Boros Cluestone

Boros Cluestone

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T: Add R or W to your mana pool.

RW, T, Sacrifice Boros Cluestone: Draw a card.

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Boros Cluestone Discussion

JTIN13 on Gisela

1 month ago

The thing to remember when making an EDH deck is: "What is this deck trying to do?" Getting a focus on the theme, and trimming any cards that don't play to that theme, is the first step you should take. Play toward your commander. You chose them for a reason, and they're always accessible to you. USE them.

One of the most important things to remember in EDH is that because you can only have a single copy of any card, each card has to hold its own weight and be important by itself. Cards like Lightning Bolt and Lightning Strike are great burn cards in regular 1v1 games where your opponent only has 20 life, but in big multiplayer EDH matches where each of your opponents starts with 40, they will probably just feel like dead weight. If you are using them for creature removal, consider this: there are two major types of "creature structures" in EDH decks: big guys, and a lot of guys. If you're facing a token deck that has swarms of soldiers, zombies, saprolings, or whatever else, a Magma Spray here and a Magma Jet there might get rid of one or two of them, but there will always be more. If your opponent has "big" creatures, then you will have to play two or even three of these cards just to get rid of one creature. All that does is destroy your own hand while wasting your own cards.

Next is land. EDH is the best format for "mana rocks" (artifacts that produce mana). Look into things such as Sol Ring (an EDH staple), Boros Signet, Boros Cluestone, and Boros Keyrune (the signet especially). Some other lands to look at (for starters) are Command Tower (a staple just like Sol Ring), Opal Palace, Sacred Foundry, Clifftop Retreat, and Boros Garrison.

Also, you have two copies of Act of Treason and are short one card. I hope this will give you a good start on the never-ending process of tuning and tweaking. Good luck!

manablobs on Gisela's Hotbox

4 months ago

You can take out Gamble , unless you really like shitty tutors and bouts of disappointment, but I couldn't really find another indestructible creature that was a great fit for what you're doing with this deck.

Instead of the Boros Cluestone , you could run Darksteel Ingot

Nagaram on Most powerful card ever printed?

5 months ago

I'd definitely have to go with Boros Cluestone or maybe Simic Guildgate .......

Chengo on Iroas

5 months ago

First of all, I'll say that this is not a very consistent deck. A deck that only have 1 or 2 copies of each card will be very difficult to pilot. Secondly, You don't have enough land to power up creatures like Iroas, God of Victory , Goblin Battle Jester or Congregate , you'll need at least 20 lands. Then, although Boros Cluestone looks interesting, it is actually useless, if is mana that you are looking for, you can add Sacred Foundry . Lastly, White and Red is a very powerful combination that can turn into Burn, Aggro, Weenie, Token and even Devotion. Things like Boros Charm and Boros Reckoner will be very helpful in this type of deck. = )

JakeHarlow on

5 months ago

Yep. Sounds good.

Well, we are close to our $40 budget and we're not even halfway done.

Maybe we ought to raise the budget ceiling to $60? Any objections?

Also. Sweepers. I like Brightflame . Aurelia's Fury could do in a pinch, too. Legion's Initiative , anyone?

Fixing our colors on a budget. Boros Keyrune , Boros Cluestone , Boros Signet , Darksteel Ingot , Terramorphic Expanse , Evolving Wilds , Armillary Sphere ?

Hiisi on 2014-07-30 update of Defeat at ...

6 months ago

Hey dude, thanks for commenting on my Aurellia deck!

I really like your creature base! Only card I would add is Solemn Simulacrum

I think your deck is a bit heavy on the enchantments and land. Maybe consider swapping a couple of lands and enchantments for mana rocks like Sol Ring , Boros Signet , Mind Stone , Gilded Lotus , Darksteel Ingot and Boros Cluestone (I normally don't like cluestones but BW has trouble with card draw and every little bit helps). This would help your deck get a more explosive start.

