Instill Energy

Instill Energy

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature can attack as though it had haste.

: Untap enchanted creature. Activate this ability only during your turn and only once each turn.

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Instill Energy Discussion

FormOverFunction on Tap/Untap Adavantage

2 weeks ago

Instill Energy used to be the apex of untap-cool... but that was back before I knew what was rare/uncommon so I have no idea if you’re allowed to use it (or if you can even find them anymore)

KBK7101 on Alena and Halana - Kessig Guardians v1.3

2 months ago

Thanks for the advice! Instill Energy seems sweet. I'll have to order one sometime. I actually already have Toralf and Xenagos sitting around, so I'll add them in. Pulled a Timeless Witness and Goblin Anarchomancer from some MH2 stuff I ordered, so I'll add them in and see how they go. Was debating Asceticism as well.

This deck was originally going to be one that I used to introduce my sister to the game, which is why I kinda stuck to a forest monster/beast kind of theme. That kind of theme is why things like Xenagos and Savage Ventmaw weren't in the deck to begin with. More open to upgrading it now, though as she didn't seem too interested. lol

Super cool that you had that Alana/Halena deck on MTGMuddstah! That was one of the videos I watched while doing research for this deck!

brandonplaysmagic on Alena and Halana - Kessig Guardians v1.3

2 months ago

The pairing of these two are some of my favorites for commander and I agree, super under utilized. After playing them for awhile, I’ve learned that haste-enabling is the most important as it gives you the most flexibility in play with your creatures (who are typically subject to removal otherwise).

A good budget recommendation I’d have for you is Instill Energy , which lets you untap Alena an additional time each turn, generating more mana. Toralf, God of Fury  Flip also lets you sling the additional damage dealt with Halana’s ability directly to the player (or to another creature for a board wipe effect). Xenagos, God of Revels is a must have for for me as you can pump anything in your first main phase, then tap Alena out for a bunch of mana and then let that big creature swing.

I’m so happy to see other people playing these two because they are some of my favorites and I think a really unique Gruul pairing!

Quickspell on Non-Creature Naya Card Draw?

4 months ago

Omniscience_is_life Ah yes, I had thought about Nature's Chosen but went for Instill Energy . It doesn't work that well though. The haste is only relevant when you have 7 mana in turn three or four, which really never happens. But it let's Atla untap and is great for giving haste to Blightsteel or Ulamog. Mutavault and Sundering Growth I am running, but Cream of the Crop seems amazing here!

Oh yeah, I put my deck back to private... aaand it's back in. It's still a protype: Monster Omlette

FormOverFunction on A new engine

5 months ago

It’s not a totally-bananas OP rocker...but you could give this card Instill Energy from (old man voice) bAck In mY DAy that would give one creature a free untap each turn. Dramatic Reversal is a more recent (and larger scale) one-timer that I’d probably use.

Omniscience_is_life on Wait wait wrong egg WRONG EGG | **Primer**

5 months ago

Pennieman hi! Thanks for the suggestions, let me go through one by one...

The Talismans are indeed powerful cards, but I don't need more ramp for this deck and they aren't as powerful (IMO) as the signets in 3+ color decks.

Shields of Velis Vel sure is funny, but I'd rather not have one-off effects that rely on my opponent to do something to work.

Maskwood Nexus looked exciting when it was previewed--it's just a lot of mana, and I don't want to sacrifice most of my creatures on the off chance I get a better one. Not good gameplay.

Instill Energy is just another Nature's Chosen , and I decided Chosen is better. If I find an opening I might double up and add Instill, but it's not looking likely RN.

Thornbite Staff is super-duper powerful, no question. However, I'm not running any infinite combos in this deck ATM, and I don't want to add any for the time being.

Scroll Rack always crosses my mind when I'm thinking of cards to pick up--but since it only gives me pseudo-draw I don't think it's worth having the extra synergy with Atla. In the department of stacking my deck, I'm still not sure to what power level I want to take this deck... but when I do, I'll figure out how much of that I need. And who knows? Maybe the Rack will go in then :)

I'll take a look at your build sometime today, thanks so much for taking the time to comment on mine!

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