Bellowing Aegisaur


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Bellowing Aegisaur

Creature — Dinosaur

Enrage - Whenever Bellowing Aegisaur is dealt damage, put a +1/+1 counter on each other creature you control.

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Bellowing Aegisaur Discussion

Kala on Zacama Voltron Commander

3 days ago

if you want to pursue the idea of a more dino-based zacama, a few cards you might want to try are Charging Monstrosaur, Bellowing Aegisaur, Cherished Hatchling, Etali, Primal Storm, Gishath, Sun's Avatar, Goring Ceratops , Kinjalli's Sunwing, Polyraptor, Raging Swordtooth, Regisaur Alpha, Temple Altisaur, Wakening Sun's Avatar, and Zetalpa, Primal Dawn. I didn't actually check how expensive these are but i assume they're not too hard on the wallet (?)

Shane on Angry Dinos

4 days ago

DankStompy, bzach211

That's still not infinite. The most I could get off one loop before I start to kill off the Polyraptors is 15 copies. To truly be infinite I would need Bellowing Aegisaur with Shield of the Realm or just 2 aegisaurs. But then the math gets crazy and all the copies would have various amounts of +1/+1 counters. I don't think it's worth trying to include any sort of combo. Currently Forerunner of the Empire into Polyraptor ends up being 3 copies. 7 if I kill the forerunner. That's enough value to usually end the game. Thanks for commenting!

Mitrian on The Dino Brawl

3 weeks ago

I can't say enough good things about Forerunner of the Empire. It's decent in Commander, but it's game-changing in Brawl. The first dino you want to tutor and play is Ranging Raptors which is fantastic for ramp. The second one to play is Regisaur Alpha, especially if you're going against any opponent with creature ramp. The two damage to everything, plus the haste it gives the rest of your dinos can be devastating. These early plays will change the game for you. The Forerunner is amazing, both for enrage triggers, as well as for non-targeted removal of opponent creatures. Not to mention he enables some really mindblowing combos with things like Polyraptor and Bellowing Aegisaur. Note that his 1 damage effect is a "may" clause, so you don't have to kill your own stuff if you don't want to.

Personally, I'd ditch both of the Huatli planeswalkers, along with the sun-blessed mount, which are just not that good. They are slow, distract you from your primary focus, and their effects don't notably change the game for you. Your best games are when you can go hard aggro in a hurry, in which case, you don't want to spend 5 and 6 mana on a mediocre planeswalker ability when you could instead drop Ghalta, Goring Ceratops, or Bellowing Aegisaur (which are other dinos I'd recommend adding, perhaps in place of the Huatlis).

Another challenge you'll face is that you don't have much removal. Thrashing Brontodon is great here, but you probably want more. Perhaps even just including a Naturalize. Abrade is also useful. Savage Stomp is a decent choice for creature removal, given the size of your dinos.

One thing I'll caution against is not to focus too much on making Gishath's effect happen. Focus on the ramp and board presence. By the time you get the mana for Gishy, there's a good chance your enrage game is already tilting the board in your favor, and his trigger will almost be irrelevant by then.

I have a Gishath EDH deck, and my buddy has a Gishath brawl deck -- they're both pretty powerful and fun to play. He's recently switched his commander to Samut, Voice of Dissent for more haste, and dropped the white dinosaurs; he's almost unbeatable now. When I play any kind of control deck, I always keep mana up to deal with his Forerunner. It's just that good.

OwnedbyCow on (Updated) Indestructible Breeding Jurassic Bunnies

1 month ago

Claim, Without Weakness, Supernatural Stamina, and Destined all seem like they would fit this deck. If Bellowing Aegisaur was not in my deck, it feels as if it would be better to roll black instead of white.

OwnedbyCow on (Updated) Indestructible Breeding Jurassic Bunnies

1 month ago

Polyraptor Squared was actually one of the decks that I had looked at for reference previously. I liked the idea behind it, but I still wanted to keep my deck my own. I think this is where I got the idea of using Heroic Intervention.

I'm glad you answered that specific question for Frilled Deathspitter as it has potential when it's used right.

Another suggestion against Champion of Rhonas, because I don't use enough high mana creatures to use that card to it's potential right?

Yes, they did not include the set that has Heroic Intervention, which is devastating, because for a two drop that protects all of your permanents for a turn is awesome, especially when aiming for the infinite Polyraptor combo. With the sets they currently have in game, there are no cards that help as much as that one would have. That is part of the reason I brought Bellowing Aegisaur into the deck. It may not be infinite, but that could still create a lot of permanently pumped Polyraptor which is still great. I think the reason that they did not include that set is partly that an infinite combo like that could crash the game. I remember getting 20+ of my Polyraptors onto the field while my opponent also had a powerful combo going, it caused the game to slow down quite a bit. This is also why I opted for Verdant Rebirth as it might not protect my creature from dying, but I get another chance to combo it next turn while getting an extra card in hand.

