Requiem Angel


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare
Dark Ascension Rare

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Requiem Angel

Creature — Angel


Whenever another non-Spirit creature dies, put a 1/1 white Spirit creature token with flying onto the battlefield.

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Requiem Angel Discussion

acht_deck_manager on Evasive Ephara Draw

2 months ago

Tuning Notes:

  • Requiem Angel (Out) for Restoration Angel (In). Restoration has flash with a flicker effect. Fits the theme better. Requiem's CMC is higher and the second ability (while possibly useful) is arguably unnecessary
  • Vassal Soul (Out) for Wall of Denial (In). Wall is harder to remove, establishes earlier solid blocking against a commander, and can become a viable guardian with an anthem creature or two on the board
  • Latch Seeker (Out) for Mirror Entity (In). Mirror Entity can be a great win condition in this deck.
  • Judge's Familiar (Out) for Venser, Shaper Savant (In). Venser is a better "counterspell" since it always hits in the form of Remand. With plenty of creatures that bounce permanents/creatures back to hand on ETB, and now that I'm adding Crystal Shard, it's nice to have a repeatable Remand. Not to mention his recent reprint in MM17 makes him an affordable option again
  • Murder of Crows (Out) for Thistledown Liege (In). Test playing shows I have plenty of cards in hand. Anthem creature to win faster / make my creatures beefier seems like a better choice. Also the 3 devotion of Thistledown's not bad
  • Invisible Stalker (Out) for Crystal Shard (In). So much utility in the shard for either bringing my own back to hand or making an opponent pay for overplaying their hand. Can slow up aggro decks from early all-out taps to get creatures on the board
  • Uninvited Geist  Flip (Out) for Mist Raven (In). More bounce on ETB effects on a flying body to fit the theme

Hobbez9186 on The Humble Frog

2 months ago


I really like Marrow Shards. I forgot about Darksteel Mutation as well because it is an enchantment, but both would fit in sideboard as options.

I have been considering Crovax, Ascendant Hero as an Elesh Norn Lite, and Requiem Angel since I could Secure the Wastes a bunch of chump blockers that would trade and become retaliating flyers. I think those would make solid mid game finishers for slightly less mana than Norn. I didn't want too many actual creatures in the main so that I had access to as many stall tactics as possible and to keep the ridiculous polymorph theme.

As I type this I just found a few ridiculous cards that really make this viable since it would get me to my few creatures fast and cheap... wow, can't believe I overlooked all of these...

Polymorph would turn one of my own tokens into either Elish Norn, Godhead, or Archetype of Courage. That's nuts. And that art? Are you kidding, so much lol. Totally mainboard worthy.

Mass Polymorph is absolutely going in sideboard where I can put exactly five creatures in the deck and then after playing Increasing Devotion on turn five I can play Mass Poly on six and have my end-game board automatically.

I overlooked Jalira, Master Polymorphist originally because it wouldn't let me get to Elish Norn, but now I'm seeing things differently and could make a case for her in the sideboard.

Thank you for spinning the gears again, I'm looking at this under a whole new light and now I'm even more excited to try it :)

Thanks for having a look and supporting the idea.

rizzenkampf on Little Teysa's Value Town

2 months ago

Hey antismart, thanks. It's my favourite EDH deck and I've seen quite a bit of success with it.

Regarding the Requiem Angel, it's probably not a good idea IMO if your meta is super competitive. The effect is nothing short of amazing - it synergises with Teysa so well - but 6 mana hurts if games seldom go past turn 7-8. Otherwise it's good - and the fact that's it's a 5/5 flier helps close the game sometimes.

As for other cards, if you're looking for slots, maybe:

  • Gravecrawler (because it's hard to recur and you already have other 4 recurring creatures),

  • Haunted Dead (worse Zombie Infestation I think),

  • Mortify (you already have a lot of targeted permanent removal and Teysa herself acts as repeatable creature removal - the reason I only run Anguished Unmaking and Return to Dust),

  • Trading Post (I've run it myself for a long time and it very seldom worked for me - it just does very little not quite often compared to what, say, Recruiter or Stoneforge offer)

I am probably way out of line here though - your list is very sweet and I am sure there are very good reasons for the above inclusions. I haven't tested the Recruiter thoroughly enough yet but Flitter and Stoneforge are amazing and the Ophiomancer is Bitterblossom No.2 most of the time.

antismart on Little Teysa's Value Town

2 months ago

Hey I like the deck, had a couple questions about a few cards..How do you like Requiem Angel? Seems really good, but I have a hard time justifying 6 mana, it's totally a second commander though.Also I know I should run Marsh Flitter, Recruiter of the Guard, Stoneforge Mystic , and probably Ophiomancer but am having trouble moving the slots. I'm more of a fan of running Sun Titan and Animate Dead than running Unearth because you can always get two creatures (sometimes three) with the combo.

spooniermist on Rhys makes his own friends

2 months ago

Thanks Findlesticks. Dictate of Karametra is interesting, but I feel that, due to the speed of the deck, other decks in my meta would get more value out of it then I would. Requiem Angel is pretty nice, I'll have to look into getting me one. Although I agree with the Selfless Spirit comment and leaving open mana for Rootborn Defenses, it's mana that I usually keep open to activate Rhys, so it's rarely mana wasted and the surprise Indestructable is more my style.

Although I've yet to play Devout Invocation, I see it as a way of 'transforming' some mooks into fatties, and don't see the tapping as much of a downside, because I'm still left with Angels to defend with. I want Entreat the Angels, but don't have it! I'l swap out the Decree of Justice for it, probably.

I don't like Curse of Predation too much. Making a 1/1 attacking token a 2/2 is still gonna get mushed, although I see the value in painting a target on another player.

Rzepkanut on Ghave, the Shroom Shaman

2 months ago

Requiem Angel triggers from tokens dying, that's another way to double your creatures...although it is a very slow one. Also Animation Module & Mind Slash are great here I bet. Cheers.

Findlesticks on Rhys makes his own friends

2 months ago

If you want to make it faster, try out Dictate of Karametra and the like. Cryptolith Rite is great, could do with some Elspeths and something to make a medium army explosive (You've got Cathar's Crusade, how about Jazal too?). Requiem Angel would give you more resilience, as would Selfless Spirit, if you find yourself running out of steam. Rootborn Defences is often weak, as you'll be slow if you always want to leave 3 mana open, but I see arguments both ways.

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