Quarantine Field


Format Legality
Limited Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Mythic Rare

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Quarantine Field


Quarantine Field enters the battlefield with X isolation counters on it.

When Quarantine Field enters the battlefield, for each isolation counter on it, exile up to one target nonland permanent an opponent controls until Quarantine Field leaves the battlefield.

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Quarantine Field Discussion

SynergyBuild on X X X Enchantress

1 month ago

Eladamri's Call, Worldly Tutor, Recruiter of the Guard, Chord of Calling, and Sylvan Tutor are all good creature tutors that effectively you more enchantress effects. Also Eladamri's Call was reprinted recently, and so is quite cheap.

Burgeoning is very good. Run it.


Parallax Wave goes infinite with Opalescence and Starfield of Nyx (If you have enough non-aura enchantments), and let me explain how if you don't understand it, I was confused at first when I saw it so here:

Parallax Wave is an enchantment that starts with five fading counters, and at your upkeep you must remove a counter from it, if you can't you sacrifice it.

You may remove a counter from Parallax Wave whenever you want (at instant speed) to exile a creature, and when it leaves the battlefield, return all cards that enchantment has exiled to the battlefield. This includes itself if it is a creature.

If it is a creature you can remove a counter from it to exile an opponent's creature, then hold priority, and exile itself in response. The stack resolves top to bottom, so given no opponent reponds, you exile Parallax wave to itself, and it will leave the battlefield, returning all cards it has exile to the battlefield, before it exiles the opponent's creature. Parallax Wave returns, and their creature has an exile trigger on the stack, respond to that by repeating this process for each and every creature your opponents control, so that they all get exiled. If you have Opalescence in play, then you can exile all of their enchantments with this process too.

To this effect, from that point forward, your opponents will never land an enchantment or creature. You can also repeatedly "bounce" (retrigger the leave-the-battlefield and enter-the-battlefield effects of) all creatures you want. If you have Eternal Witness or Eidolon of Blossoms, you can draw infinitely, or return all cards that ever go to your graveyard to your hand. You might be scared that you would die from drawing infinitely, but you can draw until you reach Abundance, cast it, then keep drawing, always naming non-land. You also make infinite mana from Earthcraft by tapping the creatures between bounces. You bounce them by exiling them under Parallax Wave, then exiling Parallax Wave to itself, return both itself and your creature to the battlefield.

Enough about Parallax Wave, if I hadn't sold you, I never will.

Tangent Over.

Cards you can drop:

Sigarda, Heron's Grace - Not really worth it as protection goes, Greater Auramancy would be much better for the deck, possibly Heroic Intervention or Teferi's Protection

Craterhoof Behemoth - Beatdown isn't the best win condition for enchantress, it is a bit to aggressive for a deck that commonly doesn't have too many creatures. Ajani's Chosen/Sigil of the Empty Throne at least give fidder for Earthcraft mana and Aura Shards triggers.

Courser of Kruphix - Yeah it is a good creature, and it is an enchantment, but it isn't a good enchantment. It is lifegain for a deck that can do without, and a 2/4 blocker that gives life for three. That is good in modern occasionally, and insane in limited, but it isn't for commander unless you can abuse it. Sunbond/lifegain effects + Scapeshift/landfall effects make it decent.

Acidic Slime - 2/2 deathtouch is occasionally relevant, good with Parallax Wave combo for mass non-creature destruction, then the creatures get exiled by Parallax Wave, and is efficient, but if you don't get the Parallax Wave, then it doesn't do a ton.

Aura Shards - Without a ton or consistent supply of creatures, it does little but paints a target on your head.

Soul Snare/Faith's Fetters - They do little but waste mana on an overpriced and conditional Swords to Plowshares/Beast Within respectively. Their only redeemable factor it that they are enchantments, but that doesn't maek up for the fact that they aren't instants and aren't as powerful as other cards.

Cards to add:

Burgeoning - In commander it can be better than Exploration

Cloudstone Curio - Can survive Stony Silence, with an enchantress and some low cost enchantments it can go crazy card draw.

