Unbound Flourishing

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Unbound Flourishing


Whenever you cast a permanent spell with a mana cost that contains , double the value of X.

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell or activate an ability, if that spell's mana cost or that ability's activation cost contains , copy that spell or ability. You may choose new targets for the copy.

DemonDragonJ on Nature's Bounty

1 week ago

I had also considered putting Unbound Flourishing in this deck, but this deck does not contain quite enough cards that synergize with that enchantment to justify including it in this deck.

wallisface on Genesis Surge

3 weeks ago

Just looking at the updates, some further thoughts:

  • firstly, on Unbound Flourishing, it’s only going to double the value of X for Genesis Hydra, as that is a ”permanent spell”. For Genesis Wave it’s only going to copy that spell, but leave the value of X unchanged (because its a sorcery, not a permanent-spell), which is severely more underwhelming.

  • I would suggest either going down the route of your genesis cards OR the Tooth and Nail strategy - but not both, as this just makes it harder to enact your plan. Specifically the genesis spells play poorly with the eldrazi titans because you miss-out on all those cast triggers (the genesis spells don’t cast the card you put into play), but also those Eldrazi titans have very high mana costs - needing 12-13 mana is a very tall ask.

  • Whichever path you go down, I think you need to aim to speed your deck up. Turn 6 is too slow. You want to be representing a winning boardstate by turn 4-5 at the very latest. If you go down the Tooth&Nail path, this deck here is one a friend has played a lot and done very well with. He hasn’t updated the list on this site so it’s a bit out of date, but should give you an idea of the build, it can win as early as turn 3. If you’re sticking to the Genesis build then I suggest lowering your mana curve a bunch so that you can get out a decently-powerful threat asap… you probably don’t want any card costing more than 8 mana and you want to ensure you can reliably put one of these cards onto the board by turn 3-4.

wallisface on Genesis Surge

3 weeks ago

So, some thoughts:

  • you’re at 62 cards, which is 2 more than you should have - i’d just ditch the two Nylea's Disciple as they’re doing absolutely nothing for you.

  • Raking Canopy should never be in the mainboard of a deck as it’ll just be useless far too often. It would be dubious even in a sideboard. Nissa, Genesis Mage is too much mana for too little profit also. I would swap both for two copies of Garruk Wildspeaker, which offers you quicker ramp and some plan-b options.

  • you only have 3 cards to hit off your genesis effects, which is faar too low a ratio to ever be reliable. Added to that, your description mentions Spawnsire but that card’s not in the deck.

  • Unbound Flourishing doesn’t seem very good here. It would be better served as more payoff cards from your genesis effects.

Renegadespider on Help improve my deck pls

3 weeks ago


So I'm trying to make the ulimate Genesis Deck that focuses on cheating out Creatures and producing lots of mana to activate Spawnsire, Avacyn, Angel of Hope is for boardwipe protection Archetype of Endurance is for targeting Exile protection, Nylea's Disciple is for life gain from using The One Ring for draw and all the Genesis Cards to cheat my Board state out, except Gelatinous Genesis which for an alt win con. I've managed to get everything out by turn 4 before...but it just doesn't feel fast enough, I brick way too often, by either drawing way too much mana or not drawing enough mana, any advice?

SirFitzalot on Magus Lucea Kane

2 months ago

Very surprised you aren't running Unbound Flourishing.

nuperokaso on Seven Evil X's

5 months ago

wallisface on Rampaging Hydras & Elves Deck

8 months ago

This us the kindof list i’d end up building (again, Green-Blue, but it’d be super-easy to make this mono-green)

MrHighscore on Dehydrated Hydras

9 months ago

It's been a couple of years, and the Hydra horde have matured!

Thanks for all your great suggestions while I've been away. I can see that the deck could need an overhaul with all the wonderful new cards

The following are now under consideration

New Hydras to make room for:

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