Kaalia of the Vast Likes: Angels, Demons, haste. Dislikes: Containment Priest, blue mages. While she may not be the most exciting or combo-y commander ever - out, swing, get a thing - she was my first. A nice guy gave me a copy of the oversized version when I was still new to MTG so I immediately grabbed everything I could find that was angel-shaped and welded it into a deck. Needless to say I lost quite a lot due to inexperience and less than optimum cards but now, several years later, the deck is finally at a reasonably competitive level in terms of both mana base and EPIC LEGENDARY CREATURES. Plus the Judge foils look damn fine even when I am losing, usually to legitimate top-tier decks that think it's funny that anyone who can't outright win by turn three calls themselves competitive.


The most important part of any Kaalia deck because your game plan revolves around being able to cheat them out early, then on them being strong enough to win the game through beatdown. You may notice that I've not really bothered with any dragons and stuck with Angels and Demons, with the reason for this being twofold: I also run a Scion of the Ur-Dragon deck which has pinched them all (along with her Quicksilver Amulet); and I found they needed more support or had very mana-intensive abilities. Firebreathing does not pair well with destroying your own lands! Most of the creatures I have are mainly about doing at least 5 damage on the turn they come out, preferably also bringing in some other advantage like an ETB trigger or simply looking scarier than Kaalia herself (who then can live to bring another one out next turn). I don't mind if they die so long as they have an impact and force someone to waste a spell. While each bomb is usually strong enough to be a threat alone there's a nice little combo in Razaketh, the Foulblooded + Reya Dawnbringer + Rune-Scarred Demon , which gets you two - repeatable - tutor effects per turn. Then there's the instant kill from Master of Cruelties and Kaalia against someone with no flying blockers. Tempted by Blade of Selves for this guy but as many of my other creatures are legendary they wouldn't be improved by Myriad, and I just can't justify the inclusion of as potential dead draw here. Finally there's Grand Abolisher to make sure noone messes with our plans and Magus of the Moat because I can't afford a real one.

Support Bling

The artifacts and enchantments section started life being full of funky flavour with cards like Moonsilver Spear but in the end I just had to accept that without Green or Blue what the deck needed most was mana fixing/acceleration and protection for Kaalia, so most of it got phased out apart from Elbrus, the Binding Blade  , which I just love. Special shout-out to Dust Corona and Reconnaissance for being very cheap ways to ensure Kaalia can get in past flying blockers. Reconnaissance is especially spicy with her as it can be activated after damage has been dealt, so the creatures she cheats out can untap once they've battered someone. It's basically free vigilance! Meanwhile Phyrexian Arena and Necropotence give us some extra draw to keep the pressure on.

Other Spells

Most of these are either tutors or removal of some kind. Spot exile is your answer to any combo pieces, with Austere Command and Merciless Resolve as a back-up in case things get out of hand or you need to work around hexproof. Finally there are the land destruction spells which become incredibly unfair if you still have Kaalia getting stuff out for free or have Avacyn, Angel of Hope/Boros Charm protecting yours. Aurelia's Fury is a surprisingly powerful spell that can both open the way for a kill and mean you don't have to worry about combat tricks on a crucial turn.


These are all pretty much what you'd expect, with all the Mardu dual/fetch/shocks/pain/filter lands plus some that can make any colour and enter untapped. Backing those up are Arcane Lighthouse - an extremely relevant card considering removal is pretty much the only form of interaction we run - and Maze of Ith, which can be used on Kaala if needed. Oh and Strip Mine, obviously.

Cast Kaalia. Quickly. While I do prefer to wait until I've got something like Lightning Greaves out, sometimes you just have to take a chance and play aggressively. Using a tutor to fetch a Signet or Cavern of Souls is rarely a bad move. Once Kaalia is out, you might as well accept that you will have no friends at the table. Amassing an army of huge flyers is good news for exactly none of your opponents, especially as you HAVE to attack someone in order to get them on the field. That's when you play Armageddon. At the end of the day, simply playing this deck makes you a target even when the pod includes a Merieke Ri Berit set to untap twice per turn while stealing two things each time and Atraxa Superfriends with Doubling Season. Players will get all salty about universal land destruction because it stopped them being able to win next turn even if they've shut down every other option you had. Ok, so I might be a bit salty too. Basically, if you want to play with Kaalia expect an not-unreasonable amount of hate and correspondingly having to play nasty.
Sword of Fire and Ice would be the best of that set for this deck as it needs more draw and protection from blue would be a godsend, while having gone mostly without planeswalkers so far Serra the Benevolent is a must-have for flavour. If I can ever afford them a Mox Diamond and a Moat would be nice but to be honest I'm happy with the composition of the deck at this point, so mostly I'm just looking to make it prettier!

If you've got any questions or suggestions I'd be happy to hear them, always love the way this community finds me amazing cards I've never heard of!


Updates Add

Well, Iona, Shield of Emeria is gone. Honestly, I am surprised at this ban: while she had the potential to essentially lock out one player - assuming they're mono-colour - this almost never happened. Most EDH decks are multicolour, so what she usually became was a lightning rod for everyone's removal or an unnecessary "win more" card. I get that the interaction with Painter'a Servant could be too oppressive but I just can't see any decks playing both on the off-chance you get them out. The Servant enables some far more interesting and janky combos, plus Millstone is way easier to cast! Fortunately I needed to decide on a card to swap out for Vilis, Broker of Blood so that's helpful. This guy is just amazing, with dedicated card draw and removal on a decent body. There's also Sephara, Sky's Blade to consider, as while there is no way I'm going to use my creatures to pay for her alternate caring cost her functioning as a back-up Avacyn is extremely good.


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