Striped Riverwinder

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Striped Riverwinder

Creature — Serpent

Octrate on Let No Joyful Voice Be Heard

1 year ago

Hey Panthyr! The deck has served me well for sure. It kinda became apparent after a while that people generally overvalued Krothuss's trigger with Sea Monsters that they sorta underestimated how strong cloning any creature could be. Like, two Consecrated Sphinxes seemed stronger to me than three Junk Winders in the long run. So I aimed for a reanimator approach. The deck as a whole definitely able to operate well in an "optimized" playgroup. This list as is usually is always able to do something and answer threats.

Footnote: I do highly recommend River Serpent, Striped Riverwinder, Waker of Waves, or Vohar, Vodalian Desecrator; or basically any way to toss something before casting Runo so you can more easily flip him. Also, Sea-Dasher Octopus can make any creature you control into a 2/2 Octopus, allowing you to get the double token from Krothuss's trigger anyway.

multimedia on Runo Stromkirk & the Soggy Bottom Boys

2 years ago

Hey, I want to transform Runo turn four, but consistently it happens turn five or six. I transform Runo faster with loot/discard then with top of library mani. I would rather wait to cast Runo when I have a 6+ CMC creature in my graveyard then to cast him and wait to setup the top of my library. I still have the ability to cast him and wait for the top, but I also have plenty of other options to not have to do this.

In my version the speed of transforming Runo is helped by 15 cards that could potentially be played turn two with no ramp help. Striped Riverwinder, River Serpent, Waker of Waves and new addition Mirrorshell Crab shouldn't be underestimated as fast/unique ways to help to transform. The one mana cyclers of these are most helpful in opening hand for transforming quick. With these cyclers/discard I'm relying more on Runo's ETB trigger the first time I cast him. The cyclers are also helpful to put on top of my library from Runo instead of other sea monsters who could of have been discarded to instead leave in my graveyard to be reanimated.

Reasons I'm playing more loot/discard are lower budget and it also setups reanimation of sea monsters which top of library mani doesn't help as much. Frantic Search can be fast loot to setup Runo since untaps lands to also cast Runo. I'm playing casual, but I still want to quickly transform Runo for Krothuss. After getting Krothuss then I can slow the game down to the pace of my opponents and protect Krothuss.

Have you checked out NEO yet? I just made my first upgrades with NEO cards and Mirror Box is excellent with Krothuss. It removes legendary, but also all the token copies of him anthem Commander Krothuss. All token copies anthem their original named nontoken creature too which makes all unblockable sea monsters much more threatening. Box is an expensive card, but I made room for it and it will most likely become a staple card for Krothuss players.

multimedia on

2 years ago

Hey, Professor's version is interesting, but in my opinion rushed and doesn't have many cards that can setup Runo to transform which is odd since in his deck tech that's number one goal... Sakashima of a Thousand Faces is an excellent upgrade. Sakashima as well as Spark Double are not even mentioned in his deck tech and they're some of the more unique and fun effects to play with Krothuss.

There's only 6 cards to setup Runo which means consistently unless you draw Top, Remora or Study early game for draw, every game, it will be difficult to transform Runo. Using Entomb effects to help to setup Runo just to get a sea monster into your graveyard doesn't seem very good. There needs to be other uses for Entomb effects; Buried Alive at least gets you more than one creature such as Wonder. There's no reanimation here thus Entomb effects after Krothuss are only being used to get Wonder. The first changes to consider are to add more setup for Runo. Ramp is important, but I think you can afford to cut a few of the lesser rocks such as the Diamonds and Commander's Sphere.

The lack of reanimation options in Professor's version when playing black I disagree with because realistically the only way you're going to get good sea monsters onto the battlefield are more ways to cheat their mana costs. Quicksilver Amulet and Quest for Ula's Temple are good, although Quest is slow/unreliable, but you really need more. The second changes to consider are adding some reanimation replacing some of the lesser high CMC nonsea monster cards such as Octopus Umbra.

The Professor mentioned Hullbreaker Horror in his deck tech, but didn't expand on how powerful it is with Krothuss. It's most likely the best sea monster with Krothuss since when copied it can combo with mana rocks to continually bounce all your opponent's nonland permanents. When you control two or more Hullbreakers then any 0 CMC artifact with Sol Ring is infinite cast/colorless mana/nonland bounce.

Mox Amber when you control Runo/Krothuss is infinite blue/black mana with Sol. Any 2 CMC artifact that can ETB untapped to make mana + Sol can be infinite casts/bounce of all nonland permanents. By adding Everflowing Chalice and/or Amber then the Hullbreaker combo can make other sorcery speed effects that bounce less needed such as Consuming Tide and Inundate. Sol Talisman doesn't work with Hullbreaker because of suspend thus it could be cut for Chalice or Amber.

