Boros Cluestone


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Common
Dragon's Maze Common

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Boros Cluestone


: Add or to your mana pool.

, , Sacrifice Boros Cluestone: Draw a card.

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Boros Cluestone Discussion

KABO5e on God of Spambots

3 weeks ago

Assemble the Legion, Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Raise the Alarm, Secure the Wastes, Ride Down, Deflecting Palm, Angelic Skirmisher, Dragon Fodder, Nykthos, Chained to the Rocks, Banishing Light, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Oblivion Ring, Brave the Sands, Glory of Warfare?

These are goblin tribal but... Krenko, Mob Boss & Goblin Rabblemaster

As far as things to take out... I'd agree that you should probably start with the artifacts. Notably Astral Cornucopia and Fire Diamond simply because I'd think 3x's are kinda steep without green and I don't think the 2 mana for a tapped red is worth it with so few red symbols. To replace the diamond, maybe Boros Cluestone or Boros Signet? I think they're both better than the Fire Diamond.

Uri on Black/Red/White equipment

1 month ago

Hey all,

I'm looking for assistance with a Black/Red/White equipment deck. My commander is Oros, the Avenger, accompanied by primarily white creatures (there is one red, namely the Hellkite Tyrant)

But I have absolutely no idea what cards to pick from. My last concept contained creatures very scarcely.

Here are some cards that I planned to put in.

Creatures:Stoneforge MysticStone Haven OutfitterTidehollow ScullerPuresteel PaladinBrass Squire (for instant-speed equipping)Kor DuelistHellkite TyrantIroas's ChampionBoros SwiftbladeHearthfire HobgoblinBoros Reckoner

support/fetch:Boros CharmLightning BoltTerminatePath to ExileDeclaration in StoneLightning HelixWarleader's HelixGhirapur AEther Grid (playing red, and has artifacts. Why not?)Steelshaper's GiftOpen the ArmoryEnlightened TutorSigarda's Aid

equipment:Flayer HuskBatterskullSickleslicerLoxodon WarhammerSword of KaldraSunforgerDemonspine WhipSwiftfoot BootsDarksteel PlateSword of War and PeaceSword of Light and Shadow

other:Sol RingBoros CluestoneRakdos Cluestone

landofMordor on Make Mirrodin Pure Again

1 month ago

Okay, here's my two cents:

It appears that your maybeboard is mostly just different versions of removal/mana rocks that you've already got in your deck. A lot of it is redundant, unless you really want to double up on those mechanics (which depends on your meta).

In my opinion, these are the studs of your MB:Stonehewer Giant. You've got enough equipments to make him crazy good. I'd take out Godo for Stony, unless you add in some vigilance to make Godo's second ability worthwhile for your whole board.Hedron Archive in place of Boros Cluestone, unless you need the RW source.Hangarback Walker for Precursor Golem -- the Walker gives you lots of small creatures in the air to benefit from your general's buff, while the Golem copy-spell ability doesn't really benefit from your instant suite (in fact, it'll just make your golems more vulnerable to removal). I like Open the Vaults, and it'd be really helpful with all your artifact sacrificing (not sure what to take out, though). Tamiyo's Journal seems awesome in this deck -- plenty of artifacts to tap or sacrifice with your other cards, tutoring!, and the kind of card draw that white sorely lacks (maybe take out Shimmer Myr, who doesn't seem like he contributes a ton -- you can't equip at instant speed, and it'll be super obvious if you leave 9 mana untapped that you'll be flashing your Darksteel Forge).It looks like the rest of the MB is either replacement mana rocks or other forms of removal. I'd take them all out unless there's a specific threat in your meta you're trying to combat, in which case you can side-board them (I used to run a TON of white exile because my buddy played Avacyn, Angel of Hope...).

A couple of unsolicited suggestions: I'd try Myrsmith as a mana sink and token generator (maybe in place of Lodestone Myr if you're feeling generous to your opponents), and Archetype of Aggression for adding trample if your meta happens to be clogged with Cat tokens. Lastly, Odric, Lunarch Marshal seems like a win condition if you've got anything flying or deathtouch on the field.

Cheers! Good luck brewing.

ElspethOfValeron on Oathbreakers and Kingslayers: Adriana EDH

2 months ago

You made an Adriana deck interesting! That's awesome. This deck is actually ridiculously sweet. Seriously, awesome job!

