obelisk of Urd is rarely a good card aggro or modern in general. Too expensive, or forces you to not attack a turn if you want it early.

Boggart Shenanigans - Too expensive for what it does. If you want a similar effect I'd recommend Impact Tremors.

Arms Dealer - Too slow, isn't a threat in it's own.

Goblin Kaboomist - Too unreliable.

Bloodmark Mentor - Maybe worth it, but Legion Loyalist is strictly better.

Frenzied Goblin - There are better 1-drops.

Mogg Fanatic & Goblin Arsonist - Cut if you find better one drops to replace the with.

Fury Charm - Not really a good card.

Hope you appreciate the tips and make sure to ask if you have any questions!

ImtheRealBear on UB zombie infestation

8 months ago

Contested War Zone feels a little bit off for me, you might have better luck with a dual land like Watery Grave to be easier to hit the colors you need on turn two.

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