Omen of the Sea

Omen of the Sea



When Omen of the Sea enters the battlefield, scry 2, then draw a card.

, Sacrifice Omen of the Sea: Scry 2.

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Set Rarity
Theros Beyond Death (THB) Common

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Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Pioneer Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Historic Legal
Arena Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Pauper Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

Omen of the Sea Discussion

jaymc1130 on Interaction between Gideon and Yorion

1 week ago


Realistically, your best bet for protecting Gideon from targeted removal is going to be Teferi's Time Twist. In addition to protecting him it has nice synergy with the Ozolith itself. Again, not really a competitively viable play pattern, but certainly the best method to protect Gideon with an instant speed spell in such a deck.

Detention Sphere could be an interesting piece as well as it's flexible in a Yorion deck.

But the best pieces for Yorion to work with are the ones that set up flicker loops easily which can make for lots of mana free Gideon flickers over a sequence of turns such as Felidar Guardian, Charming Prince, and Saheeli Rai (some of which are legal in Pioneer). Saheeli lets you flicker with Yorion on your turn twice (activation and end step), while the Prince nets a flicker on opposing endsteps and your endstep. With both you'd get 2 flickers on your turn and one at the opponent's end step with Ozolith gaining 13 loyalty counters per turn cycle. While this is more competitive than anything else in all likelihood, it's still got some weaknesses in both play pattern and deck construction that can potentially be exploited. As true Copy Cat is banned in Pioneer this is likely the best bet to make a Gideon+Ozolith combo truly function as the individual pieces are easier to sequence (Ozolith on 1, Prince on 2, Saheeli on 3, Gideon in 4, Yorion on 5) though card intensive enough to be inconsistent, especially in an 80 card deck. The upside is that with such pieces many of them play nice with Yorion itself and can provide some nice value while also digging for the combo components with cards like Omen of the Sea and Arcum's Astrolabe (not to mention the Prince itself can scry provided there's another means to flicker Yorion).

hungry000 on WhAT, BUdGET ConTROL? (Esper Control Ft. Snow)

2 weeks ago

Heya, hows it going. So in my experience, I've found that a control deck is made up of 3 general parts: Removal, Card Advantage, and Win Condition. Looking at your deck, it seems like you're loaded up on removal and less so on card advantage.

Let me give you a little lesson on control (a very opinionated one, mind you) since I feel like it. No matter what, a control deck's greatest strength is its ability to get ahead on cards. When you see a hardline control deck win, it isn't by a thin margin; either they're at a high life total with cards in hand, or they're at a low life total with a clear board and cards in hand. Either way, they have cards in their hand.

Now, the reason you see Esper control decks that play a myriad of one-for-one removal spells and cantrips like Opt which don't really generate card advantage on their own is Snapcaster Mage. Snap turns cantrips into card advantage and removal spells into 2-for-1s, which is a form of card advantage. If Snap didn't exist, I guarantee you pure control decks would opt for a higher density of sweepers and cards that otherwise generate value on their own, like Think Twice. Not having access to Snap makes your one-for-one removal spells far less valuable in the grand scheme of the game, since the most you will ever get out of them is a single card.

Of course, that's not to say that dealing with threats one-for-one is bad, but in general you want to 1+X-for-1 whenever you can get away with it.

So let's come back to your deck. You have a lot of removal, but without Snap your only real card advantage is two Kaya's Guile, two Esper Charm, and two Day of Judgment. I would suggest cutting Street Wraith, which doesn't really do much for the deck since it doesn't impact the board or make card advantage, for something like Omen of the Sea or just more Esper Charm if you think your mana can support it. I'd also cut a Logic Knot for a third Day of Judgment.

As far as other details go, I'd play two more On Thin Ice over Condemn. Maybe cut the single Path and play Condemn there instead, just to lower the cost a little. I also think you should rework your mana base for more white and less black, since your white splash seems to be dominant here.

Ninokun on U/G Rampage of the Butts

2 weeks ago

Those two are actually good, being Omen of the Sea the better fit. I will test it. Thanks a lot!

MrBoombastic on bant enchantments

1 month ago

I'd go for Starlit Mantle, if you feel like you miss a protection effect, as it is also an enchantment.

