Grim Guardian

Grim Guardian

Enchantment Creature — Zombie

Constellation - Whenever Grim Guardian or another enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, each opponent loses 1 life.

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Grim Guardian Discussion

Phule451 on One Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

1 month ago

BTW, my curse deck I called Curses, Foiled again so I totally approve. Accursed Witch  Flip could also be a god addition. Thoughtrender Lamia and Grim Guardian can punish your opponents even more for all the curses you’re slinging.

DrSnipy on Liesa's L.E.G.S

6 months ago

Nice Decklist! You already run Grim Guardian , I really like enchantment creatures, I would recommend Underworld Coinsmith for lots of lifegain, and the option to spend unwanted mana on burn ^^, I think it also could replace Grim Guardian , unless the lifeloss is really needed.

CBaldy on Budget Sisay (Shrines)

7 months ago

Hey, I love the deck! I have a more competitive Sisay build, and I’ve been really interested in changing it to a shrine build. I know that all of the enchantresses aren’t cheap, but there are a few that are affordable that I’d highly recommend.

  1. Eidolon of Blossoms . This is a great card draw for little mana
  2. Satyr Enchanter . This is cheap and it’s on cast. Great card
  3. Mesa Enchantress . Really similar to Satyr Enchanter.
  4. Setessan Champion . Card draw and eventually a threat.
  5. Verduran Enchantress . A little more expensive $-wise, but still affordable
  6. Tuvasa the Sunlit . Not only does she give you card draw, she buffs Sisay by +3/+3 all on her own.

The two enchantresses that have constellation would be the ones I’d put in first, followed be Tuvasa. Since Sisay will be tutoring, it’s more important to have ETB triggers instead of cast triggers.

Because this is an enchantment deck, I’d also recommend some ramp that deals with Enchantments. Wild Growth , Utopia Sprawl , Herald of the Pantheon , Starfield Mystic , and Fertile Ground are all great options.

Destiny Spinner is a great card to protect your enchantments.

Grim Guardian is a nice card to get some incremental damage.

Protean Thaumaturge is a fun card that can become a threat out of nowhere.

Dance of the Manse and Open the Vaults are both great mass recursion.

But anyways, I hope that helps!

Snap157 on [Nethroi, Apex of Death] - Junk Rock Enchantress

7 months ago

Some of the best ramp for enchantress builds come in the form of enchantments. Things like Wolfwillow Haven , Overgrowth and Smothering Tithe have the potential to ramp you just as much as your sorcery ramp.

Things like Grim Guardian and Hogaak probably don't let you win as much as you'd like. You only have 1 artifact, and might want to add Sol Ring even if it's a nonbo with your Stony Silence . Maybe add in Root Maze ?

It's fun to see enchantress builds that move away from bant colors. Cool concept +1

JarringTiger on The Mischief Makers

1 year ago

Appreciate all this feedback! If I could keep asking, I'm struggling with the last few creature spots, namely Baleful Strix, Grim Guardian, and Ornithopter. Strix is good value for a deathtoucher, guardian has the steady drain, and ornithopter is literally two fliers for free when Alela is out, but is that enough? Or do I swap them out for more enchantments/equipment? Or for better creatures that fit what I want to do?

Just for clarity, rhystic and cyc rift are in the "if I get lucky, they're going in, but I can't justify $50+ for two cards during a pandemic" camp.

FrogBoy95 on Tayam Enchantress Control

1 year ago

I just theory-crafted this, so I haven't had a chance to actually test it out yet. In theory, I'll grind the game out by controlling board states and then win off either the pings from Grim Guardian and Underworld Coinsmith or the tokens generated by Archon of Sun's Grace and Ajani's Chosen.

Balaam__ on Salted Earth

1 year ago

Yes I did some tinkering and moved the Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx ’s to the sideboard, since Contamination would render them useless anyway. Then I swapped out Spiteful Returned for the Endless Cockroaches . Grim Guardian + Spiteful Returned functioned well together, but now it’s time to rest if the cockroaches will work as synergistically with Contamination as I’m hoping.

Since this build has a cumulative effect on opponent’s resources, I feel as though Contaminated Ground should remain in place. All the vitriolic effects add up exponentially over time.

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