Sanctum of Ugin


Format Legality
Limited Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Rare

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Sanctum of Ugin


: Add to your mana pool.

Whenever you cast a colorless spell with converted mana cost 7 or greater, you may sacrifice Sanctum of Ugin. If you do, search your library for a colorless creature card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

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Sanctum of Ugin Discussion

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Wait, you play Grixis? Why?

2 days ago

I've been testing against Tron a bit more and it's still a struggle post-board even with 4 Ceremonious Rejection. Rejection is amazing, but Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger is a very difficult card to beat. And because of Sanctum of Ugin, they have a lot of ways to find Ulamog. My current approach of trying to counter everything they play after they get Tron online isn't really working. I could try Fulminator Mage or more Field of Ruin or Molten Rain, but I've never found land destruction to fast enough to matter. And Surgical Extraction doesn't seem reliable enough.

Oloro_Magic on Tooth and nail

3 weeks ago

I like the idea of using Tooth and Nail to cheat big things in which likely end the game, but in addition to those I think, as you have in your maybeboard, it would be more interesting if you also included Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Deceiver Exarch at least as one-ofs as an instant way to win.

Additionally, I would run a few more utility lands such as Sanctum of Ugin and most importantly Field of Ruin simply cutting a couple Forests. 4 All Is Dust also seems very high, this deck does considerably less than other tron lists seeing how there is no Karn but I still believe 3 would be better (perhaps making room for the Kiki combo).

The sideboard also appears to need serious work in my opinion and I would be more than happy to help with it if you can provide me with what your meta looks like, or alternatively an indication of whether you want a general sideboard that is good fro starting out that simply targets some commonly played decks and strategies.

Sixty3Zero on

4 weeks ago

ok i mean y'know that deck was only bonkers because of Hedron Archive and Sanctum of Ugin abrade was a hard obstacle but the legs fell out losing those pieces

Bulldawg1310 on Eldrazi Tron in the works

2 months ago

You are running way too few of lands, youre gonna need some Ghost Quarter for the mirror matches, maybe a Sanctum of Ugin or 2. I know Sea Gate Wreckage is a popular card in these builds, i generally dont have an empty hand for it to work, so i dont run it, but some folks do

Wolfrage76 on Etali's Thunderdome

2 months ago

Quicksilver Amulet - you have like 11 creatures over CMC 4 and can use it to flash stuff in.

Belbe's Portal - pretty much same as above.

Might also consider some creature cost reducers as well, like Urza's Incubator, Semblance Anvil, or Herald's Horn. Especially since you say you want to cast stuff free but don't really have many creature cheaters, nor cmc reducers in the deck.

Mirage Mirror - Works awesome with Sunbird's Invocation, but also with your creatures to give you an instant copy of a fatty as needed, as well as a few creature abilities (especially Combat Celebrant!). Plus lets you also copy opponents stuff too to use their own stuff against them. "Nice Wound Reflection you have there..." And if you know how to play it on the stack properly you can use it to get multiple effects in a turn for things.

Prophetic Prism seems like a waste in a mono deck.

Eye of Ugin (which also helps with eldrazi searching), Sanctum of Ugin, Eldrazi Temple - why no eldrazi lands? :D

Mimic Vat - Oh no, they killed one of your titans! Or something cool that has an ETB, or other ability. Good thing you can make a copy of it, but with haste, for a turn, at instant speed. Or maybe they have something cool you killed off that you want...

I prefer Hijack to something like Portent of Betrayal because it's nice to also be able to take an artifact, not just a creature.

Rogue's Passage - let your fatties just walk on through.

Quietus Spike - because it's fun to be a dick :D

I have a BU Vela deck, Vela's toys bring her pleasure and you pain, that's built on cheating out artifacts and creatures. While it's not like your deck (though I originally used Eldrazi instead of artifact creatures in orig version), it may give you some more ideas for how to cheat in stuff.

Also, don't skip decks in the "Advertise your COMMANDER deck!" thread ;)

StankP.I. on Modern Emerge with primer

3 months ago


I love the Bone Picker idea. I'll have to try it out and see if i can reliably cast it. If I can I'll bet it's an easy 3 or 4 of that walks the line just right between easily cast-able early pressure and emerge-able CMC.