As for the enchantments, I would cut a few of the low impact ones and add Marshal's Anthem and Legion's Initiative (awesome against wipes).

To address the card drawing problem that BW decks have, I feel that cards like Staff of Nin and Mind's Eye are almost mandatory, you could try running Reforge the Soul since it's already in your maybeboard.

Last suggestions that come to mind are Mistveil Plains for your sunforger package, always nice to get used instants back into your deck. Return to Dust is also a stronger card than Wear / Tear in the modern age where you need to deal with theros gods.

Oh and Blasphemous Act is AWESOME when you have Repercussion on board.

Hope these suggestions help!

Stiggy on (Surprisingly) Consistent Boros Beatdown

6 months ago

try your best to stick to the '4 rule' I know how it is not being able to get some of the cards you need but always try to pick 9 core cards of your deck, and put 4 of each in, and then put 24 lands. If there are plainswalkers or legendary creatures you have chosen, only put 2-3 of each in there for a more consistent deck. But I do like this deck, maybe taking away the Boros Cluestone since it doesn't help put to much aggro on your oppenent and you can be putting better things out turn three. If you would like a example on a 4 deck my deck RGW Aggro is pretty good, the only bad thing about it though is that I have to have double the mana for some creatures. But +1 from me and keep on playing and please tell me how it goes!

Dekord on Standard Brewing Challenge: Artifacts

6 months ago

Round 1 Match 1

Chromantikeyrune (hereby CK) wins the flips and keeps a hand of Selesnya Keyrune , Temple Garden , Mutavault , Supreme Verdict , Temple of Malice , Rakdos Keyrune , and Azorius Cluestone .

Holy Five-inity (hereby HT) mulligans and keeps a hand of 3x Island , Hallowed Fountain , and 2x Sphinx's Revelation .

T1CK: Plays Temple of Malice (instead of Mutavault, because early damage is not as important as setting up here) and scries a Simic Keyrune , which he keeps because it is more mana.

T1HT: Draws Scuttling Doom Engine and plays Hallowed Fountain tapped.

T2CK: Draws the Keyrune and plays Temple Garden in tapped.

T2HT: Draws Scuttling Doom Engine and plays an Island .

T3CK: Draws Chromanticore and plays Mutavault . Taps out for a Rakdos Keyrune .

T3HT: Draws Ensoul Artifact and plays an Island . No Darksteel Citadel in sight.

T4CK: Draws Boros Cluestone and plays it, again prioritizing setting up over early agro.

T4HT: Draws Detention Sphere and uses it on Rakdos Keyrune , because getting hit doesnt sound like a party. Plays an Island .

T5CK: Draws Chromanticore . Plays Selesnya Keyrune .

T5HT: Draws Island and plays it.

T6CK: Draws Haunted Plate Mail and plays it. So thats what HT should have saved Detention Sphere for!

T6HT: Draws Trading Post and plays it. This wont save us.

T7CK: Draws Sacred Foundry and plays it tapped. Makes Mail and Mutavault into creatures and attacks. (CK: 20 HT: 14) Plays Azorius Cluestone . Wheres your Detention Sphere now?!

T7HT: Draws Supreme Verdict . Guess were passing without making a move.

T8CK: Draws Temple of Mystery . Makes Selesnya Keyrune and Mail into creatures and attacks. (CK: 20 HT: 7). Plays Simic Keyrune . Plays Temple of Mystery and scries Chromanticore , keeping it on top because its a good backup plan right now. At EOT, HT discards Ensoul Artifact with Trading Post. (CK: 20 HT: 11), because dying is also not a party.

T8HT: Draws Dissipate . Whoo, arent you late to the party?

T9CK: Draws the Chromanticore. Makes Mutavault, Mail, and Selesnya Keyrune into creatures and attacks. (CK: 20 HT: 2). Plays Simic Keyrune. At EOT, HT discards Supreme Verdict (CK: 20 HT: 6). Stupid useless boardwipe against a field full of creatures.

