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Silumgar's Choker - Control me hard, Daddy

Commander / EDH Budget BUG (Sultai) Combo Control Spellslinger



Welcome to the sexiest Budget Control Tasigur list, you always wanted to lay your eyes upon, you just did not know it yet. Also if you did not know it yet: the name comes from Dragonlord Silumgar literally getting his kink from wearing Tasigur as his little necklace/choker and this being a controldeck

This is a deck aimed to control the game through tons of interaction in form of counterspells and removal of our opponents threats until we ourselves can establish a gameending combo. I also really like the idea of basically putting a gun on the opponents chest: either you give me the answer for x's threat, y, or we'll both have to suffer.
We can win either through sheer domination of the board, but who are we kidding, we need a way to close out the game, so in here are two ways to do so. Combo 1 is a spicy sadistic labman win and Combo 2 is a " mana Tasigur, the Golden Fang I cast my whole Deck and exile yours" win.

Hope you enjoyed the read and if you liked what you saw leave an upvote or suggestions :)


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