So one thing I would say is that you should definitely include more ramp/fast mana. Your deck is pretty top-heavy for an aggro deck. That's fine, as those high-CMC spells you've included are really high impact, but you definitely need a way to power them out fast - after all, the faster you can get them out, the easier you can overwhelm the board. You only have a very few pieces of artifact ramp; I'd fix that. Mana Crypt and Mana Vault are the obvious fast mana staples, but they (or at least Mana Crypt) may be out of your budget. Thran Dynamo, Worn Powerstone, Mind Stone and Hedron Archive are good colourless sources - the last two can also cycle themselves well, which is, of course, very relevant in Boros. Commander's Sphere is also a great one, giving you coloured mana, and cycling itself even when it's tapped. Other good options for artifact ramp include Everflowing Chalice, Fire Diamond/Marble Diamond, Darksteel Ingot, Fellwar Stone, Coldsteel Heart, Grim Monolith, Boros Cluestone, Boros Keyrune, Basalt Monolith, Chromatic Lantern, and Gilded Lotus. Obviously you don't need to run ALL of these, nor should you, but I'd add at least a few. Playing Scourge of the Throne is awesome - but playing Scourge of the Throne on turn four is even MORE awesome. Also, as a miscellaneous ramp suggestion, I honestly think every single non-green deck should at least consider running Sword of the Animist.

I'd also include some insurance against board wipes. Sweepers are the bane of Boros - you have so little card draw that it's easy to establish a board, have someone play a Wrath of God or something similar, and then be left topdecking for the rest of the game, unable to get anything else going. Something like Selfless Spirit would go a long way toward protecting your board state. Archangel Avacyn  Flip could also be a huge bomb.

In case you DO get wrathed out of the game, I'd try to find a bit more card draw. I highly recommend including Wheel of Fate, Reforge the Soul, Wheel of Fortune, Magus of the Wheel, or other wheel effects. It's really easy to get into topdeck mode in Boros, and once you're in that mode, instantly drawing seven off a single inexpensive card is right where you want to be.

You should probably include a wrath or two. Wrathing your own board sucks, and isn't something you ever want to do in Boros, but I can guarantee you that you'll end up at least a few times in a situation where your board is being dealt with effectively and you're way behind, while everyone else is sculpting a huge army of their own. Wraths are great insurance for those moments. No matter how much of a nonbo they seem in deck construction, you will always end up in a situation where you wish you had one in hand. Wrath of God is, of course, the classic staple for this. I also recommend Blasphemous Act, and maybe Day of Judgment.

Finally, as a random recommendation, Entreat the Angels seems like it could be pretty sweet here. Avacyn, Angel of Hope would also be a great top end of your curve, and basically instantly solidify your position.

Nisoth on Gisela beat-down fun

2 months ago

Cutsin is right. You want 37-38 lands. Also, you may consider mana rocks that double as card draw. My Endless Ranks (Aurelia, the Warleader) list includes (but is not limited to):
Mind Stone
Boros Cluestone
Commander's Sphere
Hedron Archive
Dreamstone Hedron

AmazingGrace15 on Aurelia Boros Voltron

4 months ago

Again, really great start on this deck. It looks awesome, you have a very solid foundation. I'll lay out some suggestions for you and explain them:

Creatures:Angel of Deliverance I don't see being a huge asset to you. The chances of you having 4 or more types of cards in your graveyard is kind of unlikely, considering you'll probably only have instants, sorceries, and creatures. Granted, you may have a few artifacts or enchantments, but the majority of the time you won't.

Blood Knight is a little bit of a weak card, and you may need to replace him over time. For now, he can stay, but maybe think of something with a little more umph for a 2 drop.

Emeria Shepherd is a good card. This card can definitely stay, but I also suggest Sun Titan. He's an absolute MUST!

Flameblade Angel I don't see being very helpful. Its ability isn't all that significant, because it is only 1 damage which in the EDH format isn't all that much.

Platinum Angel is also a very good card, but I'm not sure if it truly fits. Play with it and see how you like it, but if you feel like you're missing something you might want to reconsider having this card.

For creatures, I suggest Iroas, God of Victory and Stonehewer Giant. Iroas is just insanely powerful in general and Stonehewer will help you get equipment onto the battlefield faster.


Your choice for instants looks pretty good! I do suggest Path to Exile, Wing Shards, Condemn and Enlightened Tutor. Path to Exile, Wing Shards, and Condemn are extremely helpful in protecting yourself and taking care of the big threats. I can't tell you how many times Wing Shards has saved my butt! As for Enlightened Tutor, that will also help you get equipment or enchantments out, ultimately leading to bringing Aurelia out faster.


Defy Death might not be the best. It is very specific, and if you are planning to take out Angels then it won't be that useful. Putting Sun Titan in will definitely help with the idea of bringing back your creatures. Or, you can always use something like Breath of Life, even though that returns a creature to your hand and not the graveyard.

Vandalblast is a decent card as a sorcery, but it would be better as an instant. I think you have the bases covered as far as board wipes go, so I don't think you need this one at all.

