Countless Gears Renegade


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common

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Countless Gears Renegade

Creature — Dwarf Artificer

Revolt — When Countless Gears Renegade enters the battlefield, if a permanent you controlled left the battlefield this turn, create a 1/1 colourless Servo artifact creature token.

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Countless Gears Renegade Discussion

lagotripha on W/R On Dasher-Help-Newbie Deck 2.0

3 days ago

Ok, thats a nice solid start and a strong idea. Modern is a turn 4 format- usually non-casual games are decided by turn four in one players favour, so most cards are at the 1-2 cmc, with key cards castable turn three. I love the idea of a kor firewalker/dash setup, it has a lot of potential, especially running a lot of removal. So lets start by looking at cards, costs and interactions and alternative multiple copies. Basically, the deck as you described it should run two sets of cards- things to enter the battlefield or benefit from entering the battlefield, or things that remove your opponents threats so you can grind out a win.

Removal- Fumigate, Flame Slash, Lightning Bolt, Stasis Snare all fantastic, with this setup Blessed Alliance, Celestial Flare, Immolating Glare are all options, with Leave No Trace, Radiant Purge, Disenchant, Urgent Exorcism and Valorous Stance, with the traditional red Smash to Smithereens and the like.

Engine- Kor Firewalker ( dragon claw ? it dodges boardwipes) Ajani's Pridemate , Screamreach Brawler, Mardu Scout, (Foundry Street Denizen, Dragon Fodder, Mogg War Marshal (possibly a single Cathars' Crusade), Spirit Bonds, Impact Tremors, Mantle of Leadership!!, Pandemonium, Soul Warden/Soul's Attendant, Countless Gears Renegade, Banisher Priest, Blade Splicer, Cloudform etc

Things I'd cut - Shivan Dragon(classic, but reducing the mana costs of the deck mean stuff hits the battlefield faster and you can run less lands) Resolute Blademaster Cinder Hellion Belligerent Whiptail too slow to cast when you need them, need you to already be winning to work. Fireball Heat Ray Armored Ascension Lust for War- slow and don't suit your gameplan of bouncing creatures for effect.

Interesting cards to consider- Legion's Initiative, damage, can protect your creatures by bouncing them, You could consider looking at the white Cloudform flicker archetype, soul sisters Soul Warden decks and RDW, which with key cards being reprinted may provide some good options. There is probably a card that has exactly the effect you want or need if you look for it, so its more about imagining what you want to be doing, and checking it can be done efficiently enough to work.

The key part of it all is sideboard- this is how budget decks thrive in the modern envoronment. Cards to specifically mess with opponents, Disenchant key artifacts, Deflecting Palm a big creature into an opponents face, Combust key creatures in control decks. Its all there with the weird, optional, situation specific cards. Test your deck, see what works and what doesn't before commiting, then go out and play, because your playgroup and metagame will not condform to whatever is out here in the world, and what is best might not be fun to pilot, and thats the whole point of playing. Don't be scared of playing on a tiny budget, there are a lot of cards that have fallen out of vogue and have low prices not because of how good they are but because they are unpopular eg.Nevermore. You can absolutely win most games by piloting well, even against the best decks and players with planning and a little luck.

beerlion on AAA - Aether-Artifact-Amigos

3 weeks ago

not sure about 4 Aether Chaser and 1 Countless Gears Renegade or 3 + 2.

whompkin on Is Revolt a failed mechanic ...

3 weeks ago

I have been having fun playing an orzhov revolt deck too (Revolting Servo Aggro). My favourite card is Hidden Stockpile, allowing you to create servos, trigger revolt, scry and make spells that target your creatures fizzle by sacing the target. In a deck that can reliably hit revolt triggers Countless Gears Renegade offers great value. I'd imagine it would work well with Renegade Rallier in GW too. Call for Unity has won me games against control decks, but I found it a bit too slow against aggro/tempo/midrange, so I may take that out of my mainboard. Aethergeode Miner is great for triggering revolt - my 2c.

lagotripha on 100 Dollar Budget UW Tempered Steel

3 weeks ago

Metallic Rebuke, Inspiring Statuary, Whir of Invention, Countless Gears Renegade, Master Trinketeer, Servo Exhibition, Sram's Expertise all look promising here and are in standard and supply right now. Might try my own even more budget brew myself.

Good luck!

jawz on Mono White Revolt

1 month ago

I tried it a bit. Couldn't really find a good way to maneuver the early turns with so much congestion at the 2 and 3 drops while struggling to find land. I got the sense that Countless Gears Renegade is just too weak. I know you're trying to go hard on Revolt, but an early Renegade leaves the door open for the opponent to start getting too far ahead, but Renegade only gets value if you play it early and then can hold them off until the late game. I think it's dragging down the rest of the deck. I don't know what would be better, but my first thought was two Aethersphere Harvesters, a Thalia, Heretic Cathar, and a Plains.

bewarekraken on The Orzhov Revolution (Aether Revolt Standard)

2 months ago

Maybe a single Yahenni since having multiples in your hand really is not gonna feel good considering Legendary + its ability to keep it on the board. If that's out of the question I think Countless Gears Renegade is your weakest card. Hell, Glint-Sleeve Artisan > Countless Gears Renegade

Eilel on Servo beatdown

2 months ago

Countless Gears Renegade would work well with servo's revolt triggers easy with Terrarion, same goes for Sram's Expertise no reason not to play them.