I felt the same way when it came to 1 drop creatures in this deck. Normally I would always have a set of 1 drops at least, but nothing seemed to have enough potential needed for this deck. I may try with and without the 1 drops a few games to see the strengths and weaknesses of both. The only problem that I am seeing is that not a lot of players are running any seriously devastating aggro decks. Turn 4 being my earliest loss, but that was my fault as I should have used a mulligan on my starting hand. If I had to deal with decks such as The Infection Will Rise, I could understand the need for 1 drop creatures. Turn 2 death possibility but aiming for turn 3 so that it is unblockable and hexproof. Even though it is harder for that deck to survive later in the game, it is still my favorite deck.

I was originally running Drover of the Mighty, but I swapped for Otepec Huntmaster as the potential for giving haste to any of my creatures early on helped out a lot more. Opinions on Knight of the Stampede? It's great to drop a few 3 drops for just one mana each.

I like Rile for the same reason. It works well with Ranging Raptors when you are in need of land as well.

If I removed Bellowing Aegisaur, would it be better to run black so that I could have multiple spells for making my creatures indestructible until end of turn? Also, would it be wise to run a 4 color deck to add in those spells in addition? I feel like this is an obvious no to both questions, but I wanted to ask anyways.

I will make a few changes at some point today and hopefully clear out my maybeboard.

Kizmetto on (Updated) Indestructible Breeding Jurassic Bunnies

1 month ago

Hello! I was sent here by Argy.

Is your deck focusing on the polyraptor combo? then i might be able to reccomend some cards that can help you out.

here is my polyraptor deck for reference if you were interested.Polyraptor Squared

firstly, i would definately put the Frilled Deathspitter back in so you can end the game on the spot, instead of relying on surviving a turn for lethal swinging. Unless you give them haste, Regisaur Alpha is a treat for this and on curve. I would maximise 4 alphas and 4 deathspitters over the Champion of Rhonas and Bellowing Aegisaur. cutting aegisaur helps the curve and even though getting 1 white mana isnt hard, makes the deck more inconsistent as its not amazing on its own.. but you mention Arena lacking the card Heroic Intervention. is the aegisaur a replacement for that?

Are you looking into Dominaria for card suggestions?

To answer some of those questions, i cannot reccomend enough against running 1 drop creatures like Kinjalli's Caller due to how little it does for the deck, unlikely to have white mana t1 which is when you want to play it and its a very bad top deck. however, something like Llanowar Elves or Drover of the Mighty is good due to being able to use the mana on other things like your spells!

I like Rile in this with Ripjaw Raptor for card draw.

chewie027 on Standard Enrage

1 month ago

Hey BladeSharkX, if you find your opponent is using a lot of enchantment or enchantment based removal such as Ixalan's Binding, it may be a good idea to sideboard something like Demystify or maybe Crushing Canopy to cover you against flying as well. Also wondering if you considered using Bellowing Aegisaur to ramp all of your creatures.

Catalog9000 on Any cards with similar triggers ...

1 month ago

I'm wondering if anybody knows of a card similar to Impact Tremors, but instead of dealing it to opponents, I can deal it to target creature.

I'm looking to build another shit-deck (Because they're hilarious when they go off) involving Hornet Nest + Lifelink (In any capacity) + Archangel of Thune.

I'm going to ping Nest for 1 damage, which because of the lifelink I gain +1 life, so my Nest gets a +1/+1 counter.

Then I get my 1/1 Deathtouch Flyer. When my DF token enters the battlefield, I'm looking for some sort of automatic trigger to occur, similarly to Impact Tremors, where I can deal the 1 damage back to my Nest, getting another 1/1 DF token, +1 life, and another +1/+1 counter on everything.

(And yes, I am aware that since I control both triggers I can have the DF token enter first, THAN I put the +1/+1 counter on everything.)

Because I'd be trading 1 point of damage for a +1/+1 counter, Nest would never die. She'd always be a few Toughness ahead.

Think of it like the whole Boros Reckoner trick with Lifelink + Indestructible - only I get infinite DF tokens, too.

Also: Yes, I am aware that Bellowing Aegisaur does it for 1 mana more but uses fewer cards. I plan on incorporating this guy as well.

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