Spirebluff Canal


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Spirebluff Canal


Spirebluff Canal enters the battlefield tapped unless you control two or fewer other lands.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Spirebluff Canal Discussion

JeskaiM4n on Budget Grixis Control, I guess? (WIP)

16 hours ago

Well, to be honest you can't win any serious Modern deck with this so just change it to Casual.

Good grixis control list costs around 1000$ to get so it isn't really good budget deck, if you want to play seriously get a Burn deck. It is very viable in budget.

Link to the Grixis control list: Decklist

If you want to stay on grixis, you should change pretty much every card to get budget Grixis control that is any kind of playable in Modern. That would cost at least 100. 3 Color land base is biggest problem in budget because good land base would cost around 500$ so you have to use cheaper lands.

Shivan Reef, Underground River and Spirebluff Canals are good budget options for land base. It will not be good land base but its much better than playing just basics.

Then you need basic spells like Lightning Bolt, Mana Leak, Remand and stuff like that, you find lots of cards from the list i linked.

I don't have time to write more right now, i know this doesn't help much but you need to upgrade this pretty lot to call this Modern deck :/.

If you want help you can add me on chat!

multimedia on Grixis Pirates

4 days ago

Hey, I suggest expanding on the strategy of flying Pirates and Curious Obsession.

Due to the budget of this deck I recommend cutting red and going with just blue and black. Only two colors will help the manabase. Currently it's going to be too hard to make turn one Siren Stormtamer into turn two red for Rigging Runner this is because Island doesn't let Dragonskull Summit ETB untapped.

You want Spirebluff Canal to consistency get both blue or red in the first two turns, but this land is not budget.

A two color blue and black manabase to consider (I'm including budget options):

Flying Pirates to consider adding:

Freebooter, Warkite, Stormtamer and Dreamcaller is a powerful quad of 15x flying Pirates. I suggest getting 3x more Warkite giving you 4x main deck. Freebooter is a flying Pirate Duress it's very good card.

Other cards to consider adding:

If you can get more Warkite then use Craving because once you trigger Warkite's ability and make a creature of your opponent's a 0/1 kill it with Craving while also gaining life. This interaction makes Craving a two mana instant unconditional removal spell which is very good. Even without Warkite Craving a good removal spell, but if you can't get more Warkite then instead I would use 4x Unsummon as the main deck removal spell. Unsummon is a good tempo play bounce your opponent's creature for one mana making it easier to attack and do damage.

Obesession becomes very good as a draw engine with so many flying Pirates because flying makes it much more likely that you will do combat damage to opponent thus getting to draw a card. Flying also means that it's much safer to attack each turn which is a requirement of Obsession. The +1/+1 that Obsession gives the enchanted creature helps much more when enchanting a creature with flying.

Obession combined with Ruin Raider can draw you a lot of cards in a game.

Considering my suggestions this is a core you could use:

  • 4x Stormtamer
  • 4x Warkite
  • 4x Freebooter
  • 3x Dreamcaller

  • 4x Obsession

  • 4x Dispersal
  • 4x Craving or Unsummon

    Cards that can support this core:

    • 3x Siren Lookout
    • 2x Raider
    • 2x Forerunner
    • 1x Skysovereign

    Good luck with your deck.

    divinagon on Jund Superfriends

    5 days ago

    Also, as you have more red and black spells than green, any combination of Fetid Pools, Drowned Catacomb, and/or Spirebluff Canal would be more efficient than Botanical Sanctums.

    Squirrelbacon on Fling In The Ice (MODERN)

    6 days ago

    Yes I think the list looks better! I'd run even more 'draw a card' cards just since they replace themselves! I'd cut out the Goblin Electromancers for three more Thought Scour or some Serum Visions. With all the digging in the deck, you'll find those lands! In regards to the lands, the best ones for the deck are gonna be Shivan Reef as mentioned above, but also look into Spirebluff Canal. That one will be even better for you.

    Agusdakilla on U/R Drake Control

    1 week ago

    Aether Hub looks very good, and the price seems pretty reasonable, at least compared with Spirebluff Canal. I'll try to get my hands on it as soon as I can. I switched out an Island for a second Desert of the Mindful, to help with those late-game dead land draws, and a Cancel (and I'm thinking about adding one more). I'll probably have to get a fourth Essence Scatter too. If Censor were a bit cheaper I'd run a playset, but I'll have to settle with Revolutionary Rebuff for now.Yeah, I thought they were pretty hardcore too. The Grixis and Esper players ran the dual cycle lands almost exclusively, and they also had fast lands. They were all pretty friendly though, and they all gave me advice and tips.

    OpenFire_V2 on UR Valued Momentum

    1 week ago

    My suggestions: Cut Deprive, Nimble Obstructionist, Cryptic Serpent, and Noxious Revival and move Echoing Truth to your sideboard. All these cards are just too slow or too ineffective for what you want to be doing. I think Izzet Boilerworks is far too slow for this type of deck and should be either basics or ideally some Spirebluff Canal or Steam Vents. Some inclusions you should look into are the 4th Serum Visions, maybe Young Pyromancer, and maybe some Spell Snare or Mutagenic Growth depending on what your metagame looks like

    Disciple_of_Doran on U/R Name WIP

    2 weeks ago

    As someone who is very budget focused myself, I agree that Snapcaster Mage is probably out of the question unless you really, REALLY want to make this deck super competitive.

    I think Young Pyromancer is a better choice than Flameblade Adept for sure, probably Monastery Swiftspear as well. Making tokens that stay until they die is just better than temporarily buffing a hasty creature. The buffs wear off, the tokens stay, and are much more versatile. If you were playing burn the earlier damage and haste would be better, but where you're already playing the long game you'll just get more value from tokens.

    As for lands... Shivan Reef is by far the best budget option (a point or two of damage for color fixing until you draw into the appropriate basics is no big deal compared to failing to find mana you need for a counter), with Swiftwater Cliffs being even cheaper. If you were slightly less budget Spirebluff Canal or Sulfur Falls may work as well. Possibly even Temple of Epiphany for the added scry, though lands that always play tapped are usually a bad idea in my experience.

    BaxfromAus on Grixis Midrange

    2 weeks ago

    I am considering dropping some of the cycle lands for some extra basics or Evolving Wilds which could possibly trigger revolt for Fatal Push? and having 4 x Spirebluff Canal can also hurt you occasionally so could drop 1 or 2 of those too.

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