Hope of Ghirapur


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Rare

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Hope of Ghirapur

Legendary Artifact Creature — Thopter


Sacrifice Hope of Ghirapur: Until your next turn, target player who was dealt combat damage by Hope of Ghirapur this turn can't cast noncreature spells.

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Hope of Ghirapur Discussion

Chaztronaut on Tezzeret's Improvising Clues (Esper)

18 hours ago

ndgipper I think I'll keep the 3xHope of Ghirapur in instead of the Ornithopter, I can't imagine many scenarios where I would want to side board them in instead.

ExiliusGallant on Hope of Ghirapur, Thopter of Swords

1 day ago

O.o!!!! This is an amazing list!!!

Crystal was not a good colorless commander and Hope of Ghirapuris awesome for this.

Don't you think you need more mana? Maybe Temple of the False God, Worn Powerstone, Palladium Myr, Grim Monolith or City of Traitors maybe?

p0megranates on Sisay Paradox Storm

1 day ago

@neonburst: Aetherflux is a fine choice but I have a better suggestion which nobody else is playing: Bow of Nylea. Bow is tutorable with Sisay, and with just (2) mana from nonland sources excluding Mox Opal, you can draw your entire deck on the Paradox Engine turn.

The combo is to sac Hope of Ghirapur, put it back into your deck with Bow's activated ability, tutor it with Sisay, and replay Hope. This only requires (2)(G) mana per iteration, and the (G) can come from Mox Opal. With Reki, the History of Kamigawa (also costs 2G), you draw your entire deck.

While Bow can be a pretty bad card, I think that Aetherflux Engine can be even more dead. Additionally, running Bow means you don't necessarily need to run Azusa (unless you really want to) since Inventors' Fair doesn't become a necessary part of the combo. The Azusa->Inventors' Fair thing is already pretty sketchy to be honest because you often need to spend a Sisay tap tutoring for a land instead of a spell, and that requirement can sometimes make the combo impossible to pull off if your hand isn't loaded.

marsthesoos on Tymna and Tana dance under the crimson moon.

5 days ago

Sleeved up a slightly different version and tested it out today. Two cards that really shined included Yisan(who won me a few games) and surprisingly a Hope of Ghirapur. It saved me on a few occasions and allowed me to shift a surprising amount of leverage. Really love the deck!

LithiumHD on U/B Improvise

5 days ago

Hope of Ghirapur is legendary, so you do have to be careful not to add too many, but running x3 or x4 even is not unheard of.

Merchant's Dockhand is still a good card and you should keep at least 2. you can use him to dig through your deck to find the cards you need, so i wouldn't completely cut them.

all that said, i can see you either running x3 or x4 hopes, x2 in the slot of Bastion Inventor and possibly x2 over the dockhand, but thats just me. this is your deck, so you put them wherever you see fit.

LithiumHD on U/B Improvise

5 days ago

Bastion Inventor doesn't really do anything here in the brew, and honestly a 4/4 body (even with hexproof) isn't as good as finding your herald.

consider adding Hope of Ghirapur as another cheap artifact, that also makes a great target for Tezzeret's Touch. A 5/5 flying on turn three is nothing to sneeze at.

JerichoDarkstar on Tezzeret Tower Control

1 week ago

If you have a lot of artifact generation, than Pia is definitely good. I've heard several people complain about losing to her stopping their best defender from blocking. However, I don't know if you have enough artifacts to make her as viable as she should be.

What you could do to make not only her but also your Improvise cards and Tezzy's Bad Touch better is to add Bomat Courier or Hope of Ghirapur.

Basically, Bomat acts a turn 1 hit that can net you some card advantage later. It's not reliable, but definitely a possibility. With Ghirapur, you can slow down a lot of decks. I can't think of a single deck right now that doesn't rely on noncreature spells to some extent. Both of those really help with Improvise because they are 1 drops, they have decent effects on their own, and they help fuel Pia when attacking matters the most.

Also, putting Tezzeret's Touch on Ghirapur is pretty cool.

Now, I'm sure that there are other artifacts that would fit that better, but those are just the ones off the top of my head.

LithiumHD on Master Of Metal Mod

1 week ago

running x2 of Merchant's Dockhand is fine, he will smooth out draws in the later game, and is a cheap artifact that can pump out your Herald of Anguish as soon as possible. speaking of which, going full aggro with cheap artifacts means that you need to have herald in your hand as early as turn 4 reliably, otherwise filling the board with just cheap artifacts is ok, but most of the time wont have that extra power to close out a game like the herald does. so for herald going with x3 or x4 copies even is good.

going a full x4 on the Hope of Ghirapur is an option. being a flyer it means that it is a great target for Tezzeret's Touch just like Ornithopter, just be careful because it is a legendary creature meaning only one can be on the battlefield at any given time.

x2 or x3 Scrap Trawler is good. you can draw him reliably with x3 and it doesnt raise the average CMC of the deck by too much.

x2 Reverse Engineer sounds good. opens up cards draw but limits how often it will get stuck in your hand early game

x2 of Tezzeret, Master of Metal is plenty enough. with 6 cmc, adding more would be counter productive. he costs too much to have just sitting in your hand. shame he doesnt have improvise.

Underhanded Designs is good for a sideboard card. you will have PLENTY of free artifacts to play, especially with Scrap Trawler and Servo Schematic

Tezzeret's Betrayal also has really high cmc, making it hard to cast reliably, so just make sure that you dont have too many in the deck, otherwise you can get stuck with multiple copies in hand and no mana to cast them

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