Dismantling Wave

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Dismantling Wave


For each opponent, destroy up to one target artifact or enchantment that player controls.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

When you cycle Dismantling Wave, destroy all artifacts and enchantments.

Crow-Umbra on Twice, To Make a Point

6 days ago

To build off the feedback from the last comment, you could cut about 5-6 creatures. I usually focus on creatures with higher CMCs (anything 6+ for aggro), and creatures which make you jump through hoops to get their pay-offs.

Definitely add in some more mana rocks like Talisman of Indulgence & company, as well as some repeatable draw like Tome of Legends, & Idol of Oblivion if you lean into the token strat some more. Tocasia's Welcome is also solid for token decks, or decks with lots of cheap creatures.

An Anthem affect like Fervor is also helpful for keeping your board aggro.

Finally, you might want to add a bit more removal. Dismantling Wave, Generous Gift, & Wear / Tear are all solid options that can help you hit a variety of targets

Crow-Umbra on Snowflake

1 month ago

I took another look at your deck, and I think you could add a bit more draw and removal to help keep you in games. Some of the removal you have is a bit conditional, like You Are Already Dead. Some options that can hit multiple targets that are decent are Ashes to Ashes, Dismantling Wave, Wear / Tear. You also can't go wrong with stuff like Swords to Plowshares, Generous Gift, and Path to Exile.

In regards to draw, I noticed you mostly have some cantrip effects like You Are Already Dead. Some potential options to help out include Tome of Legends, Deadly Dispute, and Plumb the Forbidden(especially if you lean into creature tokens). Skullclamp and Commissar Severina Raine are also both awesome if you are making a lot of creature tokens. Breena, the Demagogue can be kinda fun and adds a political wrinkle.

I hope these suggestions are helpful.

Crow-Umbra on Some Light Clerical Work

1 month ago

I've liked Fanatical Devotion as a free sac outlet/protection piece in Aristocrats and reanimator decks. I like Dismantling Wave as a removal piece for any of my decks with White. You could also include Dance of the Dead and Necromancy to expand on the combo potential with Leonin Relic-Warder, Animate Dead, and any of your Aristocrats pieces. Here is an explanation of the Animate Dead + Leonin Relic-Warder type loop in case you are unfamiliar with it.

Depending on your budget and meta, Cover of Darkness could be an additional anthem to help you go on the offensive if needed.

Davinoth on

1 year ago

     TheMeadiator: Thanks for the suggestions and upvote! It does tend to pop off pretty quick haha, with reasonably good recovery from wipes and no reliance on any one strategy to find a win. =)

     I really resonate with a lot of your suggestions! Wurmcoil Engine is one of my favourite cards (full stop haha) and originally had included Phyrexian Altar and Ashnod's Altar in the build with this type of token generation in mind. In the end I opted to play more around effects that produced tokens as a result of gaining life or instant speed activation. Alas, a great seller of the wurms is their wipe protection, something I was conscious of when veering away from that strategy, and included Hangarback Walker and Lifeblood Hydra for that kind of coverage. :)

     Heroic Intervention is maybe my only hard disagree. It can save my other permanents from removal and wipes for one less mana, so in that regard I consider it to be integral to the deck. However I've been seriously considering cutting Unbreakable Formation in favour of Rootborn Defenses if I can't find a way to include all three of them lol.

     Aura Mutation with Divine Visitation and/or Parallel Lives/Anointed Procession/Doubling Season is pretty nutty, and I highly recommend haha! I had originally cut Sundering Growth for Aura Mutation haha though I was thinking about cutting Aura Shards (less likely) or Dismantling Wave to put it back in.

     Sorry to hit you with the wall of text haha, great suggestions and thanks again! =)

DespairFaction on Budget Equiptment

1 year ago

Hey, here are some changes I might recommend while still staying on a budget. Fist, for a voltron deck I would probably drop the creature count a little bit as 29 is a little high. For this build I would probably eye something around 22-25. Also your land count is very low, I would bring that up to about 36 lands with several ways to search for lands, that will allow you to have plenty of mana and cast the bigger stuff in your deck.

