Goring Ceratops


Not legal in any format

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Ixalan (XLN) Rare

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Goring Ceratops

Creature — Dinosaur

Double strike

Whenever Goring Ceratops attacks, other creatures you control gain double strike until end of turn.

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Goring Ceratops Discussion

ohtom on Ixalassic Park - You've got a T-Rex

3 days ago

Goring Ceratops sounds good, but I think you're right, being only toughness 3 leaves him dead Lightning Strike, Abrade and Harnessed Lightning really easily, otherwise I'd consider a copy or two over maybe Burning Sun's Avatar. As it stands though, I don't think it's playable in standard, maybe you could sideboard it and use it against similar decks to really top of the curve?

Wakening Sun's Avatar is also tempting as a big drop - but triple white is a strain on the mana base.

Pyruscreed on Dinos of the Perfect Curve

4 days ago

I think Goring Ceratops is a bad idea. With Harnessed Lightning, Abrade, and now Lightning Strike there are a bunch of ways to kill a 3 toughness creature.

InquisitorBiggie on Ixalassic Park - You've got a T-Rex

4 days ago

Bellowing Aegisaur is a nice little trick in most decks, but I think you have better options for enrage dinos. Bellowing Aegisaur would fit best in a counter deck with Walking Ballista; in any other deck it's just a circumstantial bonus at best. Are there any decent 7-drop dinos? Goring Ceratops is an epic force multiplier that basically guarantees a win if you have a decent board presence, but with Lightning Strike and so on in standard he might prove to be too brittle to make the cut.

Geo67 on Dinos of the Perfect Curve

5 days ago

I play tested this a bunch of times, and it is such a nice build. My only complaint is not having at least one Plains to find with Beneath the Sands to be able to drop the Goring Ceratops.

I think on a turn seven I swung for 24 damage with the Carnage Tyrant, Goring Ceratops getting haste from the Otepec Huntmaster andRanging Raptors.

A lot of nice plays. I would maybe tweak the sideboard to combat control, more graveyard hate to fight the God Pharoah deck, and more exile for Planeswalkers. What is your strategy against mirror Carnage Tyrant?

LittleBlueHero on Ixalan Spoilers

2 weeks ago

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor, Qolorful

I wasn't trying to say there won't be enough dinos for a commander deck, there definitely will. I just meant that throwing 20-25 dinos together isn't going to make an EFFECTIVE dino deck. From what I have seen not all the Dinosaurs abilities really match up all that well.

Ideally with Gishath I would want a lot of aggressive dinos like Goring Ceratops. I wouldn't want to run the new uncommon that makes me deal combat damage based on toughness normally because it negatively effects my commander etc.

So there will be plenty of dinos for the deck, I just don't think all of them will really be the best fit. A problem that will hopefully be rectified in future sets.

Also as for the Unesh comparison... Unesh has a great ability that is beneficial even if you aren't playing a ton of Sphinx. Gishath on the other hand, its ability becomes useless if you aren't running plenty of dinos and is just a keyword soup commander. And with Unesh it doesn't matter if the sphinx you run are good, bad or otherwise they still trigger its ability the same. With the dinos, if they don't have fun etb or aren't all that good all you get is board presence and a target on your head.