Opaline Sliver


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral (TSP) Uncommon

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Opaline Sliver

Creature — Sliver

All Slivers have "Whenever this permanent becomes the target of a spell an opponent controls, you may draw a card."

Opaline Sliver Discussion

hydrothermia on {Bant} Sliver Aggro

9 months ago

Huatli, Radiant Champion and Opaline Sliver may be a better option than Ajani and Beast Whisperer here. Her +1 makes it real easy to get her emblem that covers all instances of creatures coming into play including Collected Company and Sliver Hive. Seaside Citadels should be dropped for either more shock lands or Mutavaults.

Tyrant-Thanatos on Pattern Recognition #59 - Slivers

1 year ago

"none of the broken barf-your-cards-everywhere that elves can do, for example" On this I actually agree haha.

But to be more specific, both Crypt Sliver and Crystalline Sliver are non-modern, and the Modern Slivers there are to take the place of these are Poultice Sliver and Opaline Sliver, which are pretty straightforwardly worse, and play a huge role in their susceptibility to removal. In fact I dare say that the removal that was around back in those days, Terror, was actually better against them than any of the removal you listed due to the anti-regeneration clause. But that still wasn't enough. Combined with the likes of Magma Sliver, Quick Sliver, Root Sliver, Shifting Sliver, Sliver Overlord, and Sliver Queen and I'd say I have a pretty succinct list of horrors hiding in un-modern-legal slivers, which makes them the object of such fear.

There is a distinct reason that if somebody walks into an EDH game and starts off by revealing a Sliver Queen as their commander, the game starts as Xv1 instead of the usual free-for-all. And that's in a format where they less reliably get the effects they want. Even if she's a "tier 2" commander, and a lot of things in EDH can snowball out of control, it's just what slivers do. They don't need specific combos, it just happens.

There's not much I can say about Inquisition/Thoughtseize effects. I fully acknowledge that the pool of cards has grown stronger, and these are a great example of that. But slivers always were extremely resilient, and I feel as though the lack of some of these key pieces severely hampers their viability in Modern. Moreso than just the strength of the card pool. Honestly just the fact that they're Tier 2 in EDH tells me there has to be more to it than card pool.

Tyrant-Thanatos on can your opponent tap an ...

1 year ago

I feel like I should add that there is actually a circumstance under which your opponent could make successful use of a tapping spell here.

Lets say your opponent has a Downpour in hand, and untapped lands necessary to cast it. You have Gemhide Sliver or Manaweft Sliver and two other miscellaneous Slivers in play (maybe Metallic Slivers, or tokens from Hive Stirrings). Now, you want to tap these three slivers to cast say Opaline Sliver. During your Upkeep, before you draw your card for the turn, if you choose to do nothing, thereby passing priority to your opponent, your opponent can cast Downpour targeting your three slivers. Now, you can still tap them for mana in response, but that mana will disappear the moment your upkeep step ends, so unless you have an Instant in your hand you can cast, that mana is useless to you. With no instants in your hand, your only choices are to tap you slivers for worthless mana that immediately disappears, or let Downpour resolve and tap your slivers anyways. The result is the same, your slivers are tapped, and you can't make use of them.

colton815 on

1 year ago

MrJohny: it is incorrect to say "have you ever played with this list? and by this i mean tier 1-2 lists" because at that point you are literally saying "have you ever played with tier 1-2 lists" even though i know thats not what you really meant. you meant to ask if i've played AGAINST tier 1-2 lists. you do realize Phantasmal Image can basically serve as extra copies of Syphon Sliver and Diffusion Sliver right? Syphon Sliver IS an answer to burn. life gain is a hard counter to burn and when i'm giving ALL of my slivers lifelink, even a single turn with it can be enough to gain enough life that i've already won against burn. Opaline Sliver is ABSOLUTELY sufficient card draw, and stacks with Phantasmal Image. if the opponent doesnt use much targeted removal, i side it out. HOLY COW NEW CONCEPT SIDEBOARD! the deck is too slow? are you freakin kidding? control is MEANT to be slow. 8 "conditional" counter spells "doesn't do much"? what are you smoking? the only "condition" is that the spells im countering be noncreatures. and the mainboard already has plenty of ways to deal with creatures. yes its played against tier 1-2 lists, and won. because players like you are such sheep that just want to copy netdecks to the point where you dismiss anything thats not meta as being bad and you literally have no idea how to deal with something you've never seen before.