T9HT: Draws Island. Plays it, and plays Scuttling Doom Engine . Whoo, a blocker.

T10CK: Draws Sphinx's Revelation . Plays a Verdict, killing the Doom Engine. (CK: 14 HT: 6) Attacks with Mail and Mutavault for game. Good game!

GAME 1 WINNER: Chromantikeyrune by KingSorin

Sideboarding: CK sides Anger of the Gods for obvious reasons, and removes Supreme Verdict because there are better options in the sideboard against this deck. Puts in Catch / Release because of the big creatures, Wear / Tear because of the artifacts and enchantments, and Merciless Eviction to remove the big artifact creatures of Five-inity.

HT sideboards out Supreme Verdict since most of Chromantikeyrunes creatures need to be killed at instant speed, and Volatile Rig is removed because the creatures can dodge the explosion. In return, in goes Pithing Needle , Celestial Flare , Jace, Memory Adept , and Resolute Archangel .

Thoughts: My deck got screwed over for too long with mana sources before the Keyrunes, Mail, and Mutavault brought the beatdown. The Verdict I was sitting on in hand would have helped if the creatures could be killed at sorcery speed; otherwise, Keyrune did not even have to play the three Chromanticores in hand in order to kill me. The mana ramp of Keyrune is impressive, really; he made due with only 3 lands as a non-aggro deck for a while.


HT mulligans twice and keeps a hand of Darksteel Citadel , Scuttling Doom Engine , Island , Temple of Enlightenment , and Dissolve . Ouch! Well, at least it is a good hand for a double mulligan.

CK keeps a hand of Temple of Silence , Selesnya Keyrune , Rakdos Keyrune , Chromanticore , Breeding Pool , Golgari Keyrune , and Mutavault .

T1HT: Plays the temple, scrying another Temple of Enlightenment . Keeps it on top. Might not have kept if it was not a scry land, but this way we have another chance at scrying as well as a land.

T1CK: Draws Chromanticore . Plays Temple of Silence , scrying Temple Garden which he keeps on top- because why not? More land.

T2HT: Draws the Temple and plays it, scrying Ensoul Artifact , which he keeps on top. Heck yes.

T2CK: Draws the Garden and plays Breeding Pool in tapped. Next turn comes the Keyrunes!

T3HT: Draws the Ensoul, and plays Darksteel Citadel .

T3CK: Draws Izzet Cluestone , plays Mutavault and plays Selesnya Keyrune .

T4HT: Draws Sphinx's Revelation , plays Island and Ensoul Artifact on his Citadel, and swings in (HT: 20 CK: 15)

T4CK: Draws Azorius Keyrune , plays Temple Garden in tapped. Plays Rakdos Keyrune . Well then. How exactly are we going to stop that Citadel?

T5HT: Draws Scuttling Doom Engine . Swings with the Citadel. (HT: 20 CK: 10)

T5CJ: Draws Azorius Cluestone . Plays Azorius Cluestone and Azorius Keyrune . A dangerous wager, but more mana is needed to play Chromanticore - then we can start gaining life back.

T6HT: Draws Sphinx's Revelation , swings with Citadel but it is blocked by Mutavault.

T6CK: Draws Wear / Tear . Plays it for the white cost, but it gets Dissolve d. HT scries Detention Sphere and keeps it. Plays Chromanticore . Damn, that was gonna be beautiful.

T7HT: Draws the Sphere and uses on the Core, unmindful of the second Chromanticore in hand. Attacks with Citadel (HT: 20 CK: 5).

T7CK: Draws Rakdos Keyrune . Tight spot. Plays Izzet Cluestone .

T8HT: Draws Trading Post . Attacks with Citadel, but the attack is blocked by an animated Rakdos Keyrune .

