Reanimation Runo. I feel there's not enough good seamonsters to go for a full tribal deck, so I've elected for something more diverse. Sorry, Leviathan!

You can mutate things with Sea-Dasher Octopus in order to get extra copies (Yes, the copies inherit the mutation.) Just giving Runo curiosity draw isn't bad either, nor is hardcasting it so that you can get three curious octopi.

Frantic Search is great for setting up Runo as you can dump a big creature card into your graveyard and then use the three untapped lands to cast your commander on-curve.

As you untap before Runo triggers, you're free to e.g. cast Brainstorm to put a big card on top, even if you had to tap out on the turn before to cast Runo.

If you set up your topdeck with e.g. Imperial Seal or Nightveil Sprite, do note that Mystic Remora & Rhystic Study draw triggers are "may"'s, so they can't force you to mess up.

Dimir Keyrune + Krothuss, Lord of the Deep & Krothuss, Lord of the Deep + Mutavault is a fun way of getting mana in case your big creatures get stuck in your hand. The copies will enter as noncreatures (but still tapped).

Krothuss, Lord of the Deep + Spawning Kraken can obviously get out of hand fast, and expect people to be aware of that.

While it's mainly there to dodge sorcery-speed removal, Teferi's Veil also lets your creatures avoid EoT sacrifice/exile effects, e.g. from Whip of Erebos. (It won't save new tokens tho.)

Tale's End can be used to defend against graveard hate nukes like Scavenger Grounds.

If you got a big creature in your opening hand, a crude way of setting up Runo for flippin' is to just skip playing a land on T1 so that you'll be able to discard the big one at your end step. I dunno if it's worth it though. (You could also do a similar thing on T2 with Dimir Aqueduct if you don't cast any spells.)

Feedback appreciated, especially tips on getting the Krothus + big creature ball rolling quickly/reliably and protecting your board state once you're ahead. (((Izzet Charm is so close, yet so far away...)))


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