Hydra Omnivore


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2018 (C18) Mythic Rare
Conspiracy (CNS) Mythic Rare
MTG: Commander (CMD) Rare

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Hydra Omnivore

Creature — Hydra

Whenever Hydra Omnivore deals combat damage to an opponent, it deals that much damage to each other opponent.

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Hydra Omnivore Discussion

Saljen on Tuvasa the Enchanted

3 weeks ago

I'd start by looking at these creatures: Archon of Valor's Reach, Celestial Ancient, Daxos of Meletis, Elderwood Scion, Emeria Shepherd, Hydra Omnivore, Loyal Drake, Loyal Guardian, Nylea's Colossus.

Then I'd look at your auras, you probably don't need a ton to get a lot of value from your commander: Empyrial Storm, Phyrexian Rebirth, Angelic Chorus, Epic Proportions, Ground Seal, Myth Unbound, Octopus Umbra, Spawning Grounds, Vow of Flight.

hkhssweiss on Saskia Budget EDH

3 weeks ago

kingquark No problem!

Krosan Grip is great due to the split second clause as it's pretty relevant. Beast Within is generally an amazing card, but because you have access to other colors their are other cards that do it so much better such as Assassin's Trophy, Abrupt Decay, Maelstrom Pulse, and Vindicate.

Another card you can maybe run is Orim's Thunder.

Cards I would consider cutting would be: Shamanic Revelation (Too slow), Woolly Thoctar, Voltaic Brawler, Moltensteel Dragon, Herald of Torment, Bloodbraid Elf, and Accorder Paladin (All of them are a bit underwhleming in terms of value and a bit vanilla).

Some adjustment for budget I would consider are: Iroas, God of Victory, Gisela, Blade of Goldknight , Dauntless Escort, Forgotten Ancient, Shalai, Voice of Plenty, Mirror Entity, Taurean Mauler, Hydra Omnivore (Hidden tech, it also does additional damage to the player you chosen!), Tana, the Bloodsower (Also makes additional tokens due to hitting two players!), Urabrask the Hidden, Gahiji, The Honored One, Hero of Bladehold, and Hanweir Garrison.

Hope that gives an idea that could help!

FormerBalloon on Saskia the Unhealthy

2 months ago

Hydra Omnivore is a fun card with Saskia the Unyielding find a way to give infect and it can be game ender

Splitcell on Xenagos all out to kill

2 months ago

My buddy runs a xenagos deck and there are two cards that are absolutely terrifying when they hit the board Blood Mist and Hydra Omnivore if you are doing multiplayer.

elgosu1337 on Exalted Leaders

2 months ago

Don't think you need Jenara or Knotvine Paladin since you have a great attacker as a commander already. Serra Ascendant would be amazing though. Maybe even Hydra Omnivore to spread the damage.

Nantuko Mentor can pump your exalted attacker by a lot.

Citadel Siege can grow your creatures more or tap opponents' creatures more reliably than Angelic Benediction.

Dauntless Escort doesn't work if you have Angel of Jubilation in play. You could try Teferi's Protection or Heroic Intervention instead.

One thing you are missing is card advantage. Rishkar's Expertise, Hunter's Insight, and Hunter's Prowess can help draw cards from a big exalted creature. Beast Whisperer and Shamanic Revelation are great for drawing cards from all your creatures.

Kogarashi on Winning with Infect

3 months ago

Yes. Between the counter and the Triumph, Hydra Omnivore will be a 10/10 with trample and infect. As long as you attack someone with no available blockers and they don't somehow redirect or prevent the damage another way, that player will take the damage in the form of 10 poison counters. The Hydra's ability triggers and goes on the stack, state-based actions cause the first player to lose the game due to poison counters, and then the ability resolves if it hasn't been prevented some other way, and each other opponent will take 10 damage in the form of poison counters, and also lose.

Spook9MM on Winning with Infect

3 months ago

I cast a Hydra Omnivore and give it a +1/+1 counter using Oran-Rief, the Vastwood. On the following turn I attack after I cast Triumph of the Hordes and target an opponent with no blockers available. So now I effectively hit everyone with 10 poison counters, yes??

VGAMaddHatter on Kruphix - Something wicked this way comes

3 months ago

Arcanis the Omnipotent never sticks at our table. Love Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle, not sure if you noticed or not but the remove a counter ability is a MAY ability, you can leave it as a land if you want. Forgotten Ancient, Chasm Skulker, Hydra Omnivore, and Overbeing of Myth feel a little out of place to me but I'm not sure. This is a cool deck bud.

I will say that Arcanis the Omnipotent(or anything that can bounce itself) + Paradox Engine + Doubling Cube + a bunch of mana is infinite mana. Then you can also can hit up something like Helix Pinnacle if you want haha.

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