Retreat to Hagra

Retreat to Hagra


Landfall — Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, choose one —

  • Target creature gets +1/+0 and gains deathtouch until the end of turn.
  • Each opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.
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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Retreat to Hagra Discussion

Saccox on Dark Shot Pezzent! (10/12 Euro/$)

1 month ago

Mtg_Mega_Nerds thanks for your comment! Sovereign's Bite is alredy present in 4X, Underworld Dreams it's not in budget. Retreat to Hagra it's a good card but i can't use the first ability,i have only four creatures. Anyway thanks for the ideas!

Flagellum on Steep Price to Pay (Dina, Soul Steeper)

1 month ago

Powerleech : would be great

Quiet Disrepair , Retreat to Hagra , Retreat to Kazandu , Jaddi Offshoot , Grazing Gladehart , Kazandu Nectarpot , Lifegift : Landfall and upkeep triggers. Run a land ramp package thanks to green to capitalize on these effects. Very budget friendly options

Zuran Orb / Dark Heart of the Wood : Eat the lands you accrued through the game. Throw in Splendid Reclamation for lolz and sac them all again

DemMeowsephs on Power nap

4 months ago

I most certainly can! Archelos is super cool and can really warp a landbase, as now you can include so many tap lands that normally aren't too powerful, not only giving you that sort of ability but also making the land base WAY cheaper! You also have to think about the lands BEFORE you put our Archelos though, and so I'd say a balance between better lands and tap lands are what you probably want to head towards. What you have so far looks wonderful, and certainly efficient, though again, you may want to include one cycle of a certain land, maybe Breeding Pool, Overgrown Tomb, and Watery Grave? These guys can help get Archelos out, but after he's out you won't necessarily have to take the shock damage from them which I'd say deserves them a good spot in the deck. Other ones that aren't necessary but could be worth considering are Hinterland Harbor, Woodland Cemetery, and Drowned Catacomb, since again they can come in untapped with Archelos and still be relatively good without him, and of course the bounce lands Simic Growth Chamber, Golgari Rot Farm, and Dimir Aqueduct, since they can get pretty powerful when they come in untapped. Since you have Fabled Passage, Evolving Wilds, and Terramorphic Expanse I'd say it's worth it to slot in a Ramunap Excavator or Crucible of Worlds, since you'd then get two landfall triggers per turn guaranteed, since you can continuously play the sac lands again and again. If this trick proves to be very helpful, you may want to consider slotting in more fetch lands like Prismatic Vista, Misty Rainforest, Verdant Catacombs, Polluted Delta, etc. Speaking of landfall triggers, I think Myriad Landscape would work AMAZING with Archelos, as not only would the Myriad come in untapped, but so would what it searches for, giving you three landfall triggers just off of that one card if you have two mana to spare. So honestly, I don't have too much to say about the lands, I think it's pretty solid at the moment though you may need to playtest a lot to know for sure, however, I did find a bunch of great cards that could work well with Archelos!

  • Amulet of Vigor: If Archelos isn't out yet and you have a ton of tap lands, this guy could be of great use, especially for just a single mana.
  • Root Maze: SUPER amazing card, this guy can tax everyone but you! On your upkeep untap archelos, have everything come in untapped, then tap him before your next turn and boom now everyone's artiafcts and lands come into played tapped for one mana besides yours.
  • Coldsteel Heart: Basically a 2 mana, untapped mana rock with Archelos
  • Cryptolith Fragment  Flip: This guy can perform your goal of whittling away peoples health, as well as coming in untapped with Archelos. The flip side can also perform that whittling quite efficiently.
  • Manascape Refractor: Comes in untapped- could be pretty fun to see how that works out!
  • Arcane Signet: You should run this no matter what
  • Orb of Dreams: Similar power and ability to root maze mentioned above, this can tax everyone else except you with Archelos
  • Renegade Map: Basically 1 mana get a basic land if you have Archelos out
  • Sphere of the Suns: Great with Archelos out and coming in untapped
  • Terrarion: Seems pretty solid if it doesn't come in untapped
  • Worn Powerstone: Like the rest, pretty sweet if it doesn't come in tapped and can be immediately used.
  • Moss Diamond/Charcoal Diamond/Sky Diamond: Untapped ability again
  • Honor-Worn Shaku: Allows you to tap archelos and get something out of it
  • Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth: It's amazing why not run it
  • Retreat to Hagra: Can be a great way of slowly ruining your opponent's health, especially with the extra land triggers I mentioned before
  • Stasis: If you already have the things you need to slowly remove your opponents health, this can pretty much ensure victory.
  • Verity Circle: SUPER amazing if I'm understanding it correctly, basically whenever your opponents play a creature since it comes in tapped with Archelos you draw a card, and has the second ability if you are ever in need of it
  • A great way to slowly get rid of your opponents health is with recurring triggers that happen every turn, such as curses. Here are some that I found: Trespasser's Curse, Torment of Scarabs, Cruel Reality, Curse of Thirst, and Curse of Fool's Wisdom
  • ANY COMBO WITH RETREAT TO CORALHELM. Edhrec names 1000+ combos with this card, so I'd recommend looking through it and seeing if you find anything that would work if you haven't already!