Storm Herd is also an amazing card that can make your life total a weapon!!!!


Great job here! Defninitely working the protection to stall until you cast Aurelia.

Ordeal of Purphoros I don't see being very much help, because it only deals 3 damage to a creature or player, and that isn't all that much damage. You can definitely keep it here for now, but look into alternatives such as Scourge of the Nobilis. I also suggest True Conviction, because it would be AWESOME!


Inquisitor's Flail I think would do more harm than good to you. I think you would be better off with just Fireshrieker or Grappling Hook, or better yet Quietus Spike or Basilisk Collar!

I don't see Tormod's Crypt doing much for you either. Although it is a 0 drop, you only get to play it once unless you somehow bring it back. Unless you're playing someone who utilizes their graveyard to win, I don't think you'll need it.

Whispersilk Cloak is also very good! I also suggest Lightning Greaves, that will help you a ton.

Overall for artifacts you'll need a bunch that buff Aurelia and make her unstoppable. Darksteel Plate is a MUST! Also, Boros Signet or Boros Cluestone is always helpful to have.

As for planeswalkers, I'm not sure how helpful Elspeth would be besides the fact her -8 is amazing. I do suggest Ajani Goldmane or even Ajani Steadfast. Ajani Vengeant might be good if you're looking for a more aggressive approach, but he'll quickly become a target. You'll be able to deal some hefty damage before he dies though! Elspeth Tirel would be good too.

Sorry if this seems a little overwhelming. I am doing this sort of quickly because I've been busy, so if you have any questions let me know! You have a great start, keep it up! Play around with some ideas and have fun!

Groovelord on It's me, ur lover

4 months ago

Anax and Cymede? Neat choice. But I see you're over the deck limit, and some of your cards could be replaced.

Cathars' Crusade is an upgrade over Valor in Akros.

Reckless Charge is better than Uncanny Speed.

Journey to Nowhere is better than Suspension Field.

Path to Exile or Return to Dust over Celestial Purge.

Boros Signet over Boros Cluestone.

Swords to Plowshares over Devouring Light.

You don't have enough card draw to need Thought Vessel. Mind Stone or Coldsteel Heart is a better 2-mana rock. Also lose Springleaf Drum; you want to attack with your creatures, not tap them for mana.

Kabira Vindicator, Hand of Justice and Foundry Champion all cost too much for what they do. Better options are Soltari Champion, Pianna, Nomad Captain and Catapult Master, but you might not have enough soldiers to use Catapult Master to the fullest. In any case, don't run Hand of Justice.

Anoint, Seething Anger and Mark of Fury are nice as reusable heroic spells. I'd cut Hold the Line and Righteousness since they're dead when you're not blocking.

You badly, badly need a Sunforger to find your combat tryxxx, and its good pal Mistveil Plains to keep doing it again. Odric, Master Tactician is also a must to make sure your army gets through.

Tempt with Glory should be Ajani Steadfast.

Wear / Tear over Shattering Blow.

You don't have enough +1/+1 counter stuff for Elite Scaleguard to be worth it, but that can be remedied with some more bolster and outlast cards like Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit and Abzan Falconer. I think the Scaleguard could really shine in this deck with the right support.

Cut all the battalion creatures. Battle cry is much better (Hero of Bladehold, Accorder Paladin, Hero of Oxid Ridge, Goblin Wardriver, maybe Signal Pest).

Zada, Hedron Grinder is kind of like a backup Anax and Cymede. Note that the copies won't trigger your heroic guys cuz copying and casting aren't the same. But I'd cut all the heroic creatures anyway, except Phalanx Leader and maybe Fabled Hero.

Veteran Swordsmith should be Spear of Heliod. You're running too many non-soldier creatures for the Swordsmith to be worth it. Veteran Armorer is not worth running at all.

Paragon of New Dawns should be Angel of Jubilation.

First Response should be Mobilization, Heliod, God of the Sun or Goblin Assault. Most decks won't be hitting you often enough to get soldiers consistently.

Fury of the Horde should be Increasing Devotion or Conqueror's Pledge. It's more important to focus on building and protecting an army than to get into extra combat shenanigans.

Opaline Unicorn should be Chromatic Lantern

Crusader of Odric could be...Young Pyromancer maybe? I'd keep the creature curve pretty low to get the most out of Return to the Ranks.

Peace, and have fun Borosing

Shadow_Tack on Flamewright PDH

4 months ago

You're missing quite a few things when it comes down to mana fixing, such as Wind-Scarred Crag Boros Garrison Boros Cluestone Boros Signet maybe Boros Keyrune since peasant? Things like Evolving Wilds and Naya Panorama are helpful too

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