Druid of the Cowl


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Common

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Druid of the Cowl

Creature — Elf Druid

: Add to your mana pool.

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Druid of the Cowl Discussion


4 days ago

Dang it, I just typed out a long response, but then I hit upvote before posting, and my response is lost to the interwebs . . .

I will try to recreate a bit.

At first glance this looks like a budget deck, because of the large number of commons. But then you have three chandras in the sideboard, so I don't know what to think....

That said, there are a couple cards I'd suggest.

Ramunap Hydra looks like a straight upgrade to Bitterbow Sharpshooters.

I'm not sure how much value you are getting from Khenra Charioteer, as it seems like your heaviest hitters will already have trample.

There are upgrade options for Rampaging Hippo, Verdurous Gearhulk jumps to mind, but there are cheaper options like Charging Monstrosaur.

I very much like Wildfire Eternal and Inferno Jet together.

I would be worried about 21 lands with this kind of mana cost stuff, but that's for you to playtest and see if Druid of the Cowl makes it work.

I'd also suggest considering Shapers' Sanctuary.

Good luck.

multimedia on Ixalan Merfolk Counters

4 days ago

Hey, a lot of interesting card choices here. I think you should expand on the Jade Guardian with auras theme as it's the strongest here. More Cartouche of Knowledge; 4x Knowledge seems good because it does replace itself, a draw. Consider cutting Rhonas's Monument and Thaumatic Compass  Flip for 2x more Knowledge? I would also increase to 4x Opt because it's the cheapest mana way to help to find and draw Guardian or Knowlegde vice versa, which ever one of the two you don't have in hand. Consider cutting 1x Search for Azcanta  Flip and 1x Vizier of the Menagerie for 2x more Opt? Search and Vizier can't help to find an aura, but Opt can.

Guardian is a four drop it would be nice to be able to consistently play Guardian before turn four which you can do with more ramp. Consider cutting 2x Deeproot Champion for 2x more Druid of the Cowl? Ideally you want a mana dork, Druid, turn two because if you also have Guardian in hand you can then play it turn three. If you can get a Guardian into play turn three you can use the rest of the game to attach auras to it or grow it with other counters as well as protect it turns four and five which is when a board wipe will most likely happen. There's a huge difference between being able to have a turn three Guardian instead of turn four.

Leon9358 on Simic Ramp

2 weeks ago

I would say run Naga Vitalist over channeler initiate as it survives better and even Druid of the Cowl if you feel confident in your mana base

djnewellmit on lifecrafters aggro

3 weeks ago

I like the mono-green approach.

Since you are playing a full playset of Longtusk Cub and Rhonas's Monument, I would recommend finding room for a playset of Greenbelt Rampager.

For one, you have no other energy to support the Cubs. If you don't want to add the elephant, I would remove the Cubs for Druid of the Cowl (although the cubs can often stand on their own). You could also swap some Forests to add Attune with Aether. In a mono-green deck, it will give you some useful energy for the cub and also provide a small amount of deck thinning, allowing you to play fewer lands.For another, the elephant makes for an excellent answer against Ramunup Red, since it can favorably block all their creatures and spell removal. The Druid would also give you a decent blocker to absorb a couple early aggro attacks, plus the mana dork can help feed Lifecrafter's Bestiary.

Combined with the Monument, the Elephant will trigger the monument when you cast it, then return to your hand giving you one energy, and a creature you control +2/+2 and trample. Combined with the Cub, you have a source of to keep putting counters on the Cub. Combined with both, it gets very good very quickly.

To make room for Greenbelt Rampager, I would remove some combination of Narnam Renegade and Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter, especially if you add a few Attune with Aether as I mention above.

I don't know if this deck requires 4x Growing Rites of Itlimoc. I can see where it would be useful once you have a Rhonas the Indomitable or Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter, but it is not really adding to your aggro plan. I would remove the Rites and replace with some green removal - good options for me are Nature's Way and Pounce.

