High Priest of Penance


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Rare

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High Priest of Penance

Creature — Human Cleric

Whenever High Priest of Penance is dealt damage, you may destroy target nonland permanent.

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High Priest of Penance Discussion

VraskaTheCursed on Modern Persist Combo

21 hours ago

cool idea! gotta love combo

i think Diabolic Tutor is too slow for modern, so I'd take out those. you DEFINITELY need spot removal in modern. Bile Blight simply won't cut it, especially against aggressive decks. 3 Condemn instead of 3 Diabolic Tutor is probably the best budget option, and i'd replace the High Priest of Penance with 3 Oblivion Ring and 1 Condemn

kryptslayer53 on Work In Progress Alesha

1 day ago

I really like this deck. It seems pretty powerful. Might I recommend Strionic Resonator for copying Alesha triggers, Eldrazi Monument for a nice buff, and if you can afford it Akroma's Memorial to really wipe the floor with your opponents. Some other good creatures to put in are Tidehollow Sculler and High Priest of Penance. Overall this great is great, good work! :)

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa Aikido

2 weeks ago

This looks like a fun deck that is a work in progress. I would have lots of suggestions for you, but I want to get your thoughts on my Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control deck, so that we can have a base for discussion. As an example, I think you would be very happy if you swapped out Orzhov Advokist for High Priest of Penance or Duelist's Heritage. All three are low CMC Pillow Fort cards in white that are meant to discourage attacks against you. The advantage of High Priest of Penance is that it is a strong Rattlesnake card that gives no advantage to the opponent, but definitely encourages opponents to seek prey elsewhere, prey with less teeth. Duelist's Heritage has turned out to be an amazing addition to my Pillow Fort package. It can give advantage to my opponents for attacking each other, discourages people from attacking into my blockers, and can augment my attacks when needed. Awesome card in my deck. Orzhov Advokist provides a permanent bonus for not attacking you. This bonus can be used to turn a utility creature into a real threat given time, one that was not likely to attack you anyway, and they don't need to attack someone else to get that bonus. They are in control, not you, and later they can use that bonus against you. I found it to be worse for me than not having it, and it has no place in my deck.

Anyway, let's do some cross pollination. What are your favorite elements of this deck, and how do you think that they would align with the goals I have outlined for my deck?

precociousapprentice on Absolute Monarchy

3 weeks ago

Looks like a fun deck. Looks like you are adding a small Tax/Stax element to your Pillow Fort/Prison. I find that angering the table is a good way to make them attack you, and is counter to trying to hold Monarch. My deck Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control has somewhat similar goals, but is quite a bit different. Check out the list and the discussions to get another take on the same idea. Also, the drop down for Inspirations links a couple of other decks with similar goals.

Look at Sun Droplet, Sphere of Safety, Ophiomancer, High Priest of Penance, Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs, and Dread as excellent Pillow Fort/Rattle Snake cards.

precociousapprentice on You Will Serve, Even In Death

3 weeks ago

Looks like you run a moderate sized Pillow Fort. My only suggestions at this point are High Priest of Penance and Selfless Squire. Both are powerhouses in my Queen Marchesa pillow fort control deck. You could also sift through my list, you may find something interesting. Obviously different decks with different strategies, but seeing mine through the lens of your deck may spark some cross pollination. I will look through yours for some more suggestions. Also, +1 for taking this commander in a different direction.

precociousapprentice on Marchesa's Council

3 weeks ago

I have several Humans in my Queen Marchesa that are great pillow fort cards. Check out High Priest of Penance, Ophiomancer, and Selfless Squire. I have a few other Humans, but they aren't Pillow Fort. You may be interested in them anyway, but the first few are probably perfect inclusions for your deck.

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

3 weeks ago

I have been rethinking my wincons recently, my ramp, as well as my average CMC. I have realized that some of the most powerful cards in the deck are the ones that are not in every other pillow fort deck, but that end up accomplishing the same things in the end, and that my wins are often very explosive, not grindy with my big beaters. Many of my best cards are low CMC, and consistent land drops with moderate ramp, as well as hitting my curve is at least as important as, if not more important, than collecting a huge mana base. I need early mana, consistent drops and curve, and a low profile.

For wincons, I ditched Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts, I am considering ditching Rune-Scarred Demon, and I am considering ditching Vengeful Pharaoh. Each of them can close a game, each of them pulls double duty in the deck, accomplishing the goals of the deck while also providing a relatively big beater, but all cost a ton. I want to reduce my average CMC, and these are some of my biggest costs. I am trialing Slumbering Dragon, but I think it will end up being more of a rattle snake card and a spot removal decoy than anything, so I am not sure I will ever see it as a wincon. Selfless Squire has done great things in this deck, and I am putting my Serra Ascendant back in. I was harassed about it, but as long as people run things like Sol Ring, Mana Vault, Tooth and Nail, and infinite combos, they have little room to talk. I put in Acidic Soil for a wincon, and have high hopes of closing many late games that way. I also put in Kambal, Consul of Allocation as anti-spellslinger and anti-infinite combo tech with a small lifegain element to make my Necropotence and Acidic Soil safer closers. I am worried that the Kambal, Consul of Allocation may end up drawing hate, but we shall see. I think it will be a better choice than Kaya, Ghost Assassin was and have the same function in the deck.

I have also discovered that there are many cards that function just as well, if not better, as pillow fort cards as the traditional pillow forts. I removed Norn's Annex, I removed Hissing Miasma. I added in Ophiomancer, Slumbering Dragon, High Priest of Penance, Gossamer Chains, and Duelist's Heritage. I am also considering Vampire Nighthawk for similar reasons, but with the added benefit of small and incremental lifegain. None of these says that the opponents can't attack. Each just shifts the cost/benefit analysis of the choice of attacks away from me. I find that telling people what to do is less effective than just making the best move not to attack me, even if they could freely choose to. I am looking forward to playtesting to see how this theory holds up.

Duelist's Heritage has proven pretty good so far. Early drop that can double up an attacker on each turn that I only activate if the attacker is pointed away from me. With a goal of taking advantage of the power of my opponents to wear each other down, helping that out from the early game seems to be working well enough, and does shift that cost/benefit balance toward attacking my opponents. The only issue I have is that they work well for me combined with my creatures, the bigger the better, and I am considering removing my biggest creatures. Deathtouch does combine well, but as a wincon, I would like to come up with some that synnergize well with Duelist's Heritage. I am open to suggestions on big body creatures that are very efficient and synnergize with my deck. I am considering Hunted Horror or Erebos, God of the Dead. Hunted Horror will give my opponents something to beat each other with, but it will also provide them with blockers for the horror, and that is not great. Also, I am not sure I need that level of efficiency, given that I want to lay low until I can win. I may playtest. Erebos, God of the Dead is an efficient big body, hard to kill, and comes with two abilities that could be useful in the deck. Either or both of these may work out well.

Another card with promise for this deck is Woolly Razorback. It functions as a big wall, and turns into an under-costed beater if people attack me, adding to the Pillow Fort theme. I might have to test.

Another card I am looking at is Hatred. An out of nowhere win off a small attacker, especially my commander, may be just what I am looking for. If people know it is a possibility, they may be forced to block a deathtouch creature and lose some resources. Swingy wins work well for this deck, and I may have to playtest.

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