Boros Cluestone

Boros Cluestone

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T: Add R or W to your mana pool.

RW, T, Sacrifice Boros Cluestone: Draw a card.

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Boros Cluestone Discussion

Daedalus19876 on Anax & Cymede Human Soldier EDH <$25 Budget

2 months ago

This is impressively budget, and still looks fun! Kudos!

(And I thought my I Call Her Vera: Sidisi EDH, in its original iteration, was budget at $40! The most expensive deck I've seen here was over $11000, and made by an elitist idiot.)

Also, I wish that I could acquire a Sunhome :P it's a card I just can't find around.

It is hard to suggest improvements for budget decks, because I don't know what would be too expensive. Any suggestions I make, of course, may be naive because I've never played with your deck and thus I don't know the synergies, but here we go...I'm trying to make most of my suggestions commons and uncommons so it's cheap.

I would cut the following, for the given reasons:

-Cut Furious Resistance for Brute Force: since almost everything you have has first strike, the first strike is irrelevant, and you shouldn't be blocking much in RW anyway.

-Cut Pristine Talisman for anything that gives colored mana (suggestion: Boros Signet or Boros Cluestone): The 1 life is virtually never relevant in EDH, but mana screw is.

-Cut Kabira Crossroads for Plains or perhaps Sejiri Steppe: the 2 life is nice but in any fast deck (and RW should be fast) you want your lands untapped as soon as you play them. SS is broken though and can allow a creature to attack unblocked easily.

-I would cut Transguild Promenade for...about anything actually. It's a fantastic card (I think so at least, but most people don't) but in 2-color the detriments outweigh the benefits.

-Consider cutting Zealous Strike for Mighty Leap. The flying is often better, especially it it's targeted at Anax+Cymede.

I also found the following cards very, very helpful:

-Betrothed of Fire: Old but cheap. Allows you to either strike for unexpected commander damage, or sac something expendable to pump everything.

-Rally the Peasants is powerful, cheap, and repeatable.

-If you want to strike for commander damage, all of the instants/sorceries that give double strike are amazing.

-Ogre Battledriver is a rare and not a soldier, but it's absolutely worth looking for.

-Mob Mentality and Bravado can strike for unbelievable damage, especially on your commander. Plus they're both pretty cheap.

-Seeker of the Way isn't a soldier but it's pretty darn good.

Finally, these start getting a bit more expensive, but Daru Warchief, Captain of the Watch, Elite Vanguard, Field Marshal, Catapult Master, and Preeminent Captain are all good soldier tribal cards, if you feel like sinking a bit deeper into tribal. And Obelisk of Urd and friends like tribal decks in general.

If you want to get a lot more soldiers relatively cheaply, you could check out the Elspeth/Tezzeret Duel Deck - Elspeth's deck is almost entirely soldiers, and she herself is amazing. Plus Tezzeret's half, while not applicable here, is full of cool stuff.

Eric1827 on Police Brutality

3 months ago

I would take Boros Signet over Boros Cluestone

JTIN13 on

5 months ago

The thing to remember when making an EDH deck is: "What is this deck trying to do?" Getting a focus on the theme, and trimming any cards that don't play to that theme, is the first step you should take. Play toward your commander. You chose them for a reason, and they're always accessible to you. USE them.

One of the most important things to remember in EDH is that because you can only have a single copy of any card, each card has to hold its own weight and be important by itself. Cards like Lightning Bolt and Lightning Strike are great burn cards in regular 1v1 games where your opponent only has 20 life, but in big multiplayer EDH matches where each of your opponents starts with 40, they will probably just feel like dead weight. If you are using them for creature removal, consider this: there are two major types of "creature structures" in EDH decks: big guys, and a lot of guys. If you're facing a token deck that has swarms of soldiers, zombies, saprolings, or whatever else, a Magma Spray here and a Magma Jet there might get rid of one or two of them, but there will always be more. If your opponent has "big" creatures, then you will have to play two or even three of these cards just to get rid of one creature. All that does is destroy your own hand while wasting your own cards.

Next is land. EDH is the best format for "mana rocks" (artifacts that produce mana). Look into things such as Sol Ring (an EDH staple), Boros Signet, Boros Cluestone, and Boros Keyrune (the signet especially). Some other lands to look at (for starters) are Command Tower (a staple just like Sol Ring), Opal Palace, Sacred Foundry, Clifftop Retreat, and Boros Garrison.

Also, you have two copies of Act of Treason and are short one card. I hope this will give you a good start on the never-ending process of tuning and tweaking. Good luck!

manablobs on Gisela's Hotbox

8 months ago

You can take out Gamble , unless you really like shitty tutors and bouts of disappointment, but I couldn't really find another indestructible creature that was a great fit for what you're doing with this deck.

Instead of the Boros Cluestone , you could run Darksteel Ingot

Nagaram on Most powerful card ever printed?

9 months ago

I'd definitely have to go with Boros Cluestone or maybe Simic Guildgate .......

Chengo on Iroas

9 months ago

First of all, I'll say that this is not a very consistent deck. A deck that only have 1 or 2 copies of each card will be very difficult to pilot. Secondly, You don't have enough land to power up creatures like Iroas, God of Victory , Goblin Battle Jester or Congregate , you'll need at least 20 lands. Then, although Boros Cluestone looks interesting, it is actually useless, if is mana that you are looking for, you can add Sacred Foundry . Lastly, White and Red is a very powerful combination that can turn into Burn, Aggro, Weenie, Token and even Devotion. Things like Boros Charm and Boros Reckoner will be very helpful in this type of deck. = )

JakeHarlow on

9 months ago

Yep. Sounds good.

Well, we are close to our $40 budget and we're not even halfway done.

Maybe we ought to raise the budget ceiling to $60? Any objections?

Also. Sweepers. I like Brightflame . Aurelia's Fury could do in a pinch, too. Legion's Initiative , anyone?

Fixing our colors on a budget. Boros Keyrune , Boros Cluestone , Boros Signet , Darksteel Ingot , Terramorphic Expanse , Evolving Wilds , Armillary Sphere ?

Color(s) Red White
Cost 3
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 10.07
Avg. cube pick 9.16


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze Common

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