T8CK: Draws Stomping Ground , and plays it untapped (HT: 20 CK: 3). Plays Chromanticore . Finally, we can get this started.

T9HT: Draws Hallowed Fountain , and play it untapped (HT: 18 CK: 3). Attacks with Citadel, and Azorius Keyrune turns into a creature to block. Plays Trading Post .

T9CK: Draws Elvish Mystic . Plays the Mystic and attacks with Chromanticore and Selesnya Keyrune (HT: 11 CK: 8) Looks like things are turning around!

T10HT: Draws Plains and plays it.

T10CK: Draws Merciless Eviction - useful. Attacks with Chromanticore (HT: 7 CK: 12) Tops off the turn by play Rakdos Keyrune . At EOT, HT casts Sphinx's Revelation at x = 3, drawing Island , Darksteel Citadel , and Celestial Flare (HT: 10 CK: 12).

T11HT: Draws Darksteel Citadel , plays it and casts Scuttling Doom Engine . More blockers!

T11CK: Draws Breeding Pool and plays it tapped. Swings with Chromanticore (HT: 6 CK: 16), then plays Merciless Eviction naming creatures. In response, HT taps Citadel to sac Scuttling Doom Engine and draw a card, drawing Trading Post (HT: 6 CK: 10). Citadel and Chromanticore are exiled.

T12HT: Draws Resolute Archangel . Plays an Island and plays the Archangel (HT: 20 CK: 10).

T12CK: Draws Chromanticore and plays it. Well then, that 14 health jump.

T13HT: Draws Celestial Flare and plays Scuttling Doom Engine .

T13CK: Draws Chromanticore and bestows it on the one on the field. Swings in but meets Celestial Flare .

T14HT: Draws Trading Post and plays it. Attacks with Doom Engine, but it is blocked by Rakdos Keyrune .

T14CK: Draws Sphinx's Revelation and swings with Chromanticore (HT: 16 CK: 14). Out of double Doom Engine range! At end of turn, HT uses first Trading Post to sac Doom Engine and draw Island . He uses the second one to make a goat (HT: 15 CK: 8). In response to HT not having the mana to counterspell, CK uses Rev for 11, drawing Simic Keyrune , 2x Mutavault , 2x Elvish Mystic , Temple Garden , Haunted Plate Mail , Sacred Foundry , Catch / Release , Rakdos Keyrune , and Dimir Cluestone . To the grave go 2x Elvish Mystic , Temple Garden , and Dimir Cluestone (HT: 15 CK: 19). Hand: restocked!

T15HT: Draws Plains and plays it. Sacs a goat to a Trading Post to get back the Doom Engine, and plays it.

T15CK: Draws Selesnya Keyrune . Plays Mutavault . Plays Haunted Plate Mail and equips it to Chromanticore , and swings in (HT: 7 CK: 27).

T16HT: Draws Banishing Light and plays it on Chromanticore . Attacks with Archangel and Doom Engine (HT: 7 CK: 17). Plays Trading Post . Lets see if we can stabilize.

T16CK: Draws Temple of Plenty and plays Mutavault . Makes Mail, Selesnya Keyrune, Rakdos Keyrune, and Mutavault into creatures. Plays Catch / Release on Scuttling Doom Engine . Swings with everything on board. Good game!

GAME 2 WINNER: Chromantikeyrune by KingSorin

Thoughts: Fun stuff! I had to mulligan down to 5, though, which probably cost me the game. Early on, Chromantikeyrune had trouble dealing with an Ensouled Darksteel Citadel, but eventually stabilized and regained its footing with its signature card and a well timed Rev. Five-inity never had a chance to do the same properly after the tables had turned, and relying on the lifegain of the two Trading Posts while tapping out its creatures to attack cost Five-inity the game.

BONUS ROUND (Alright, so I messed up and didnt calculate a bunch of things game 2 and Chromantikeyrune ended up winning rather than Five-inity. However, I was well into Game 3 when this happened, and decided to go ahead and finish it. Enjoy.