Zero2001 on Golgari Works in Standard! [XLN]

4 weeks ago

Thank you for the suggestions MangaVentFreak13, but the way this deck plays, is that it's not supposed to feel like a threat on turn 3 or 4, it's supposed to be building up to the threats.

Basically, turn 2 and 3 you either want to get out mana dorks, or board stallers like Bone Picker, and Deeproot Champion(who, trust me, gets much much better and is definitely worth a couple slots in this deck), while I also do my best to remove my opponents' creatures. around turn 4-6 is when I get serious. Playing cards that basically win the game like Carnage Tyrant and Vraska, Relic Seeker.

As for the cards you suggested, I think Drover of the Mighty is much better in this deck than either Servant of the Conduit or Druid of the Cowl, because with a total of 8 dinos, it can consistently turn into a 3/3, and it can also tap for any mana, opposed to just . And while Gifted Aetherborn is an amazing card, I would much rather another removal spell and a Bone Picker. As for the games you played, it was a simple case of mana flood, it happens to the best of us.

But I do agree with you on the mana problem, and the lack of bombs, so

+1 Noxious Gearhulk

-1 Forest

Not the most intense change, but a change nonetheless.

TL;DR: This deck does work, you're just trying to play it a way it's not supposed to be played(no offence). I think Drover is the best mana dork for the deck, and that gifted doesn't have a home here.

MangaVentFreak13 on Golgari Works in Standard! [XLN]

4 weeks ago

Personally, I love what you are trying to do. Golgari is fun and there should always be a Golgari option in Standard.

With that being said, I'm not sure this list works. I don't feel any sense of urgency or threat from any of your two drops or three drops.

I get that you don't have any one drop creatures (Standard's fault).

I played a couple games with your deck and you literally just had 3 Drover of the Mightys out one game until you found Vraska, Relic Seeker. But even then after you ultimated Vraska, you went back to being a sitting duck (you drew a lot of lands, used her +2 twice, played Rishkar, Peema Renegade but I slowly killed all your creatures and came back from 1 life with my Gifted Aetherborns).

So what am I saying, I believe you need stronger plays turns 1-3. Drover of the Mighty probably is a nice mana dork if you have a strong 4 or 5 drop to ramp into but even then if you don't find something to ramp into they are pretty useless 1/1s. If I was going to recommend something I'd either recommend Druid of the Cowl or Servant of the Conduit in it's place because it Druid blocks better and Servant attacks better.

TL;DR: You need more/stronger 1-4 drops.

DayDreamer147 on Budget UG Nissa Ramp

1 month ago

I recommend:

Getting 4x Botanical Sanctum Having dual land when you can is always nice and take out two of each other land.

4x Drover of the Mighty over Druid of the Cowl because if gives you both access to both of your colors. And on the plus it gets bigger when your get your big creatures out.

4x Carnage Tyrant over the 2x Sifter Wurm and 2x Striped Riverwinder. The Tyrant is just a better big guy verses the other two and youll find that the more you have of one type of card the more often youll draw that card.

2x more Beneath the Sands over the 2xTraveler's Amulet because paying 3 to put it on the field while still being a able to play another land for that turn is better than paying 2 mana just to put it into your hand which then you would still only have the ability to play one land that turn.

2x Spell Pierce over the 2x Unsummon because its actually gets rid of spells that might counter your creatures or kill them. And returning a creature to there owners hand only delays the inevitable.

Scrap the 2x Abandoned Sarcophagus because you don't need it if a majority of your spells don't have cycle and gives room for 4x Opt because card advantage is always good.

So I realize everything I just said might seem really confusing especially if your new so don't hesitate to ask questions if you have them.

On the down side a majority of the cards I just recommended dont come out until 29th so you have to wait. Also some are a bit pricey and idk your budget so if want ideas of what there is you can look at http://mythicspoiler.com/ixa/index.html to get an idea.

I hope this helps!!!!

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