Crop Rotation/Sylvan Scrying/Tempt with Discovery - Finds Serra's Sanctum

Grand Abolisher/City of Solitude - Great instant protection

Greater Auramancy - Great Enchantment Protection

Heroic Intervention/Autumn's Veil/Teferi's Protection - Good one-turn protection.

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx - Kinda like Serra's Sanctum

Femeref Enchantress/Aven Mindcensor/Containment Priest - Hatebears.

Recruiter of the Guard - Fetches any enchantress, Academy Rector, etc. Comboes with Parallax Wave and also Cloudstone Curio

Worldly Tutor, Eladamri's Call, Chord of Calling, Sylvan Tutor - More tutors act as more enchantress effects.

Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Beast Within, Krosan Grip - Great instant speed removal.

I know said to add more than I said to drop, but below are some other cuts I'd consider:

Abundant Growth

Aegis of the Gods

Sigarda, Host of Herons

Heliod, God of the Sun

Tooth and Nail

Sigil of the Empty Throne

Sphere of Safety

Journey to Nowhere

Quarantine Field

Mana Bloom

Ground Seal - (Use Rest in Peace, I know it hurts Replenish, but it hurts your opponents so much more, and comboes with Helm of Obedience if you want!)

Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Dragonlord Dromoka

DarkStarStorm on $10 Tokens ✨

2 months ago

I would also find a way to cut Quarantine Field and Shamanic Revelation. There are simply better ways to get rid of permanents even in your colors on a budget. Oblivion Ring is an option that doesn't cost you half a million mana. Shamanic Revelation would also benefit you more if its slot was taken by a proper finisher. Finally, Avacyn's Pilgrim is only really effective in a deck that is going tall with big finishers. Replace it with more Soul Wardens or some of the things in your maybeboard. Cryptolith Rite also has this issue, but they're printing a card that does its job while providing your deck with a good finisher in the next set.

Philigan87 on EDH Dinosaur Tribal

4 months ago

I think with big creatures like yours, this deck deserves a copy of Chandra's Ignition.

One of the cards tht get's overlooked a lot is Quarantine Field, and rightly so, as it's high casting and dies to removal, however, I think big mana, big swinging decks like yours might have a place for it.

The idea here would be to play it for lots of mana before combat (maybe with Mirari's Wake and/or Zendikar Resurgent) and clear out all of the blockers, leaving your own in tact. However even if you don't get to do that, it's still a versatile removal card even if you cast it for 4 or 6.

level966 on RW Exert (MtG Casual)

4 months ago

Perhaps Have some removal in your sideboard. Maybe Banishing Light Quarantine FieldOr Suspension FieldMaybe Path to Exile

ellie-is on Ellie's Saprolings

5 months ago

Thanks! Most of those are rather nice but sadly out of my budget. One notable exception is Ghost Quarter, which I already own and which already has a spot saved for it in the sideboard.

At some point I'll probably acquire Relic of Progenitus and Rest in Peace, but due to their cost it'll be a long while.

I don't think I like Qasali Pridemage that much - would rather stick to the cheaper and easier to cast Sundering Growth. It might not give me a 2/2 body, but it does give me a Saproling, which in many situations is better than that for this deck.

And I love Ghostly Prison as a card, but don't think it'd be that useful here. If I'm lagging behind enough to need it, it's probably not going to be able to save me either, and I can't think of many specific matchups where that card specifically would be a game-changing sideboard swap.

Dismember, despite the price increase, is actually the cheapest of your suggestions. Heh. I'm thinking that for spot removal, I might be able to go for something that costs more mana and can deal with noncreature permanents too? That'd make it more budget-friendly as well. Something like Oblivion Ring/Banishing Light or even the more mana-intense Quarantine Field... Or just Journey to Nowhere, which deals with only creatures for two mana. Another one I like a lot is Prison Term. All of those of course have the weakness to enchantment removal, but exiling a creature is often nicer enough than destroying it to make up for that. Alternatively, I could try to get Beast Within, which can even destroy lands and doesn't cost white. Or, you know, just stick to Dismember, too. All I know is that I really don't want Path to Exile.

