Hey everyone, i know on tappedout there are many Korvold EDH decks, but the list of possible synergetic cards is nearly endless, so i wanted to post my deck to get some feedback. Sadly my playgroup cant meet as often as we want due to work, partnerships or other private dutys, so i have no games played until now with the deck.

The goal of the deck should be described often enough. Long story short: get Korvold out as soon as possible and then sac everything to hop onto an unstoppable value train.

I did not include alternate win cons like Revel in Riches, or infinite combos like Food Chain + Squee, Goblin Nabob , because the deck is not aimed for cEDH.

Also some cards are in there for flavor, like the old painlands or Obelisk of Jund, so the Powerlevel ist not as high as i could possibly build it with my cards.

Last but not least: Thank you for participating in any way (comments, thumbs...)!


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