Chalice of Life


Chalice of Death  Flip


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Uncommon

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Chalice of Life


: You gain 1 life. Then if you have at least 10 life more than your starting life total, transform Chalice of Life.

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Chalice of Life Discussion

McSleuthburger on Soul Sisters land count

1 week ago

Im going to repeat King a bit here

20 lands is a good start (id probably go 3 ghost quarters 17 plains)
I love me a well timed Serra Ascendant but I havent really used Chalice of Life  Flip so I cant give any good insight there
Elspeth KE is where you want to go planeswalker wise: she makes creatures, pumps them, and can make them indestructible

Another decent card I still want to test with is Lone Rider  Flip

hektormagee on Trigger-Happy Horobi

1 week ago

jaiaisaiah I have thought about it, but it's a wee bit outside of my pay grade for this deck. The only deck I put cards this expensive in is my primary deck: [Competitive] Roon, the Bounce House Bouncer. I would play it if I was truly spiking this list, but this is a casual deck for me.

LordBalthamos I don't really have space in this list for something like Chalice of Life  Flip; it doesn't gain enough life for me to consider it valuable in the deck. Also, the Chalice of death mode is slow enough that other players will either ignore it if it's bad, and have enough turns to respond quickly if it's good. IF i needed the life, I would probably play Bloodchief Ascension. Glasses is an interesting choice though, I've got such a large number of board wipes that if there's any doubt in my mind that something's a problem I nuke.

Dredgar on Lifegain reservoir

2 weeks ago

Looking good, have you thought of alt win cons? Such as Chalice of Life  Flip? That can wreck havoc with 2 out. Authority of the Consuls is a great control/lifegain card. Having a copy or 2 of Felidar Sovereign isn't a bad idea either. Those plus the reservoir make your chances to win higher.

flipnation on Life gain is actually good

3 weeks ago

you need some more good pay-offs, like Ajani's Pridemate, the Chalice of Life  Flip that you have is not enough, I suggest playing both plus Serra Ascendant, she's phanomenal. if you want to you could play some kind of soul sister deck, here's the first link I found on that deck.

Be warned, there are some expensive pieces, but not all of them are needed.

LordBalthamos on Memnarch's Monarchy

3 weeks ago

That's understandable, and as always, I've thought of more cards that could be useful for your deck or at least have knowledge of...and they are:

1.) Belbe's Portal - Since your deck has a general mix of different creature types, this card is rather, superfluous, but if you intend to make an Eldrazi deck or focus on one type of creatures ever for a deck(s), I'd advise using this. I'm sure you can see why...

2.) Well of Lost Dreams - As you can tell by now, I like the idea of having lots of good cards coming into my hand without needing to discard because of hand size; so having this card, the ability to gain life, and no limit to your hand size, this card could be extremely effective in giving you access to cards you may want/need XD.

3.) Gauntlet of Power - Like Caged Sun, this card is a mana less expensive, although it only effects basic lands. It's a good card in general and useful in mana expensive decks, which can be helpful in decks going 4+ CMC.

4.) Extraplanar Lens - Lmao, like both Gauntlet of Power and Caged Sun, this card is 3 colorless mana, with the draw back that you have to exile the mana to get the same ability, not to mention you don't get the +1 +1 like the previous cards, but I advise using a card like this in mono colored decks.

5.) Quicksilver Amulet - Not exactly cheap in mana cost, this card has a WIDE and VAST array of uses! Unlike Belbe's Portal, which is more of a focused creature type deck card, Quicksilver Amulet allows you to summon any creature type from your hand, so this is a much better card for your deck. I would highly advise this for you in the cases of your mana heavy creatures!

6.) Eternity Vessel - Not a very widely known card, this, as you can see, saves Commander Decks later in the game with the idea that if you opponent starts hitting you like crazy out of no where and reduces you greatly, just sneak in a mana card and back you are to a safer lifetotal. In general though, this card really is just a luck heavy one, because you'll probably wanna draw this card your 6th or so turn.

7.) Cloud Key - Basically 3 colorless cost for the choice of whatever spell type you could be having trouble with so it's a mana less XD.

8.) Mind's Eye - This is more of a, "how do you feel about this in your deck," sort of card. I'm not going to say much, you can decide whether you like it or not.

9.) Boseiju, Who Shelters All - Same as the above card, you decide what you think about it.

10.)Temple of the False God - One of those lands you hope you can draw later in the game after getting 5+ mana XD.

11.) Semblance Anvil - Card suited for focus decks, something I'd like to put in the back of your head.

12.) Terrain Generator - I'm sure you can see why this is a useful card. It basically allows you to put two land on the battlefield each turn, if you want that!

13.) Burnished Hart - Extremely useful, not well known...which is sort of helpful!

14.) Chalice of Life  Flip - Health and damage <3.

15.) Sword of the Animist - "The Animist are restless..." ~Sins

LordBalthamos on Trigger-Happy Horobi

3 weeks ago

Might I suggest these two cards; Chalice of Life  Flip and Glasses of Urza.

Chalice of Life  Flip mainly for the use of life gain or it's flip ability of tapping it to deal 5 damage to an enemy.

Glasses of Urza works best when you don't know your opponent's deck or if you just want to know what they have going on in their hand, it may save you a creature or two if they have some painful cards, but it is a good card to have when making your move, boardwipe and all "

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