High Priest of Penance


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash (GTC) Rare

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High Priest of Penance

Creature — Human Cleric

Whenever High Priest of Penance is dealt damage, you may destroy target nonland permanent.

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High Priest of Penance Discussion

Jimmy_Chinchila on Athreos the Combomaker

1 month ago

I always run High Priest of Penance with Athreos. Isolated Chapel and Shambling Vent should be in over a basic and probably the Evolving Wild. Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat are good with death trigger theme. Blind Obedience nice to hedge against Aggro, and Underworld Connections can be useful when you've got extra life to spare.

Nice build, +1

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid on Deck of many cuts

1 month ago

Welcome to EDH! How's this format treating you so far? How is it in comparison to other formats? And I love that commander too, even the art is beautiful. And besides my suggestions to make the deck stronger, you should look at "https://edhrec.com" to check out all the orzhov commanders and what cards are good for this commander. Check out "http://www.smileylich.com/mtg/magocracy/Magocracy_G1.html" as well for anything you can't find in the gatherer database. And look at "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Im1VuV7-qSI", I thought that was a fun theory but that could just be my interest in math.

Anyway, onto my arguments for a better deck. Like Mortify or Hero's Downfall instead of Murder? