Thought Courier

Thought Courier

Creature — Human Wizard

Tap: Draw a card, then discard a card.

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Thought Courier Discussion

trocroi on The Antiques Roadshow

4 months ago

Yeah good point. Thoughtcast is a favorite of mine in affinity because it can easily be cast turn one or two for . Thought Courier might be cool since it can throw junk in your graveyard for Academy Ruins ?

Finally, there’s a bunch of vedalken support like Grand Architect , Etherium Sculptor , or Master of Etherium that could have synergy with this.

If you splash black, there’s also Sphinx Summoner ... which you might be able to throw in play without needing any black mana anyways?

BOXES_O_MOXES on Tatyova, benthic Druid pauper edh

1 year ago

Hi there! I would consider running a Library of Leng and a Thought Vessel. Your hand will get big quick and you don't want to be discarding stuff. You have great discard abilities that work well with Library of Leng such as Dreamscape Artist,Thought Courier and Merfolk Looter. You can discard a card to meet their requirements and put that card back on top of your library to and draw it again with Tatyova when you put a land into play. It's good synergy. I would cut Temporal Spring. It's a sorcery. I know it bounces a permanent unlike other similar spells but You should concentrate on instants that have a similar effect or even just a bounce effect. Maybe just a copy of Into the Roil? Ray of Command doesn't seem like it fits. If you had a sacrifice effect to use with it I'd say it would be worth running it. You have a great creature base so there's no real need to steal creatures. You run quite a few of them so having one to use as a blocker shouldn't be a problem. Other than that I don't see much I'd change without knowing how it plays out. If the above noted items I suggested are working out for you without changes then you are good to go. Just some input I thought you might consider. Great deck! Upvoted.

multimedia on

1 year ago

Hey, Drake Haven can be a repeatable way to make Drakes when you discard cards. You could expand on the draw and discard theme such as Faithless Looting , Careful Study , Chart a Course , Frantic Search , Monastery Siege (Khans) which is more fuel for Crackling and Enigma. Looters such as Merfolk Looter , Thought Courier , Desolate Lighthouse can draw and discard and be a permanent to untap with Ral.

If Viral Drake is a possible win condition then consider Flux Channeler who can also proliferate. Difference is proliferate happens whenever you cast a noncreature spell. Combining this with more draw/discard can be a lot of proliferation not just for opponent's potential poison counters, but also Ral's loyalty.

SinsOfTheMoon on The plan to make my playgroup quit magic!

3 years ago

Glassdust Hulk is better then ferropede, cuz of his cycling ability, 4 life also makes him harder to remove. You put him first, then any other artifact so he's unblockable.

Cast Out is also a very nice 1 mana cycling that would be super helpful either as a 4 cmc cast, or when it's returned to the battlefield (if the opponent has any way to prevent you from attacking)

Lay Claim for the same reasons as above.

Swap 2 darksteel plate for 2 Shield of Kaldra to prevent any kind of "exile all cards with the same name".

Well, when I think about it, Darksteel Forge might be even better than the 2 aboves.

Key to the City could be a nice way to use other artifact/enchantment creatures more useful to the deck than ferropede/glassdust, allowing them to be unblockable but also helping with the draw/discard you need.

I feel like blue would help a lot... possibly swaping red for blue.You could have more draw/discard while also having more defense... For instance, using low cmc creatures with draw/discard that are also usefull as cheap blockers, like Merfolk Looter and Thought Courier. Or even better : Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip who transforms in a planeswalker with a nice defensive ability and a way to cast Open the Vaults from your graveyard (cuz its so easy to just make you discard your only win condition).

Blue also let you use Izzet Charm with all 3 choices perfect for the deck, and Ideas Unbound.

Good Luck ;)

PonchoLibre on Perfected Swarm

3 years ago

yetiz, if I were picking replacements I would probably grab Thought Courier over Augur of Bolas. The reason being that Augur of Bolas only grabs instants and sorceries while Thought Courier offers more filter. Another option would be Runechanter's Pike.

The reason that Aberrant Researcher  Flip is still there is largely lore based.

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