SeekerofSecrets on

1 year ago

Opaline Sliver: is not sufficient card draw. It is much too dependent on your opponents decisions

Venom Sliver: I'll give you this atm death touch is annoying.

Syphon Sliver; is not an answer to burn. Every creature you play dies to bolt. And yes i know that you have Diffusion Sliver but the chance that you'll have have this in multiples consistently is not great.

8 conditional control spells in the side board doesn't do much for you.... this deck is to slow to rely on removal alone you need better ways to control the flow of the game

Out of curiosity have you ever played with this list? And by this I mean tier 1-2 lists.

colton815 on

1 year ago

MrJohny if you think that rakdos deck can beat this, stop playing magic. it would have no chance. none. at all. this deck would mop the floor with that garbage rakdos build. a creature doesnt have to be huge to deal damage. and btw, "control" does not mean "counterspells" (of which there are actually 8 in the sideboard. removal and hand disruption IS control. period. no card draw? did you not see Opaline Sliver? no answer to board wipes? again, 8 counterspells. no answer to hexproof? Venom Sliver. no answer to aggro or burn? Syphon Sliver. i literally have some form of answer to EVERYTHING you tried to say i didnt have an answer to. maybe try looking at ALL the cards in a deck and READING THEM before you comment. no deck can have an answer to literally everything.

cdkime: just because there are "2" (not a very large number) of you that "didnt see a win condition" (you do see the creatures right?) doesnt mean they're not there. Manaweft sliver is good, but it is not a "control" option. i already use Manaweft Sliver in my aggro Collected Company build, where Phantasmal Image works wonders when it can copy a lord. same reason merfolk decks use it. you also have to realize that 9 times out of 10, when an opponent targets your creature, its going to be a removal effect anyway, so the sacrifice effect of Phantasmal Image is very negligible. its just plain too good not to use.

