Serene Steward

Serene Steward

Creature — Human Cleric Ally

Whenever you gain life, you may pay . If you do, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Limited Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Serene Steward Discussion

MapPsycho on Cartographer's Journey

3 weeks ago

Update: Haven't been having much luck with Soul Warden as it draws removal quickly, and while I like Serene Steward , I rarely actually use it's effect. So I swapped out Steward with Saffi Eriksdotter for ETB use, and swapped Warden with Cenn's Tactician which is great with Gavony Township . After removing Ray of Revelation from the first build I was missing the artifact/enchantment removal so I added in Qasali Pridemage which is also great for crewing the Skysovereign if I can get a +1/+1 counter on it. Replaced Tranquil Cove with Prairie Stream since it's a bit faster, and replaced Vivid Creek with Myriad Landscape for the landfall abuse.

TypicalTimmy on Cradle of Vitality or Archangel ...

3 months ago

I'd just like to mention that there is also Serene Steward who can add counters when you gain life, and is cheaper to activate than CoV. However, she will also be easier to remove being a creature.

I'd honestly just say that if you can find the room for it, go for all three. Double down on your synergy for sake of consistency.

Skulloelegy on Cohesive Courage [Ally Aggro]

6 months ago

Kor Bladewhirl and Serene Steward are both cards that rely upon others to be good -- just as you pointed out the cohorts are -- and frankly neither has a good enough effect to justify including here. Steward gets me one counter for one mana when a Cleric flickers, as opposed to Hada and Kazandu each getting counters for free. Bladewhirl is slightly better but if I have protection I can block without fear anyway, I wouldn't need first strike -- And those being there means I don't have a flicker spell.

As for Eerie Interlude , while you point out that modern is heavier on spot removal than boardwipes, they do exist in the meta -- Maelstrom Pulse for one, which is a killer outside of a singleton format. There are also auras, bounce spells, burn spells and the like. Flickering a couple of creatures for lifegain, protection and pumping is a better solution than just having more creatures.

Tormod's Crypt is fair enough, but it doesn't stop cards from being targets in the graveyard -- Exiling a graveyard is a last resort instead of the utter intent. The sideboard is up in the air, so I'm not discounting it at all.

Captain's Claws are quicker than some equipment and the tokens coming in are an absolute boon with allies -- If you're drawing lands, you still get the ally triggers when you attack; Protection and Lifegain guaranteed every turn.

Allies are symbiotic; They do rely on each other to be effective. While the advice on that player gave you might be correct most of the time, here it's the complete opposite. Modern isn't as loose of a format as EDH -- Where you have room to experiment and have fun with creature choices, especially with Tazri where you can get the best of all colours and have a searcher on tap -- what works there rarely works here. Modern is about mastering the curve and cost effective choices; Seizing and maintaining the board early.

Patolea on Cohesive Courage [Ally Aggro]

6 months ago

Hello, nice deck, I love allies, to prove myself I own the first General Tazri EDH of the site lol

Let's talk about Eerie Interlude and Ephemerate:

This cards seems very nice with the ETB triggers, if you blink the cohort it's amazing! But... if you dont have the cohort or only have Hada and kazundu both cards are dead cards in your hand, one day, a long time ago, an more experient player told me: Don't use cards that depends on others to be good, unless it's strict necessary to your deck.

Lets imagine you have two hadas, you make a cohort, it's a 4 drop, usually you spend all your mama on it. hadas became HUUUGE, you opponent destroy the cohort and have a blocker, you draw ephemerate..... all the pressure go away.

Modern only have spot removal, you don't need eerie to avoid an wrath of god, and the one which gives pro color saves all your creatures from a anger of the gods, commonly seen in the format.

What to you think of substitute this spells for more creatures? Making a fast search in scryfall I have some names for you:

Kor Bladewhirl Serene Steward

Another question: How the claw is doing? It seems very slow, you need three manas to cast and equip and 2 turns to make 2 allies, it's not better to run the instant who put two allies?

About sideboard: Tormoid crypt in the place of the ixalan ones, FOUR MANA to exile graveyard? you already loose to phoenix, dredge and living end.

wallisface on

8 months ago

Nice reply, and i agree with most of what you’ve said. I’m also someone who would rather brew than netdeck. I think a lot of my “lifegain” gripes come from introducing players to magic and seeing them overvaluing the mechanic, leading to a long line of “bad decks” until they work out that life totals don’t represent who’s ahead.

You mention my vagueness in suggestions thus far, and i do agree - i’ve been waiting to hear from EpoH to see what they actually want this deck to do.

If i were to make an actual suggestion of deck changes, it’s be:

-4 Felidar Sovereign

-1 Serra Avatar

-4 Soulmender

-2 Elixir of Immortality

-4 Sunbeam Spellbomb

-2 Rest for the Weary

-4 Chaplain's Blessing

-2 Sunspring Expedition

+2 Aerial Responder

+4 Oblivion Ring

+4 Serene Steward

+3 Sunscorch Regent

+3 Syndic of Tithes

+4 Soul Warden

+2 Murder Investigation

+1 Plains

This removes a lot of the “pointless” lifegain cards, while still offering a lot of life for the Pridemate. It lets you actually interact with your opponent (the Ring), and Murder Investigations help you safeguard a bulky Pridemate. But this would make a completely different deck, and might not be what EpoH is after (hence my hesitation to suggest anything)

Bloodfrenzy on Super-Budget: Aggro Allies

8 months ago

Yeah more allies would be better. Or I see a lot of synergy with Path of Bravery triggering Serene Steward to pump the army.

goldlion on Lord of Leeches [Unique Ghave Build]

10 months ago

You’re right. While I can probably create some giant creatures fast for 1 hit kills, attacking wont be a regular occurrence with this deck.

It’s funny cause I had put Serene Steward in the binder pages for this deck as I was accumulating and organizing cards for it, but she didn’t make the cut cause she cost mana to produce those counters where others got counter triggers passively. The ghave tricks are mana intensive. What I didn’t consider until now is how useful her ability might be because you can direct where those counters go! This could be great for adding more to cards like Elenda, the Dusk Rose and Wall of Limbs . I was also considering of adding Cruel Sadist for creature removal, and this could sunergize there as well. Good thought! I’m going to explore that more.

Hamroids on Lord of Leeches [Unique Ghave Build]

10 months ago

Just did a little browsing through an old casual lifegain deck I used to run, I came across Serene Steward which could be a lot of fun here, as she's both cheap and would be providing Ghave with constant counters to continue to fuel his abilities. Path of Bravery is also a fun card, though I'm not sure if it would work as well here because by looking at the deck it seems you won't be attacking with enough regularity to warrant the card slot.

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