Cadaverous Bloom


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirage Rare

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Cadaverous Bloom


Remove a card in your hand from the game: Add (Black)(Black) or (Green)(Green) to your mana pool.

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Cadaverous Bloom Discussion

TehCoopeh on Iconic Masters Announced

2 months ago

When I hear iconic cards I think of format defining things.Maybe Stasis, Necropotence, Cadaverous Bloom, Memory Jar,Fires of Yavimaya, Force of Will and blah blah blah. But that just sounds like Vintage Masters on MTGO

Emzed on cEDH: Mazirek Combo-Control

5 months ago

I don't have much experience with Contamination. Isn't there a high risk that you cut yourself off of green mana? You only have 8 nonland green sources. Of course you can always just decide to sacrifice it in your upkeep once you are ready to combo.
Your deck can indeed feed Contamination well if you have either of the Eldrazi enchantments, but otherwise you don't have all that many creatures that you don't care to sacrifice. Commanders like Meren of Clan Nel Toth, Nath of the Guilt Leaf, Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder, Prossh, Skyraider of Kher or Ghave, Guru of Spores are a lot better at constantly producing creatures to sacrifice.
One more aspect of Contamination to consider: You don't interact much with mana rocks such as Coalition Relic or Mox Diamond. If your opponents have those, the soft lock isn't working.
I have some more ideas for you in the ramp section: Frontier Siege (2 mana twice each turn), Rain of Filth, Cadaverous Bloom, Culling the Weak, Bubbling Muck.

msedwick on There Is No Cow Level!

5 months ago

Lot's of good conversation here, but I'm surprised I don't see Squandered Resources and Cadaverous Bloom in here to help fuel your mana needs. Throw in something like Exsanguinate, or Prosperity to help you even more; if you have Leovold out, the latter just let's your draw as much as you desire for .

DemonDragonJ on The Masterpiece Series

8 months ago

I personally believe that there are some cards that are simply too powerful to ever reprint, including the power nine and the original dual lands, which is why WotC has been printing balanced versions of them in recent years, but most of the other cards on the reserved list should not be there, in my mind, such as Thunder Spirit or Cadaverous Bloom. I do hope that WotC eventually realizes that the reserved list is bad for the overall and longterm health of the game, and revises it.

wakawakawaka on git outta here

9 months ago

as much as i love impractical, degenerate combos im not so sure about mesmeric orb since it seems like its bad without gitrog and can fuel some more graveyard centric decks.

I initially took out skirge familiar in favor of Cadaverous Bloom but tbh skirge is probably better than putrid imp.

chirz2792 on Meren and Gitrog Co-commanders

1 year ago

Cadaverous Bloom seems like a terrible card for either of these commanders.

leveebreaker23 on The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka

1 year ago

These are some excellent recs, thanks you. But Cadaverous Bloom is weaker than Skirge Familiar because it removes the card from the game and not just discard so it does not combo out with the the hypnotoad.

Also Centaur Vinecrasher is an auto include because the synergy with the toad is so amazballs the plant centaur is in ways more powerful than Vengevine and that is a 20$ card. Each turn the centaur comes back and I would consider him over Lord of Extinction over Sporemound any day. In fact Rampaging Baloths is better than sporemound for one mana more. Horn of Greed is fun if you wanna draw even more cards. Quicksand is better than cabal pit if you just want to kill things. Abundance is some budget draw manipulation. And lastly Gaea's Blessing is a budget alternative to the eldrazi titans if you want to combo out with Toadbro

phelda4eva on The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka

1 year ago

my impression: it seems like you're trying to abuse your general for draw power and then win by using a land-filled grave and lots of landfall to generate and army of creature tokens. to deal with other players you run some fogs and a little bit of removal.

I think you need: significantly more ramp and removal . . . a couple bombs and recusion cards . . . more creature token generation + creature sacrifice

any staple worth more than 30 bucks I'm leaving out of these suggestions (ex: scapeshift is expensive but not really a staple)

top-tier budget adds: Harrow, Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord, Centaur Vinecrasher, Golgari Signet, Zombie Infestation, Golgari Rot Farm, Bojuka Bog, Jund Panorama, Overlaid Terrain, Realms Uncharted, Into the Wilds, Cabal Pit

very strong adds (but maybe less budget): Desolation, Crop Rotation, Myriad Landscape, Awakening Zone, Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Rampaging Baloths, Mimic Vat, Lord of Extinction, Sidisi, Undead Vizier, Green Sun's Zenith, Dryad Arbor, High Market, Scapeshift, Mesmeric Orb, Strands of Night, Pernicious Deed, Beast Within, Cabal Coffers, Lotus Cobra, Mox Diamond, Sensei's Divining Top

I would surely consider: - Avenger of Zendikar, Boundless Realms, Stinkweed Imp, Squandered Resources, Sol Ring, Groundskeeper, Tilling Treefolk, Satyr Wayfinder, Maelstrom Pulse, Regrowth, Victimize, Undergrowth Champion, Grave Titan

you might like: Golgari Grave-Troll, Eternal Witness, Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest, World Breaker, Nyx Weaver, Greenwarden of Murasa, Skullwinder, Ulvenwald Hydra, Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip, Creeping Renaissance, Tempt with Discovery, Edge of Autumn, Darkblast, Abrupt Decay, Garruk Wildspeaker, Necrogen Mists, Omnath, Locus of Mana, Dread, Cadaverous Bloom

notable potential synergies:

Genesis is great with toolbox creatures: Stinkweed Imp, Vampire Hexmage will remove planeswalkers. then you can add Dark Depths.

Restore can take the lands you destroy, like maze of ith or bounce lands or w/e

you're already running Amulet of Vigor so Scapeshift becomes pretty amazing. also, Temple of Malady has some potential big value considering top deck manipulation

speaking of deck manipulation: Sensei's Divining Top with fetches and Sylvan Library and dredges and Into the Wilds. a budget pick is Mirri's Guile

since this deck draws so many cards, I think you could maybe try an Isochron Scepter package in here: Grisly Salvage, Vampiric Tutor, Entomb, Naturalize, Abrupt Decay, Darkness, Fog, Constant Mists, Moment's Peace, Golgari Charm

Cadaverous Bloom seems stronger than Skirge Familiar

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