I also haven't tried out Sanctum of Ugin, though the color requirements in the deck are already pretty steep. I feel like leaning on recursion for my deep fiend looping over sanctums is the way to go, but it warrants a try.

I tried Shriekmaw but I found that it was too narrow of a way to get the deep fiend out and didn't really increase consistency in any way. I could see an argument for a Shriekmaw over a push or a terminate, but I really hate going down on interaction.

The Serum Visions VS. Thought Scour debate I feel has a clear winner here, though it may not be obvious at first: The ideal turn 2 play in this deck is Faithless Looting, discard 2 Bloodghast, land, Hollow One. to make that work you have to have the hollow one in hand (and preferably the bloodghasts too). While thought scour fuels bloodghast and tasigur better it comes up short when trying to set up hollow one, and between the lootings and the fetches tasigur comes out easy enough already.

All that said, I've been playing Sultai Shadow much more than this deck at FNM lately, and haven't re-tuned it in a while. Let me know if anything gives some good results

cole20112 on These Zombies are Eldrazi

3 months ago

A good consideration would be Sanctum of Ugin to chain your eldrazi titans together

sylvannos on Budget Tron Help Me Please

3 months ago

My go-to budget Tron list I recommend to help grind FNMs is:

2x Forest
3+ Fungal Reaches OR Pinecrest Ridge
1x Ghost Quarter1x Inventors' Fair
1x Urza's Factory OR Sanctum of Ugin
4x Urza's Mine
4x Urza's Power Plant
4x Urza's Tower

This gives several utility lands, while also having a good balance of colored mana. The important thing to remember: you absolutely cannot have lands come into play tapped and you will lose games to decks like Burn and Death's Shadow if you have to pay life. The obvious choice is Grove of the Burnwillows for this very reason. However, that obviously will eat your entire budget.

Pinecrest Ridge is probably the best replacement. Not only does it have the option to just tap for colorless and come into play untapped, you can get the or you need to search for Tron pieces or cast Pyroclasm.

4x Sylvan Scrying
4x Ancient Stirrings
4x Expedition Map
2x Talisman of Impulse
4x Chromatic Sphere
4x Chromatic Star

This is pretty standard for a Tron list, the exception being Talisman of Impulse. While you don't want to be paying the life against faster decks, having the ability to tap for colored mana and still get Tron on turn 3 is more helpful when you're on a budget. It means you can play multiple World Breakers, add Inferno Titans, or use whatever budget options you have lying around when some of the more expensive fat cards (like Karn Liberated or Kozilek, Butcher of Truth) aren't available. That way, you're not relying a whole lot on cards like Myr Battlesphere or Steel Hellkite.

4x Ratchet Bomb / Oblivion Stone
4x Pyroclasm
1x All Is Dust

You need boardwipes. Pyroclasm is especially important because you will lose to a turn one Slippery Bogle is you do not kill it immediately. They will untap on their turn two and toss an umbra on it. By the time you can use another piece of removal, you'll be so low on life that they can simply play another one or get you with Dryad Arbor. The same is true against turn one Glistener Elf. They will use something like Apostle's Blessing to deal with whatever you have once they untap.

You can skip on red and go straight mono-green, but then you just have to accept that you lose to Infect, Bogles, and Burn. If these aren't in your meta, replace Talisman of Impulse with Mind Stone or Relic of Progenitus and the lands with basic Forests and a 2nd. Ghost Quarter.

The All Is Dust is probably the only non-budget card I'd recommend you have because of how much 3+ color decks get BTFO'd on turn three when you slam it. If it's still out of your budget, replace it with a Platinum Angel.

That's 50 cards total. Your last 10 cards should be:

  • Huge
  • OR win conditions
  • OR removal

Basically, choose a combination of the following that fits into your budget (I put them in order of importance):

Based on what you've posted, I'd recommend something like:

2x Wurmcoil Engine
2x Sundering Titan (you can power this out on turn 3 via Talisman of Impulse and laugh at some Jund player's $2,000 mana base as they concede)
1x Worldbreaker
4x Relic of Progenitus
1x Spatial Contortion

All that's left is your sideboard. Based on the above, I'd go with:

2x Ancient Grudge
1x Defense Grid
1x Ghost Quarter
1x Grafdigger's Cage
3x Nature's Claim
1x Orbs of Warding
1x Spatial Contortion
3x Thragtusk
1x Torpor Orb
1x Warping Wail

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