JAPuckett85 on A Hive of Slivers

1 year ago

I have a sliver deck as well & will make a few suggestions if i may? Crystalline Sliver is by far the best sliver ever printed, imo, but he is not legal in Modern- & the next best thing is Diffusion Sliver! Diffusion Sliver &/or Opaline Sliver are crucial to playing slivers, since targeted removal is a sliver-deck's greatest enemy.. & unlike many sliver-abilities, their abilities actually stack, so with 2 Diffusion Slivers in play, a Path to Exile or Fatal Push or Lightning Bolt would cost FIVE mana just to take out one of your slivers.. I see you have 2 Diffusion Sliver, but since he is so important to keep your engine going, i personally prefer to run 3 of them (they are not aggressive enough to run 4x though, imo). Sentinel Sliver is amazing, & i would recommend 2x in every sliver deck! You can even attack, then use tapping abilities during 2nd Main Phase, effectively giving you a 2nd turn in comparison to running without him. Megantic Sliver is a total game-changer, and i have found 2x Megantic to be very very good. I run 4x Manaweft to be able to cast him, though, plus 1x Gemhide Sliver. Groundshaker Sliver is pretty bad.. I think Battering Sliver is actually better, but he is pretty bad too, imo.. I would cut them in fvor of Megantic Sliver. For a mana-base, 4x Sliver Hive is worth every penny, and 4 Ancient Ziggurat is nearly the same thing for about $1 (that is if you cut some of the sorceries, which i would personally cut all of them in favor of more slivers!). I think Spinneret Sliver is pretty terrible when you could be running Galerider Sliver as a 1-drop with a better ability. Predatory Sliver should be a 4-of, as should Sinew Sliver, which i am surprised to not see here. With 4x Venom Sliver, i would definitely recommend running at least 2x each of Striking Sliver & Bonescythe Sliver!! Another good card to run with the deathtouch is Quilled Sliver, though i wouldn't run more than 1-2 since his targets are limited to attacking/blocking creatures. Blur Sliver is ok, but i have found that cutting him is better- by the time you cast him, you should have other slivers in play, and every single sliver gives its ability to every other sliver, with or without the haste. I would rather give the slivers already in play more abilities instead of giving the cards yet to be played the ability to do the SAME THING as all the other slivers one turn earlier . Since it doesn't help with Predatory/Sinew's ability, i would cut Hardened Scales in favor of something like Collected Company. Harmonic Sliver is a must-have sideboard card, and i run 1x in my mainboard as well. Remember that Virulent Sliver has POISONOUS 1, not Infect- what this means is that your pump spells don't add any additional poison counters to your opponent; each sliver will only give them one poison counter when it connects (unless the pump is from Double Strike! More reason to play Bonescythe Sliver! That would double the poison counters as well). Anyways, sorry for the rant, but hopefully I've given you some ideas! I love slivers!! A couple more fun slivers as 1-ofs are Pulmonic Sliver and Telekinetic Sliver.. so many awesome abilities! Check out my Slivershod deck! My nephew played my Sliver deck against me with my Zombie deck and ended up swinging at me with 150+ damage at once, with Flying, Deathtouch, Double Strike, Lifelink, Indestructible, & a Diffusion Sliver!! That just shows how insanely out of hand they can get if they go un-checked. Good luck!

Forkbeard on Sliver Overlord: Slivers Gone Wild

1 year ago

Thanks for the lengthy comment + feedback GMD_1090, I appreciated the advice! Here's my stream of consciousness thoughts on the suggestions...

Opaline Sliver is decent, but it's card draw effect is conditional on my slivers being targeted. Sure it's a handy deterrent, but it kind of goes against what I want to be doing with the deck (e.g. getting Crystalline Sliver out). Dormant Sliver comes into play when I'm ready to assemble the pieces and draw my deck FTW. He's an awesome combo piece and the defender factor is irrelevant because he'll be sac'd or bounced when the time is right (see the 'shenanigans' portion of the deck description for more detail there).

Animar, Soul of Elements is an amazing card and general, but seems unnecessary. The minor cost reduction is nice, but my avg. CMC is already pretty low and my ramp options are working out as is. He'd just be a beater with no evasion that doesn't synergize with the rest of the deck. Even though she's off theme, Bloom Tender is a great mana dork. If I had one kicking around, I'd consider slapping it in here.

You know, you're not wrong about the mini-lords. The more the deck evolves, the more they're not really necessary. I will definitely consider replacing Muscle Sliver + Sinew Sliver.

I used to run Thorncaster Sliver in here but ended up removing him in favour of combo sliver options. In my experience he wasn't that effective and if Sliver Queen is out, odds are I'm going to be combo'ing without the need for the thorn plings.

I also used to run Magma Sliver and although he looks great on paper, in practice he wasn't so powerful and I could never make good use of him. Firewake Sliver's secondary ability is irrelevant - he's in here for redundancy as another haste enabler.

I like your idea of Dictate of Erebos! I hadn't thought of that card in this deck...Interesting.

Cryptolith Rite is an awesome card and is already in here. Prismatic Omen is also great, but I ended up swapping it out at some point thanks to having an abundance of colour fixing in here already.

I've been playing the deck for years and have the strategies pinned down. Over time it's evolved from a 'go wide' aggro sliver horde to more of a combo oriented deck. Beyond the amazing synergy of the sliver tribe, the thing I like most is the sheer variety in the deck - lots & lots of evil ways to take out your opponents. I still enjoy fine tuning it and I definitely appreciate the opportunity to talk about different deck ideas/philosophies so thanks for that!

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