Building a good sideboard on a budget is tough. I'm trying to think of cheap alternatives to staples like Stony Silence and Leyline of Sanctity, but for the most part there are none. I'd love to get those but it's really just not an option at the moment. Don't really want to spend over three dollars on any single card. And yet at the same time, I don't want to take my deck to the LGS without bringing the obvious answers to the most played decks that everyone else has in their sideboards already... It seems like the best I can do for now is just wait as I slowly build the sideboard over time, and in the meantime try to patch it up with simple cards that may or may not be useful in certain matchups.

TheDuggernaught on Black/White ally life gain/drain

5 months ago

Welcome to TappedOut! Seems like a pretty good attempt at a first deck. I have played Allies as my primary deck(s) for a little over 7 years now, and would love to help you flesh out your ideas! First thing is first, though. You need to cut down the deck to 60 or at least 61 cards. I could get into the math behind it, but it essentially boils down to wanting to draw your best cards when you want to draw your best cards. With each card over 60, you reduce the odds of drawing the cards you need when you need them.

Now to flesh out what you want the deck to do. You have elements of aggro, and elements of combo, and you current list does not do either particularly well. Your aggro core is Kazandu Blademaster, Hada Freeblade, and Kabira Evangel. You then have Sanguine Bond, and small life gain/drain effects for your combo element. Alhammarret's Archive also helps accelerate your combo by doubling your life gain (and thus drain with Sanguine Bond in play. These two strategies may not seem competeing at first. The life gain/drain helps speed up your aggro clock, and your aggro clocks reduces how much you need to combo. However, the big reason is the cmc of your combo pieces. By the time they become relevant. With your current land count, the chances of you having hit 5 lands by turn 5 is only about 34% if you are on the play. Most aggro decks (allies included) want to win by turn 4 or 5. I have a R/W/B ally list that can win turn 3 (even with one of my creatures dying) a fair amount of the time. These 5 drops then gum up your hand and prevent you from drawing cards that are relevant to board state right now. On the flip side of things, you do not have enough cards in your current build that help you get to your combo. These cards would be lands (probably want about 23-25 if you want to play those 5 drops with any degree of consistency), and control. These cards are plenty powerful, but they do not do anything if you do not live long enough to cast them. You could massively upgrade your control suite with cards like Path to Exile, Fatal Push, Go for the Throat, Collective Brutality, Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize, Wrath of God, Condemn, Oblivion Ring, and Journey to Nowhere. Quarantine Field just does not cut it with only 20 lands as you need 4 mana to exile 1 thing, or 6 mana to exile 2. It does not start beating Oblivion Ring in mana efficiency until you exile 3 things for a whopping 9 mana, which is about half your lands.

So tl;dr, what do you want your deck to do? Right now, it is kind of torn in two different directions. I can certainly help you tweak this to be an ally life/drain combo build; or I can help you make tweaks to speed up its clock and turn it into more of an aggro deck. Just let me know by commenting again the deck, and I will start tossing more specific advice about what cards you might want to look into adding or cutting! Good start though! This is miles better than what my first few decks looked like :P

SpikeyWolf on General Tazri

7 months ago

Nice! I don't think Quarantine Field is necessarily a good option; You're five color so you have a lot of outs against every color. I think you're kinda wasting instant slots as well. Most of the ones you have can be replaced with better alternatives- take advantage of those five colors!

_raeofsunlight on Mana Ramp (Using Tokens)

7 months ago

Well, for starters, Pathbreaker Ibex is not legal in modern. So I would take that, Ghoultree, and Bringer of the Green Dawn, Cartouche of Solidarity. Add more Wayfaring Temple, Spectral Procession, Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip, White Sun's Zenith, Overwhelming Stampede, Craterhoof Behemoth, Intangible Virtue, Quarantine Field

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