Shadow Alley Denizen


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Jace vs Vraska (DDM) Common
Gatecrash (GTC) Common

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Shadow Alley Denizen

Creature — Vampire Rogue

Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, target creature gains intimidate until end of turn. (It can't be blocked except by artifact creatures and/or creatures that share a color with it.)

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Shadow Alley Denizen Discussion

nUKe13 on Edgar Markov Victorian Vampires

5 days ago

wereotter I also added Shadow Alley Denizen and I cant believe the synergy! Im very excited to try the deck out here soon! Thank you all for your suggestions!

nUKe13 on Edgar Markov Victorian Vampires

1 week ago

skroes I've been actually been studying your build as well and making changes to mine. I actually really want to thank you for sharing your list with me. I've taken mine to game nights and it's been doing well with some inspiration from you, so thanks!

SilentNSly Those additions seem really effective if you were going wide. Maybe I'll look at it in another build. I'm really pushing the counter addition strategies. Thanks for those suggestions! They do seem like additional Butcher of Malakir basically haha

gorillacus Thank you for the suggestion! I've been contemplating Metallic Mimic for a while. I specifically like Adaptive Automaton for the extra 1 toughness and its a static effect. Also, its more expensive since it's still in standard, but maybe after it goes down? I'll have to try it.

wereotter I do like and I have tried Shadow Alley Denizen, but I'm not sure what to take out. What would you suggest? Also, I'll have to try Crib Swap for removal! I run pretty well on removal already and the orzhov removal I play allows me to target nonland permanents so that helps for utility. How has it worked for you?

Thank you to all who have looked at this list and helped me improve it. I've been getting a lot of help from LGS as well but I really appreciate everyone's time! Thanks again!

PvPArthur on Arthur's Edgar Vampire Commander

1 week ago

wereotter Thanks a ton for the suggestions! I actually meant to put both Shadow Alley Denizen and Indulgent Aristocrat, as I purchased them for this deck, but forgot about them as I went through ripping out the pre-con cards and replacing them with others ones I wanted in there.

Thanks again!

I'll think about Mentor of the Meek and Crib Swap.

F3A5t Thanks for your suggestions. Never knew about Reconnaissance! I'll look into Markov Blademaster and Bishop of Rebirth for a later iteration.

Thank you!

wereotter on Edgar Markov Victorian Vampires

2 weeks ago

Shadow Alley Denizen is really good with this commander. Every token he makes means a creature gets intimidate. And, while a little more expensive than other removal options, Crib Swap does have the benefit of triggering Edgar's eminence ability.

wereotter on Arthur's Edgar Vampire Commander

2 weeks ago

A good, cheap card that's done a lot of work in my own Edgar deck is Shadow Alley Denizen since every time you play a vampire, the token will trigger this card.

Indulgent Aristocrat is a good method of powering up your creatures. You can sac a token to power up all your other creatures.

Mentor of the Meek is a good way of keeping your hand going since every vampire spell gives you the opportunity to draw a card.

Lastly, Crib Swap is a good removal spell for this commander since it counts as a vampire spell for Edgar's eminence ability.

ihmnp on Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror

3 weeks ago

Also, consider Skullclamp to draw off of the tokens that you create, since keeping a full hand in commander is so important.

If you are running Path to Exile, why not run Swords to Plowshares? If you are using it on an opponent's creature, the incremental life-gain is much less impactful than an additional land imo.

Not sure if this messes up your colors but I think Insolent Neonate could be a good upgrade to some of your one drop vampires since his ability is more relevant in a late game topdecking scenario. Along the same lines, Shadow Alley Denizen may be better than a Pulse Tracker type card as well since intimidate can be stronger than draining opponents for one (and every vampire activates it with the token!). Viscera Seer can also take advantage of the tokens you create and help smooth out those draws.

Attrition was a very underwhelming card for me for just one reason: Nonblack. A card that can be completely useless against one of the most popular colors in commander can be dead a lot of the time against a lot of creatures you want it to remove. Herald’s Horn could be good in this slot as a ramp/card advantage engine, or Mind Slash if you still want to 1 for 0 your opponents with your tokens. Inspiring Cleric also seems underwhelming, since 4 life in commander is so little and lifegain isn't a great effect in the format in general unless you are all-in on it. Consider Drana's Emissary as a replacement if you still would like the lifegain, but a card like Olivia, Mobilized for War could be better, if you have extra cards or madness vampires. Rakish Heir may also be a good replacement.

Xica on Vampire's stay midrange

3 weeks ago

What the guy said...
You need some way to fight decks that can run you over, Stromkirk Captain is a prime tool for that (First strike chump blockers are a nightmare, not to mention first strike + deathtouch)
Playing more cards every turn with the 8 bobs (in the person of 4x Asylum Visitor + 2-4x Blood Scrivener) also does the trick.

Vampires have Cavern of Souls over other midrange builds. They can have Lord of Lineage  Flip over other midrange decks - if that card flips it runs away with the game right there (i have yet to see midrange decks in the format that can deal with a constant stream of 4/4 flyers - hell legacy miracles uses/used such things as win condition via Entreat the Angels.
I would like to add here that Vampire Nocturnus is a finisher for aggro, and Bloodline Keeper  Flip is a win con (sadly its only 4 mana, if it would cost 1 more it would be a lot stronger)

Vampire Hexmage + Phyrexian Etchings are pretty nice too - i would like to see which other tribe has such thing!

I see vampire aggro as weak because the tribe lack quality 1 and 2 cmc creatures, so lets make a list:
Shadow Alley Denizen (Best!)
Vampire Cutthroat (its okay, perfect in some matchups, and help to drag out against other aggro decks)
Stromkirk Noble (its either terrible, or ridiclously overpowered)
And then the rest....
Guul Draz Vampire - its a vanilla 1/1 when it would matter. The tribe completely lack ways to shoot face (specially in mono black)
Vampire Lacerator - a Goblin Guide that comes down a turn later, and makes you lose life each turn (abysmal) - Goblin Guide is a waeker Monastery Swiftspear...
Pulse Tracker - how will this thing swing more than once? (Its Geistflame - that is hwy it doesn't see play)
Lets take a look at 2 cmc!
Gifted Aetherborn - great, but its not particularly aggressive
Gatekeeper of Malakir - !that is 3 mana for all intents and purposes!
Ruthless Cullblade - wait what? i am outta here...

How does an aggro deck win that is slower than others, lacks evasion, and its creatures are actively worse (when the opponent is above 10) always, since they can't get in as the enemy just plays bigger ones?

I would suggest to not use narrow hate cards that are really strong against only 1 deck (like damping matrix - which is also very slow). Using stuff that is weaker but that hates on multiple archetypes is way better, because the overlaps you will have more hate for any archetype. And drawing a slightly weaker hate cards is a lot better than not drawing the 1-2 of "game over" hate card.

Add some secondary color, it would allow you to play stuff like Engineered Explosives, Painful Truths - if you go black/red it gives Kolaghan's Command which is good against everything, and Stromkirk Captain - which solves the "they will run ya over with their bigger creatures!" problem.
And splashing a second color can easily be done on budget, you need only 1 red mana on the 3rd turn, instead having all of your mana source being dual colored.

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