Inkwell Leviathan


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters (EMA) Rare
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs Kiora (DDO) Rare
Premium Deck Series: Graveborn (GRV) Rare
Conflux (CON) Rare

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Inkwell Leviathan

Artifact Creature — Leviathan

Islandwalk, trample

Shroud (This creature can't be the target of spells or abilities.)

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Inkwell Leviathan Discussion

Korlosh on Bailey18

4 days ago

Woops, i meant to post that first comment on the deck itself, don't know how i posted it here. And yeah, if the arena seems good against control and i guess thats why you have the ravens crime loam thing going on too. Have you tried Inkwell Leviathan? I have it in my sideboard for control, but there's never any control decks at my shop so I've actually never gotten to try it out.

Sakana on Oh, you want to play Magic? That's cute

1 week ago

Eiganjo Castle: if it works keep it, but I wouldn't spend $10 on it

Flagstones of Trokair: if you have it play it, bur don't spend $20 on it

Minamo, School at Water's Edge: this card is amazing, but doesn't combo well with any creatures you have in the deck.

Oboro, Palace in the Clouds: I like this card, but it doesn't seem to combo with anything in your deck

Baral, Chief of Compliance: this card seems very good whenever someone else plays with it, and it works with the 36 instants and sorceries you have

Consecrated Sphinx: this card is AMAZING, very very powerful

Docent of Perfection  Flip: seems good.

Inkwell Leviathan: I would replace it with Grand Abolisher, Inkwell doesn't seem very good

Isperia, Supreme Judge: Seems okay. But just okay

Solemn Simulacrum: Is always good, here is no different

Instants look good. But I might add Absorb over negate, but otherwise seems good.I would recommend adding:

Tithe: It is a good way to get lands

Orim's Chant: Gives you one extra turn if you cast it during someone's upkeep, stopping all the spells on their turn, and the attack.

Arcane Denial: This card is really good, you can counter your own spell to draw 3, three, card. That seems good to me.

Forbid: Buyback counterspells, always good.

Gush: draw lots of cards for returning two lands, can be very good late game. Note: it is an instant

Capsize: Returning a permanent and buyback? Sign me up!

I would recommend removing:

Disdainful Stroke: There are just better cards

Negate: Limited. Might be good, but I doubt I would play it.

I would like to commend your inclusion of Render Silent.

As for artifacts:

Look at Mind's Eye, it works very very well.


ADD Bribery. Just do. The card is AMAZING, and typically is hilarious.

Blatant Thievery is also fun

Possibly a Rout for instant speed wraths


Luminarch Ascension: Very good finisher

Rhystic Study: Very good card draw. Sometimes. People may just always pay the mana to spite you. Look at Mystic Remora, can also be good card draw.

Look into:

Future Sight: Always one more card in your hand.

Now, Narset Transcendent. You, my friend, are a trap. You NEVER will never be able to get a card off it, it is always a land. Other than that, she can be good.

Overall:I don't know how many wincons you have besides Expropriate, Luminarch Ascension or Inkwell Leviathan. That might be trouble. A Steel of the Godhead might help, but I don't know how much. Eldrazi Conscription can be good too, but that's better one on one. One idea: AEtherling, that card is amazing and is incredibly hard to kill. Or just use an Eldrazi Titan. OR, wait for it, Azor's Elocutors and Eternal Dominion. Lots of fun. If you copy Eternal Dominion, each copy gets an epic trigger, so you get a copy every turn for every copy you originally had.



1 week ago

why limit yourself to gearhulks when Sundering Titan, Inkwell Leviathan, and Wurmcoil Engine exist? also note that blightsteel shuffles.Sharuum the Hegemon is also a consideration.

if you're going all in on god pharaoh's gift, Novablast Wurm, any of the phyrexian praetors with the exception of urabrask, Sire Of Insanity, and Griselbrand are fucking nuts if they get reanimated

Boza on Abzan Rites

1 month ago

I think you need solid disruption pieces to reanimate that can end the game. Right now, you are just slightly cheating on the mana of some of those - elesh gets discounted by 2 whole mana and against most decks, does nothing to end the game.

You need solid pieces that are resitant to removal - the heap ones I can think of are Inkwell Leviathan and Empyrial Archangel and Sundering Titan. Reanimate those and you are good to go.

Asder on Sorry, I only found 2 cards.

1 month ago

i would keep Sphinx of the Steel Wind in the sideboard against deck with green and red. instead i would have Dragonlord Ojutai which is actually castable normally as an added bonus. Grave Titan, Inkwell Leviathan and Azor, the Lawbringer are all good big creatures as well.

Scion_of_Darkness on

2 months ago

Looks like you want to pimp the abilities of Call to the Kindred, Leaf-Crowned Elder and Descendants' Path. Looks like your using "Changeling" to do it. You could drop some of the superfluous changelings and go for Runed Stalactite.

Keep Shapesharer at least, because its low cost and useful later game.

I would switch Deep-Sea Kraken for Inkwell Leviathan because it hits harder, takes more damage and can't be targeted. Loose Odric altogether because he only works during combat, and ditch thraximunder to add more Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger.

20 land may not be enough. Speaking of lands... Halimar Depths is exactly what you need and its fits the majority of your color scheme. The deck feels like it wants to be Blue/Green. Maybe White. Red and Black should probably go. That's just how I would build around the "Kinship" cards.

UsmanA on White/Blue Artifact Deck UA+

3 months ago

Thatguy14286, I only play casual at the moment, but was looking to do some local modern format games. I just found out those artifact lands are banned in modern 5 minutes before your post :(. I have some dual lands that I will switch out to make it legal, maybe i'll put in some conditional counter spells that cost 1 mana or another low cost spell in place of the Swords to Plowshares. I have 4 copies of Etched Champion, it was in this deck at one point. I'm with you on the Tezzeret the Seeker . He worked well with the banned artifact lands, i'll take him out. I've never been able to hard cast Inkwell Leviathan, but get him out often enough. same with Filigree Angel. I came across this card called Torrential Gearhulk and this can be an alternative to one of them (most likely filigree). The Supreme Verdict's should probably go in my sideboard as opposed to main deck. Although it kills my guys, its sometimes necessary when I play with 4 or more other players. Thanks for the tips, i'll try to trim down on the casting cost of some cards and find substitutes for the banned ones.

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