Sword Saint Isshin, bringin' attack back! This deck started out as me looking through EDHREC for a new commander idea. Isshin is obviously super popular, which made me both intrigued and a little wary. My meta might aptly describe me as the Rube Goldberg player. I like interesting combos and mechanics when building decks, so at first blush, Isshin looked a little too linear for my tastes. But then I threw the average deck from EDHREC together and gave it a few whirls, and I realized that this was a mechanic deck rather than a combat/aggro deck. Well, maybe it's more fair to say that this deck wants to attack in order to get the mechanic to trigger, and is therefore aggro. So I kept playing and tuning, playing and tuning. If anything, I might even call this deck a collaboration between user:Crow-Umbra and me, as they have been a mentor in all things Isshin. As always, any feedback and comments are greatly appreciated!


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