First thing I'd do though, is to find out what you want the deck to do. Is it aggro/beatdown, more midrangey/grindy, control etc.? Right now the deck is kinda all over the place. Many of the cards seem to be here only because they are strong enchantments, not because they have good synergy with the rest of the deck. An aura deck is heavily based on synergy. Standard lacks cards like

  • Kiora Bests the Sea God is a very strong card, but it seems way too slow here and lacks synergy.

  • Colossification is a bad card. Don't play it.

  • Shark Typhoon is also an awkward fit. From what I've seen, it works best in control or cycling shells. Same goes for Ominous Seas and Omen of the Sea.

  • Primal Empathy is a cool card. I've wanted to build something with it myself, but I don't know if it's actually playable in constructed. It needs for itself AND a creature to stay in play for a whole turn before it does anything. That's risky.

  • Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath is also an amazing card, but again doesn't fit the deck. If you want creatures to enchant, you don't want ones that go straight to the yard and will stay there for a while.

  • Hypnotic Sprite isn't a great creature. Either side is pretty mediocre. Being a fairly cheap flier is okay, but the cost is quite restrictive and I'm sure you can find better. The counter side is too situational and this doesn't look like a deck that wants to keep mana open for a potential counter.

The way I see it, you can go one of two ways:

  1. An aura deck that plays small dudes and quickly beefs them up ala GW Auras. For that to work you need to lower the curve with synergistic creatures like the full 4x Alseid of Life's Bounty, Transcendent Envoy and Spectral Sailor. Sailor is an evasive 1-drop, which makes Staggering Insight A LOT better. Also go way heavier on the cheap auras, 4x All That Glitters etc. You might want to look at the GW Auras deck for inspiration.

  2. Take out the creature + auras package and make a more traditional bant control deck, that plays some big enchantmens like Kiora Bests the Sea God and/or Shark Typhoon as finishers.

Hope that helps.

Good luck brewing.

DanMcSharp on Song of the Everwise

1 month ago

TigerFang8 Oh my bad, for some reason I was thinking Of One Mind was a counterspell when I read that, I just focused on the condition for its cheaper cost being difficult to cover in this deck. I suppose in this case I should've suggested something like Witching Well since it's a cheap spell to trigger Song of Creation and it's something you can use on an empty hand at the start of your turn. Omen of the Sea should work well too.

I think I would remove the Arboreal Grazer since the early protection you get from it could be covered by using Brazen Borrower or Bonecrusher Giant instead. You can already play more lands per turn with Song of Creation and Growth Spiral, and there's only so many lands you'll need to play anyway.

Sidereas on Dimir Flash (IKO) (STD)

1 month ago

I am also messing around with a version of this. It is cool that you are splashing green for Nightpack Ambusher but I wonder if you are getting the full value of Cunning Nightbonder and Slitherwisp by not using more spells that actually have flash, such as Omen of the Sea, Ashiok's Erasure and Mutual Destruction. Just my two cents. My deck is private but let me know if you would like to see it!

BlueBallsMgee on Jeskai to the Skies

1 month ago

MaelstromLegends as much as I personally like to try out Yidaro, Wandering Monster, I do agree with you generally (but wont stop me from playing him as a 4x in every URx deck at least in the beginning weeks of the meta). As context this is the list I will be playing in MTGA as I haven't really done much paper in a while.

  • the Yidaro WILL be replaced by the list of cards you stated, upping Teferi, Time Raveler, Omen of the Sea, and Dream Trawler. This was in the works as already the next step to this deck.

  • Essence Scatter will be run as a 1x mainboard in anticipating creature-based early meta.

  • I'm considering Scorching Dragonfire as of now since I do believe that exile will have relevance in the upcoming meta unless it is time to adapt.

  • Boon of the Wish-Giver is mainly here as some pseudo-synergy with Narset of the Ancient Way, as means of cycling for 1 mana or discarding for 6 damage. But with Teferi it can possibly be instant speed so at least that fact shouldn't be brushed off. Though to be honest I DID somewhat forgot about The Royal Scions so will test them out as version 3 soon enough.

  • Absorb is sensible. Might do as a split of 3-1 or 2-2 between it and Neutralize. We'll see.

  • After more playtesting, I agree in running just 1 copy of Shark Typhoon. Most of the time I use the cycling as a way to have board presence and loot and never as an enchantment, though the 1 time you do it does feel very good but at that point you should already be far ahead. Just one as additional utility.

  • Will initially attempt a 3 - 1 split between Omen and Essence Scatter. See how it handles.

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