Spirebluff Canal


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Spirebluff Canal


Spirebluff Canal enters the battlefield tapped unless you control two or fewer other lands.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Spirebluff Canal Discussion

Jen-tan on Shu Yun's not so silent tempest

19 hours ago

I play them because I already had and didn't want to spend money on expensive lands. Also, I actually find them rather handy in Tiny Leaders since you have so many cheap cards, you don't need as many lands in the deck and you can be certain not to miss a land during you're next turn. Just as an example, you could play Spirebluff Canal and Monastery Swiftspear turn 1; turn 2 Ponder and then one of the mentioned lands. If you don't play one of these until turn 3 you have even more options and turn 4 you can play any card.

Freezingfist on Red/Blue instants + sorcery

1 day ago

First off, Buttsniffer205, Welcome! Always nice to see new... faces? Usernames?... Even usernames suggesting the consistent attraction to the aroma of butts.

But I digress. Fleeting Distraction aside, let's talk about the deck.

Firebones675 gives you a few good options. I'd like to add a few more creatures. Anything with Prowess can get insane in decks like this. Monastery Swiftspear and Niblis of Frost and become a problem for the other person when you have a lot of cheap spells to chain together.

You're right about the mana base. Multi colored decks always have the potential to give you the wrong mana at the wrong time. There's lots of options available to you, but they, as good lands tend to, get expensive. In standard, there's Spirebluff Canal, but even Highland Lake and Evolving Wilds can help bridge the gap.

Freezingfist on blue red loop

1 day ago

This is usually my first suggestion, when I see it... but I'd try to shave down to 60 cards. The fewer cards you put in, the more likely you are to draw what you need.

With the majority of your deck less than or equal to 3CMC, I think you could come down a land or 2.

Maybe I'm missing it, but I'm not seeing the real benefit of Panharmonicon in this build. Your main creature (Reckless Fireweaver) has no trigger and the rest are energy producers. The extra energy can be nice, but it seems a bit... underwhelming, when you could have better ETB payoffs.

All that said, I could be totally wrong. Just my first impression. You've played it. Am I totally off base?

Onto actual suggestions.

If speed is your issue, there's not a lot of ways to do that in the current standard without more creatures. Shock is nice, but it's usually used for removal, but atleast it has the option of hitting face. Your Whirler Virtuosos are decent for pumping out creatures, but they're not doing that until at least turn 3. Bomat Courier is a nice cheap creature you can drop on turn 1 to start swinging. He has his downsides, but you have to give up some safety for speed =)

Maybe fill out the playset of Thriving Turtle and add a playset of Reckless Bushwhacker. Could surprise swing in, dropping a Turtle, and them playing the Bushwacker, giving the turtle haste, +1 (along with whatever other creatures you have on the board), and then using the energy you just got playing the turtle to pump him up.

With the large amount of artifacts you have, Spire of Industry may be a better inclusion over Highland Lake. Also, Spirebluff Canal. Yeah, land always makes the deck more costly (especially in ), but it's the fastest and easiest way to make a deck more consistent.

Lastly, I'd replace Scatter to the Winds with Void Shatter, or Disallow or even Metallic Rebuke. Just personal preference on the first two... and Rebuke seems like it would fit your artifact theme well... Oh... and since you're running Fevered Visions, Select for Inspection and Unsubstantiate can keep their hand full so the damage keeps going their way.

CrimsonKing on pskinn01

2 days ago

Would you do a Spirebluff Canal and a Herald of Anguish for my delta?

Wolfninja on Selling some stuff

5 days ago

Lately I just haven't been playing magic very much, so I've decided that I'm gonna try and sell some of the more valuable cards I have, but don't really use/need. So, here's a list of them (with what I'd like to sell them for):

Foil Ravnica Doubling Season $85

2x Liliana, the Last Hope $30 each, $55 for both

2x Torrential Gearhulk $18 each, $30 for both

Foil Khans Flooded Strand $35

Foil Modern Masters Eternal Witness $12

Grim Flayer $18

Craterhoof Behemoth $20

Nissa, Voice of Zendikar $10

4x Khans Flooded Strand $11 each, $36 for all

Chinese (?) Future Sight Summoner's Pact $12

I will also offer a $2 discount for each buying the above cards in bulk, unless it's already priced as a set. For example you're interested in the 4x Flooded Strand, it will not count for each of those because I'm already discounting the price if you get all 4. If you wanted them and Nissa for example, I would discount $2 on the Nissa.

Here are some more lower value ones, I will discount $1 each for buying cards in bulk, again not if it's already being discounted for the set:

2x Foil Modern Master 2015 Remand

2x Birds of Paradise, one is 8th edition the other is M12, $7 and $4 respectively, $8 for both.

Phyrexian Metamorph $6

Hangarback Walker $5

Foil Worldwake Dispel $7

Relentless Dead $4

2x Foil Den Protector, one is prerelease foil, $8 for both

Normal Foil Cinder Glade$5

Foil Temple of Epiphany $5

4x Game Trail $4 each, $12 for all

3x Atarka's Command $6 each, $15 for all

2x M15 Chord of Calling $6 each, $10 for both

2x Mirrodin Duplicant $4 each, $6 for both

4x Abrupt Decay $7 each, $22 for all

Spirebluff Canal $7

Sulfur Falls $6

2x Collected Company $9 each, $15 for both

Emrakul, the Promised End $8

2x Kolaghan's Command $7 each, $12 for both

Free shipping on all orders, I will ship in a padded envelope with tracking if the value is high enough (probably over $40?). Also, I would prefer to sell them bulked together, so I won't do orders less than $10 and would prefer they be over $20. PayPal preferred, and will be the only thing I accept on high value orders. I believe all of them are good condition, a couple might be lightly played but no worse than that, I can provide pictures of any of them if wanted. I can answer any questions and might be open to negotiating price as well.

silent__reaper on Izzet Artifact aggro

5 days ago

Add 4x Blinkmoth Nexus and 1x Signal Pest. Cut one of each basic land and either the Darkslick Shores or Spirebluff Canal, also cut the fourth Memnite. The sideboard is iffy and not sure on what to suggest based on my limited knowledge of playing affinity. If you already own 2x Mox Opals, then I would focus your next upgrade to the deck would be buying the Glimmervoids that would help fix you mana requirements.

BigBo811 on Izzet Improvise

6 days ago

I have messed around with this brew for a bit, and one thing that seemed very effective for me was to add in Spirebluff Canal and Unlicensed Disintegration. This provides the deck some spot removal, and will always trigger for 3 damage.

Firebones675 on Am i mad, or am i just weird?

1 week ago

Here are your land options

Red/Blue:Spirebluff Canal and Wandering Fumarole

Black/Blue: Choked Estuary and Sunken Hollow

Budget: Submerged Boneyard and Highland Lake

also with regards to the ruinous paths that sounds good

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