Traverse the Ulvenwald


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Rare

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Traverse the Ulvenwald


Search your library for a basic land card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

Delirium — If there are four or more card types among cards in your graveyard, instead search your library for a creature or land card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

Traverse the Ulvenwald Discussion

Monitor on Tana and Reyhan Partner Token Stuff

2 months ago

noggynogworld, I definitely like what Gisa brings to the table, but in my specific rendition she can't straight replace the Guildmage simply because of his first ability to give Tana intimidate; she is going to be a primary Saproling generator, especially early, and if I can't pump her very well for whatever reason it will be important for her to at least connect through an opponent (at least one of which likely won't be in either red or green). He also makes Saprolings, which fuel Fungal Plots. Maybe Slimefoot, the Stowaway needs a home here! I think the Guildmage is the better tempo play right now, but if the meta ends up slower then she could easily earn a spot.

Crop Rotation is there to fetch up utility lands. Instant speed Bojuka Bog to shut down a graveyard player once, Homeward Path if someone yanks my stuff, High Market if I haven't drawn an outlet but I have a payoff already, things like that. In a similar vein, Traverse the Ulvenwald is a late-game way to tutor a specific land out more so than to be used for creatures, or an early game basic fixer, but its flexibility is what draws me to it. I feel like Delirium naturally turns on over the course of the game, though it is something I will keep an eye on for effectiveness for sure.

One thing I'm unsure on is the awesome Vigor + Blasphemous Act situation, but only because I wonder how good Blasphemous Act will be if I don't have Vigor out. Vigor can stand on his own, really, so I feel like having BA be more situational might be OK since if I really need to use it I still can, and as long as I have a manland to activate and Reyhan out I can save counters from most any board wipe.

I'm down to the last 4 cuts and its just a bit difficult. I feel like taking some redundant effects might be fine, as well as a tutor or to -- I like the Tooth and Nail idea but since I'm not looking to roll the table with Craterhoof, having TnN primarily tutor for my other wincons and do it sorcery speed with such a high cost might not be what I'm after, necessarily. I think it would be alot easier to end-step Chord of Calling for Jarad and drain the table when I untap, for example, or whip out Purph after Tana gets a good pump. So with TnN shelved for now, the last 3 might need to be in the card draw department -- I have an obscene amount of card draw. Perhaps even taking out Goblin Bombardment but that no-cost instant sac (plus win-con potential) is just so good.

Poring over it right now.

noggynogworld on Tana and Reyhan Partner Token Stuff

2 months ago

No problem. I love to help out and your deck looks really fun! I think that's the right call with those cards. As for the tutors, I feel like they are good to keep in case you have trouble getting the cards you need. Crop Rotation kind of sticks out to me but you still have to build your land base so I won't worry about it too much. Maybe replace Traverse the Ulvenwald since in most cases you don't really want your nontoken creatures(outside of a few like Hooded Hydra ), or your enchantments or artifacts to be in there since they're so high value. If you were playing a more graveyard shenanigans deck, then I would keep it. Other than that, I would just throw in a Demonic Tutor or Diabolic Tutor for a tutor replacement, or just replace it with something entirely different.

Something interesting I was thinking about when it came to the Korozda Guildmage ... how about Ghoulcaller Gisa ? She costs more cmc to play but her ability costs less to activate and works on any creature. I was thinking about putting her in Kresh too, I just have to find space for her. What do you think?

hkhssweiss on Muldrotha

4 months ago

Heya superdiglett, just like what bushido_man96 said, what is the focus of your deck? What do you want to do, as it does seem you want to play a value build.

If going for a value build there are a couple cards that you can consider like:

There are plenty of cards you can add in to a value build, but for deck optimization as well as tuning, I would suggest finding a way you want your deck to be built around or having a goal on what you want to do with Muldrotha. Hope that helps and feel free to ask for any advice! I play with my buddy who played with Muldrotha quite a bit and it can get very degenerate depending on how you build it!

Flooremoji on Modern Snow (MH1 Spoilers!)

4 months ago

Here is my also rough list, much more control based. Traverse the Ulvenwald can find your missing color, or a Coatl/Utility Land after delirium is acheived.

Deck link wasn't working for some reason...

Demarge on Nissa, Steward of the Chain

4 months ago

Walking Ballista could provide that game ending win with the creature mana and Beast Whisperer can provide the mass card draw from food chain (you can stop yourself from decking when comboing by food chaining the whisperer) using these can free you up a little and you can use mana dorks or cantrips, Drift of Phantasms is also a rather good tutor for either food chain mana piece or lab man. I do admit I just spent some of the hours I shoudl be sleeping to build a Tamiyo, Collector of Tales food chain/ Dark Depths lands deck, Traverse the Ulvenwald seems to always be delirious when I can cast it as a signature spell.

TPC on Jund Shadow Moon [Modern]

6 months ago

@PlatinumOne: I appreciate the feedback. I have been playing this deck for a couple of years now and can speak to your concerns. This deck is extremely consistent, and does not suffer from land issues for a couple of reasons. The 17 Lands in the list is the perfect number and array. Firstly, establishing the correct array of lands is the most important step in the first three turns, which should ideally include a basic Forest , Swamp , and then a red source. I use Traverse the Ulvenwald as needed to help establish my basics (after which I use them to fetch Bloodbraid Elf or Death's Shadow , laying my red source only if/when needed as it is a mana source that if destroyed, leaves me vulnerable.

As I move through my mana curve, I have powerful 1 and 2 drops that establish early control over the board, namely hand destruction and goyfs. By the time I lay down my 3rd land, my opponent usually has nothing of value in hand, and/or my Tarmogoyf is too big for him to get through (though I might let some damage through to switch on Death's Shadow). Also, by turn 3, I know that I'll either go the Blood Moon route, which almost always locks the opponent out of the game, giving me all of the time that I need to do my thing and win, or go hard on the aggressive route with Death's Shadow and Bloodbraid Elf.

This deck is finely tuned, and requires finesse, and does have a bit of a learning curve, and you definitely need to research/know the local meta to make best choices.

Honestly, at one point I put in some Managorger Hydra s in place of Dark Confidant and it was just as consistent, and effective.

channelfireball12345 on Meren of Marit Lage

6 months ago

Traverse the Ulvenwald also grabs depths, provided that you have delirium active, which shouldn't be hard in a Meren build. Same with Satyr Wayfinder , Grisly Salvage , and Silhana Wayfinder , among many others (though those only dig up to five cards deep).

StopShot on Mono-Green Charbelcher. M20 update

6 months ago

I would run Flower / Flourish over Traverse the Ulvenwald . Getting delirium seems highly unreliable with this deck and the delirium effect doesn't directly help with this deck's main win condition. Flower / Flourish does practically the same thing as it, however you're waaaaaay more likely to win a clash if you reveal it from Recross the Paths whereas Traverse the Ulvenwald would likely cause you to lose the clash. Flower / Flourish is also a cheaper card, so its a better budget alternative as well.

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Traverse the Ulvenwald occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.08%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Golgari: 0.09%