Next, I would cut some cards that seeming underwhelming. Those are: Auriok Edgewright Auriok Bladewarden Fireblade Charger Leonin Relic-Warder , Evra, Halcyon Witness Shimmer Myr Spikeshot Elder , Wayfarer's Bauble ill talk about this one below, Leonin Bola Neglected Heirloom  Flip Berserkers' Onslaught . So yeah once you know what to cut, it becomes very easy to make a bunch of additions.

Im not sure if you are married to the $50 budget, most of my suggestions here will be about $1 a piece but here's what I would add. First as mentioned we want better mana production, so you'll want Gift of Estates and Armillary Sphere over wayfarers bauble. In 700 games of commander, I've found that armillary sphere is just better than bauble for many reasons I wont go into right now. Fervent Champion , Sun Titan Kazuul's Toll Collector , 4 basic or flip lands, Flamekin Village Blackblade Reforged . Berserkers Onslaught can be a straight switch for True Conviction . Fleetfeather Sandals . Because your mana production is getting better, you can go just a little bigger on the top end of your deck. I might put 1 or 2 bigger equipments at the top end like Argentum Armor or maybe even a Scytheclaw . I would add Dismantling Wave and a Tome of Legends .

Here's some other very good cards on a budget that I might consider Forging the Tyrite Sword to cheap tutor, Ignite the Future excellent card draw Showdown of the Skalds also great card draw. Theres a whole package of cards you can use with Goblin Welder Goblin Engineer and Daretti, Scrap Savant and if you add those I would add a Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion . Because you have Toralf I might consider a few more red based board wipes like Chain Reaction or Magmaquake but i wouldnt say no to a Fumigate or a Rout either.

Anyway that should give you plenty to think about for now. Enjoy!

B0NGUS on Rograkh is the Final Boss

1 year ago

Removed Wear / Tear .

Added Dismantling Wave .

Cons: 1. Dismantling wave is more expensive most of the time.

  1. Dismantling Wave cannot target two pieces of one opponent.

Pros: 1. Dismantling Wave will often get three pieces.

2.Dismantling Wave can target multiple artifacts or multiple enchantments.

  1. The special action to cycle Dismantling Wave is not a spell, so to be countered it must be targeted with a Stifle or Voidslime effect, causing it to be a hard to avoid wipe.

Coward_Token on Mono White Ramp/Draw

1 year ago

I'd also like to see more efficient card-neutral/advantage removal like Grasp of Fate and Dismantling Wave

DespairFaction on

1 year ago

Alright heres my main tips. First cut the creatures that dont matter, thats going to be swiftspear, and segovian angel. Next I dont really love being in on Auras. One removal spell and they all go away so, I believe that sentinel eyes and dragon mantle are going to be underwhelming, cut battlemastery. While its good, you can get more permanent sources of double strike from things like duelist heritage, bloodmist or True Conviction .

I think you are going to want 2-3 extra combat cards. Pick the ones that you have access to. Aurelia is the best, and Waves of Aggression and Aggravated Assault combo with sword of feast and famine. You are going to want a mask of memory, and probably a tome of legends, and because Tome of Legends , likely a Manifold Key . Finally you are going to want more things that put size and abilities on Rograkh. Thats going to be as many swords of X and Y as you have, with Sinew and Steel being the next best in line and dont forget about sword of DnD. I would get a Citadel Siege in the deck somewhere as another way to add more size. Other good equipment are Champion's Helm and Hammer of Nazahn , Maul of the Skyclaves , Loxodon Warhammer , Embercleave , Sword of Vengeance . A few value equipments you are missing are the alreayd mentioned, Mask of Memory , Dowsing Dagger  Flip, Explorer's Scope .

Once you get the equipment figured out, you'll want to get a bit more removal. 10-12 pieces for midpower metas and 13-15 for high power is usually about right. Volcanic Offering is a great piece, blasphemous act especially if you load up on red swords. Heliod's Intervention and Dismantling Wave are great artifacts and enchantments, Chandra's Ignition could be another nice 1 sided board wipe.

Since this is partner deck dont be afraid to go lower on the creature count. YOu have 2 in the command zone, so you could safely go down around 15 creatures or so. Good luck!

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