High Priest of Penance


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Rare

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High Priest of Penance

Creature — Human Cleric

Whenever High Priest of Penance is dealt damage, you may destroy target nonland permanent.

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High Priest of Penance Discussion

netdeck_master on My Friends are Contagious!

4 days ago

Are you into extort? Because Syndic of Tithes and Crypt Ghast could do some damage. As well, I feel like High Priest of Penance could have an impact because of its ability.

Stephencliffe on Athreos, wololoing with B/W

1 week ago

Hahaha. Bro, this is crazy. I just made a deck like this 3 days ago, but without the humans sub-theme. If you wanna check it out, here you go Aristocrats and bob.

The decks are really similar, so maybe you'll see something on that list that you didn't think of. After seeing this list, I think I'll add High Priest of Penance to my own.

Have you thought about Champion of the Parish? I think it would go really well in this deck. Keeps with the humans theme, and also makes it a bit more agro. Soul Warden is also good. Cool deck!

tschiller on Athreos, wololoing with B/W

1 week ago

Yeah, I know, was a hard decision to not bring her in. Sac-mechanic for 1drop, 2/3 power/toughness for 2 drop, she has a lot going for her. Nevertheless her second ability didn't feel very reachable in a game and with High Priest of Penance I kinda worked around that issue, even better High Priest of Penance is a human and now interacts with other creatures.But I got her in the back of my head for future redesigns if necessary.

About Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx I'm quite sure that this land won't fit in, now that I made room for Vault of the Archangel. Don't like it to have to many colorless mana producing lands ;)

NippDip on Athreos, wololoing with B/W

1 week ago

Just so you know, sacrificing High Priest of Penance doesn't trigger it's ability to destroy a permanent as it's not being dealt damage. Just something to think about. Also, maybe find a few spots for Path to Exile as good removal and Dark Confidant if you're not on a budget.

acbooster on WhEn does Trample damage apply?

2 weeks ago

All damage is assigned and dealt at once.

Say your opponent is attacking with Worldspine Wurm and you block with High Priest of Penance. When it comes to the combat damage step, all damage is assigned. Your opponent assigns 1 damage to the Priest, which is enough to kill it. They then assign the remaining 14 damage to you. You assign the 1 damage from the Priest to the Wurm, then combat damage is dealt.

You take 14 damage at the same time your Priest takes lethal, and then the Priest dies as a state-based action. That's when its ability will go on the stack and you will get to destroy a nonland permanent.

metalmustaine on WhEn does Trample damage apply?

2 weeks ago

let'S say i have High Priest of Penance blocking a creature with trample, can i destroy the creature before they assign trample damage to me?

TheMadRocketeer on I hope he didn't die of anything catching, eh?

3 weeks ago

I played this deck a couple of times last night, and the first thing I noticed is that I'd provided exactly 1 card to protect to my creatures that don't have indestructible or protection from black built in. That made Crypt Rats a fragile one-shot. (High Priest of Penance and Wall of Hope didn't put in an appearance this time.) The increased creature count made Pestilence easier to keep in play. The mana balance was OK, but I always seemed to want just 1 more land.

VraskaTheCursed on Modern Persist Combo

1 month ago

cool idea! gotta love combo

i think Diabolic Tutor is too slow for modern, so I'd take out those. you DEFINITELY need spot removal in modern. Bile Blight simply won't cut it, especially against aggressive decks. 3 Condemn instead of 3 Diabolic Tutor is probably the best budget option, and i'd replace the High Priest of Penance with 3 Oblivion Ring and 1 Condemn

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