Because you have Thassa, God of the Sea then Wormhole Serpent isn't needed even though it's a Serpent it's not one you want to copy with Krothuss since it doesn't do much for five mana including not helping Runo to transform. In my opinion if you're going to play creatures who won't help Runo to transform then those creatures better give you something else that's worth playing/copying them with Krothuss. Striped Riverwinder and River Serpent are examples of lesser sea monsters who are actually really good for Runo because of their quick one mana cycling. Copying them with Korthuss isn't much better than copying Wormhole, but the difference is they can help Runo to transform and you can get two draws.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Runo Stromkirk - Sea Junk

2 years ago

Hey, nice version so far.

Some cards that are good within the budget at setup Runo to transform.

Frantic Search is draw two, discard two sea monsters, untap three lands and tap those lands to cast Runo. Striped Riverwinder and Waker of Waves are 7 CMC creatures who can put themselves into your graveyard for a low mana cost. Riverwinder is only one mana to do so from cycling. Inkwell Leviathan has shroud meaning it can't be targeted by Krothuss to be copied making it less desirable sea monster to cast or reanimate. Copies that are created of Nemesis of Reason by Krothuss don't trigger to mill making it much worse than it appears.

Some ramp upgrades within the budget to consider.

Since not playing any 1/1 creatures then Heartless Summoning is good ramp when playing lots of sea monsters.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Deep Dark Fears

2 years ago

Hey, nice sea monster version.

Frantic Search and Brainstorm are helpful spells to set up Runo to transform since you'll get high CMC sea monsters in your hand. Frantic is draw two, discard a sea monster, untap three lands then tap those three lands to cast Runo. Frantic could replace Forbidden Alchemy and Brainstorm could replace Strategic Planning.

A couple of sea monster upgrades to consider:

Even though you have Mirror Gallery, Lorthos and Tromokratis are legendary creatures who when copied by Krothuss don't do much since they don't have an effect when they ETB and Lorthos attack effect is not mana efficient at all with copies. Striped Riverwinder is helpful to transform Runo since it's one mana cycle to draw a card and put into your graveyard. When you control copies of Hullbreaker Horror then it can bounce all your opponents nonland permanents with Sol Ring + another 0-2 CMC mana rock by constantly cast/bounce.

Stormtide Leviathan pairs well with Krothuss since he has flying. Beatdown your opponents with 8/8 unblockable Stormtides who's ability can make it more difficult for your opponents to swingback at you. Stormtide helps Wrexial, the Risen Deep since he has islandwalk. Stormtide also pairs well with Wonder to give all creatures you control flying so they can attack. Without Stormtide Wonder is still powerful especially with Spawning Kraken since you have plenty of Islands. Wonder is nice when a strategy here is to get creatures into your graveyard.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on

2 years ago

Hey, well done so far, nice Rhystic Study SL :)

Consider a few more effects to setup Runo? Brainstorm is really helpful to setup the top of your library with sea monster(s) from your hand. Frantic Search can discard a sea monster(s) then untap three lands and cast Runo with those lands. Vile Entomber is a creature who Krothuss can copy who entombs a sea monster to setup Runo then be copied by Krothuss to get Wonder while in combat.

Striped Riverwinder is a sea monster who can setup Runo for one mana by cycling itself. Apprentice Necromancer is good low mana cost instant reanimation who gives the reanimated creature haste letting it attack to be copied by Krothuss.

Some cuts to consider is cutting 1x Island. At four mana Firemind Vessel is subpar ramp. Tromokratis is legendary and doesn't do anything when it enters the battlefield. You have better unblockable sea monsters. Inkwell Leviathan can't be copied by Krothuss because of shroud. Consider is fine, but there's better options to help to setup Runo or enable reanimation.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Hello Beastie

2 years ago

Hey, looks good, nice cuts. Striped Riverwinder is a good add, I added it too since it's a fast way to setup Runo. I also added Waker of Waves as another 6 CMC + creature who can discard itself to setup Runo.

For some possible cuts how has Flood of Tears been? I just don't like mass bounce spells that will bounce Krothuss (have to transform Runo again) as well as all the tokens he's made. Kederekt Leviathan is a sea monster who does this. Why bounce your own stuff when you have ways to only bounce opponents?

Millikin is subpar and self-mill is less good with Dimir then say Sultai where you have green to recur any card you mill. Looting is more powerful because you draw and have control over what card(s) you discard. Lightning Greaves's has limited interaction since because of shroud it can't be a haste source for attacking creature who Krothuss wants to copy.

shwanerz88 on Hello Beastie

2 years ago

Yeah I made a few cuts from underperformers from my first game with Runo, Namely, Nemesis of Reason, and Mission Briefing. Mission briefing was just a dead card in my hand early and Nemesis betrayed me the only time runo got around my next upkeep. Frantic Search is already one of the cards that is going in. Vile Entomber is a good get! Striped Riverwinder, and Dreamscape Artist were the other two I was thinking.

Got any other suggestions for cuts?

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