Welcome to my Ghen, Arcanum Weaver deck! please if you like consider upvoting +1 accepting any budget sugestions, and I will try to reply any comments

Spells are tricky things, each an interlocking puzzle woven from imperceptible mana. Imperceptible to everyone but Ghen, that is. Ghen can see the strands of mana that make up an enchantment and, more importantly, can take them apart and reweave them into his own creations. While his powers are great, humility is not among them. He has been known to snatch someone's spell out of the air and reweave it in front of them. While this behavior doesn't necessarily make friends, none can deny that the end result is vastly superior.

The idea here it's to use some discard outlets (that you can see in "Card selection/discard outlet") to put some one of our big enchantment creatures into the graveyard while playing some stax cheap pieces to in a "distant" future (2 turns later) sacrifice our simple Curse of Opulence to get our big perfect and lovely Demon of Fate's Design or some wincon to the battlefield, while we also have some stax on the table to make the life of our oponents even hard
You can also use Ghen as a blink piece if you really need that: Court of Ire for example you can put that on the grave and return to the battlefield on the end step before the turn begins and it work as well with sagas
If you like the deck and have any budget sugestion i'm acepting. All coments are very important to me and will be consider


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