Khalni Hydra

Khalni Hydra

Creature — Hydra

Khalni Hydra costs {{G}} less to cast for each green creature you control.


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Khalni Hydra Discussion

wallisface on Advice on tribal deck card …

4 months ago

The Evolve mechanic of both Pelt Collector and Experiment One are great, for the following reasons:

  • They effectively make those 1-drop creatures able to swing for 2 on turn 2, and then keep getting bigger and remaining relevant. While they're unlikely to get bigger than a 3/3 before game end, thats still a lot of power and damage from a 1-drop creature!

  • The counters also help to make Avatar of the Resolute massive on entry. It's not uncommon for that card to enter as a 5/4 trampler on turn 3.

  • an aggro deck needs 1-drop creatures that can do damage, otherwise you're just going to be too slow to get the killing blow. Aggro decks are looking to win the game on turn 4 at the latest. So anything that can't help towards that cause is usually unideal.

In the above list, stuff like Khalni Hydra are being more cute than helpful, and is only really there cause I like the card, tbh. In general it's important, for an aggro deck, that you aim to kill the opponent before they can get their engine running.

wallisface on Advice on tribal deck card …

4 months ago

The following below is a list I used to run a while back for mono-green stompy. It’s obviously not tribe-orientated, but may give you some ideas of the direction to head.

Note the above list is a bit old and can defo do with some improvements, but its a good baseline of what green does well - being hyper-aggressive.

In general for mono-green you want to either build your deck around being very fast & aggressive, OR build it around ramping to some massive auto-win threat. You appear to be trying to do a strange mix of the two, being sudo-aggressive while ramping to semi-big threats. I would suggest picking a defined path and building around that. If you want to be aggressive, don’t ramp so much, and field lower costing creatures. If you are wanting to ramp-big, get something like Tooth and Nail in there to cheat out Emrakul, the Aeons Torn (or some other busted payoff)

The other thing to evaluate is how much sticking to your tribe is actually getting you. Whether you’re getting actual value out of confining yourself to this creature-type, or whether its just a self-imposed restriction without much upside.

osiczym on Engulfing Destruction

4 months ago

You can pick better versions of some cards: Kalonian Tusker => Barkhide Troll Sedge Scorpion => Wasteland Viper

Additionally I would put here: Khalni Hydra , Ghalta, Primal Hunger and maybe Aspect of Hydra

legendofa on Looking for (virtual-/) 1-drops w/ …

6 months ago

You're probably going to find more reduced-cost creatures, then, and you got a lot of the best ones. How about Ghoultree , Ancient Stone Idol , Tazri, Beacon of Unity , Marshmist Titan , or Khalni Hydra ? (I'd like to see the deck that runs both of the last two.)

TheRoaringRegisaur on New hubs to be added

7 months ago

I agree with TheVectornaut about a Defenders or Toughness Matters hub. WotC seems to like printing Assault Formation , Arcades, the Strategist , and High Alert , so Defenders is a good choice (though I wouldn’t call it Walls because not all defenders are walls). But I’ve also seen a lot of Toughness Matters with Doran, the Siege Tower , Belligerent Brontodon , and Huatli, the Sun's Heart .
I’m here to throw out Chroma/Devotion. Even before Theros Beyond Death, there’s been a lot of modern decks using Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx . Green likes to print cards like Khalni Hydra , Primalcrux , and Llanowar Tribe , but there’s plenty of devotion with other colors, too.
Anyway, thanks for reading!

moo1234 on No one expects the mono Green Storm!

8 months ago

Well green is already the best at drawing cards, killing things, having pseudo counter spells, winning quickly and +1/+1 counters, why not have a storm deck as well

But seriously, love the deck, I know you may be sticking to a budget but have you considered Khalni Hydra in this deck it is very likely to be an 8/8 that cost 0-2 also look at that mana cost, it's so cool

tacolover25 on Business End of Green

11 months ago

Any room for Leatherback Baloth or Khalni Hydra? Nice deck! +1

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