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Lord Windgrace Sits Behind A Chasm

Commander / EDH BRG (Jund) Dark Depths Lands Ramp



The usual land-matters style Windgrace deck focused less around land destruction and subgames rather than simply outlasting your opponents behind a Glacial Chasm and then finishing them by either sacrificing the Glacial Chasm to its own upkeep trigger and swinging for the win or going for it without the need to go shields down with a variety of synergies like:

Generally speaking the deck is not fast, but ramps out fairly consistently and just sits behind the Glacial Chasm which makes this land the backbone of most strategies. Protect it at all costs and be wary of any time it would enter the graveyard so that you don't fall foul of any graveyard hate sitting on the battlefield or in your opponents' hand. The best time to go for it with cycling the Glacial Chasm through the graveyard to reset age counters is when you have any of the instant speed ways to retrieve the chasm, such as Petrified Field or Grapple with the Past to prevent it being exiled. Over the course of most games, the damage prevention will often far exceed whatever upkeep costs you have to pay for Glacial Chasm. Most decks have very few ways to interact with land or only a few kill spells like Assassin's Trophy or maybe a Vindicate but it takes a conceited effort to take out a Glacial Chasm, so either try to fly under the radar for long enough that you simply get ignored while the other player fight amongst themselves or try to ally with another player by providing removal or ramp with political cards like Pir's Whim or board hugging with Rites of Flourishing.

Other ways are to use your own land to deal with permanents providing issues such as Alchemist's Refuge, Academy Ruins or Yavimaya Hollow in the land category or maybe proactively removing their own Wastelands or Strip Mines with yours to clear the way for a Glacial Chasm. Searching out a Bojuka Bog at instant speed with a Crop Rotation is a great way of dealing with graveyard strategies and hopefully Homeward Path should come in handy in the case that your opponent steals creatures from your board or graveyard.

Most of the time Lord Windgrace will be the target of any ill-will your opponents have (even your allies) and often his ultimate it lacklustre at best and will only aggravate the board further. It is best to only pull out Windgrace as a way to:

The only effective way to protect Lord Windgrace I've found is to use Constant Mists to fog attacks as often your opponents will have larger and more effective board presence than you until the late game so don't put too much faith in your creature's ability to block (they are your best value engines). Maze of Ith comes in handy with dealing with singular attackers, but don't expect this to be an effective defense for long as it cannot deal with multiple attackers or anything equipped with Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots.

One trick to watch out for are effects that stifle damage prevention like Skullcrack or a large enough Banefire. While these cards may not see common play in EDH/Commander there is very little the deck can do once these effects resolve.

More than happy to receive further suggestions, but for the sake of wanting to keep in the spirit of the usual circle of local players am refraining from the usual mass land destruction inclusions such as Jokulhaups or Decree of Annihilation.

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