That's all I have, sorry it probably wasn't too much regarding the lands, but I hope I gave you some good stuff to think about! I honestly love the deck it has a super cool theme, and seems like it could work very well! That said though, hope this helps, and have a wonderful day!

mrdehring on I Put Maja'nds in the Air

5 months ago

Deck looks solid. Love the interaction of Lurking Predators and Kodama of the East Tree. You may want to look for other ways to cheat in higher cost stuff. Quicksilver Amulet?

I also think the mini combo of bounceland + kodama + landfall trigger. Do you want to add some life gain Primeval Bounty or Kazandu Nectarpot, damage Ob Nixilis, the Fallen, or both Retreat to Hagra?

You only have a few actual creatures (17, not including the commanders) in the deck so I don't think Zendikar Resurgent and Guardian Project are worth it. Would an Emerald Medallion or other cost reducing spells be better. As for card draw Mentor of the Meek? You are playing green; there has to be something else.

You also only have a limited number of non-land permanents (34) and very little self mill and fetch lands. So I'm not sure if Eerie Ultimatum really deserves the spot. Your permanents are pretty powerful, so you may still want this. If you decide to keep it in you might want to look at Deadbridge Chant and more fetches or Evolving Wilds for your lands.

Duneblast seems to go against your swarm strategy. Hour of Reckoning is amazing.

My only other thought is Entreat the Angels. You are going to draw cards during your second main phase; no miracle is feel bad.

What do you think of Khalni Heart Expedition over Sakura-Tribe Elder? Same cmc, upside of more lands, downside of less consistency.

Other thoughts Ancient Greenwarden and Panharmonicon why trigger once when you can trigger twice.

gimmeseven on Update to Sneak Attack

8 months ago

This deck really came well synergized out of the box.

I really don't like Whispersteel Dagger, I know it helps what Anowon is trying to do, i just wish it had ETB attach or something. The deck doesn't lean on equipment very heavily, so I might replace mine with Retreat to Hagra to try to take advantage of all the tap/fetch lands and discourage blockers with the deathtouch until end of turn (+1 counter is a welcome bonus). The mana included in this deck is pretty mediocre, so at least you'll get triggers on the duds.

Murder works, but I swapped for the new Feed the Swarm, if you can afford to pay the creature's CMC in life.

Bitterblossom is perfect for this deck, but is just too expensive for my taste. Violet Pall Could make sense for target removal, but the CMC and non-black restriction have me second guessing myself.

That's my two cents, I hope you get some good suggestions. I'm going to keep following this.

Ehsteve on Lord Windgrace Sits Behind A Chasm

9 months ago

Not complete trash

Agadeem's Awakening

I would consider this pretty much an autoinclude just for value. Unsure of what to really cut to make room but it does provide both the opportunity for a landfall trigger and reanimate key value engine creatures.

Geode Rager

A way to use your landfall triggers to make yourself pretty much unable to be attacked by opponents. There are ways to get around this like dropping hasted creatures (as they weren't around when the goad ability resolved). That said you could keep an uncracked fetch open to do it at the begin combat step. Only issue is the rather steep mana cost of the creature along with being double red, which makes it technically the hardest to fix for with the current mana base.

Pretty much useless in 1v1 so just keep that in mind.

Ancient Greenwarden

Honestly I don't think this card works that well in this deck because the number of landfall/land ETB creatures isn't actually that large (currently 5) however with something like Retreat to Hagra this can become quite painful for opponents. The added Crucible of Worlds effect does make this card tempting but the higher CMC and vulnerability to removal as a creature makes me hesitant to give this more than a passing consideration. You can look at some corner cases like double triggering Burgeoning, but if you have the spare mana to be able to cast this then you generally won't have that many land in hand I imagine to be able to take advantage of the trigger. Also note the complete cluster that something like a bounceland creates. It's good but it's not great.

CaptainBanana42 on Wrath of Windgrace

9 months ago

You could put in some Snow-Covered Basics for Field of the Dead.

Cards I have in my Wingrace deck which could interest you: Orcish Lumberjack to bring Windgrace out early. It is very good.

Cavalier of Flame really cool card to cycle your hand or to finish the game when you sacrifice it.

Zuran Orb really cool card to sacrifice lands and it could safe your life ;-)

Greater Good awesome card draw engine. In combination with titania and a land sac outlet you can cycle through your deck very quickly

Crop Rotation a staple for a land deck, you should play it

Retreat to Hagra also a very neat card which could make a lot of damage over the game.

Here is my Windgrace deck: Windgrace, Lord of Lands maybe you find some usefull cards

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