CK keeps a hand of 2x Rakdos Keyrune , Izzet Cluestone , Temple Garden , Stomping Ground , Elvish Mystic and Chromanticore .

HT keeps a hand of Celestial Flare , 2x Hallowed Fountain , Plains , Detention Sphere , Darksteel Citadel , and Sphinx's Revelation .

T1CK: Plays Stomping Ground in untapped (CK: 18 HT: 20) and plays the Mystic.

T1HT: Draws Plains . Plays Hallowed Fountain in tapped.

T2CK: Draws Selesnya Keyrune , and plays Temple Garden in untapped (CK: 16 HT: 20), and taps out for Rakdos Keyrune .

T2HT: Draws Temple of Enlightenment , and plays a Plains .

T3CK: Draws Temple of Plenty and plays it, scrying Temple of Silence and keeping it on top. Plays Selesnya Keyrune and swings with Mystic (CK: 16 HT: 19).

T3HT: Draws Ensoul Artifact and plays Darksteel Citadel .

T4CK: Draws the Temple and plays it, scrying Mutavault which stays on top. Plays Izzet Cluestone and turns Selesnya Keyrune into a creature, and attacks. HT casts Celestial Flare , and to the grave the Keyrune goes.

T4HT: Draws Plains and plays Temple of Enlightenment , scrying Resolute Archangel which stays on top. Casts Ensoul Artifact on Darksteel Citadel and swings in (CK: 11 HT: 19).

T5CK: Draws the Mutavault and plays it. Bestows Chromanticore on Elvish Mystic and swings in. (CK: 16 HT: 14).

T5HT: Draws the Archangel and plays Hallowed Fountain in tapped, then casts Detention Sphere on the Chromanticore. Swings in with Citadel (CK: 11 HT: 14).

T6CK: Draws Breeding Pool and plays it untapped (CK: 9 HT: 14). Sacs the Cluestone to draw a card, drawing Temple of Malice . Plays Rakdos Keyrune and makes Mutavault a creature to swing in (CK: 9 HT: 12).

T6HT: Draws Dissipate and plays Plains . Swings in with Citadel, which is blocked by Elvish Mystic .

T7CK: Draws Merciless Eviction and plays it, but it gets Dissipate d. Plays Temple of Malice , putting Temple of Abandon on the bottom.

T7HT: Draws Banishing Light and swings in with Citadel (CK: 4 HT: 12).

T8CK: Draws Sacred Foundry . Plays it in tapped. Makes Keyrune a creature and attacks (CK: 4 HT: 9).

T8HT: Draws Darksteel Citadel and plays it, and swings in with Citadel. Mutavault becomes a creature and blocks. Plays Resolute Archangel (CK: 4 HT: 20).

T9CK: Draws Haunted Plate Mail and scoops.

Thoughts: Ensoul Artifact on Citadel did WORK there! By countering the one chance that Chromantikeyrune had of getting rid of it, Five-inity quickly took the game.

Final thoughts: Excellent games, with the apparently deciding Game 2 giving Chromantikeyrune a hard-won victory. Im glad to see my deck put up a fight but not win. Chromantikeyrune is a deceptively good deck, with the amount of seemingly random Keyrunes and Cluestones thrown in being very misleading as to the actual power of the deck. It lacked a lot of effective removal for Five-initys creatures, but pulled out ahead with its legions of mana source instant speed creatures and of course Chromanticore. I have a better opinion of the latter card now, definitely.

ROUND 1 MATCH 1 WINNER IS Chromantikeyrune by KingSorin!

Thats it for this game, folks! Stay tuned for the next installment of Dragonb- I mean, the challenge. Next pairing is Artificial Intelligence by BooJr2001 vs casual anti artifact deck by Wic_Uber.

Color(s) Red White
Cost 3
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 10.05
Avg. cube pick 9.16


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze Common

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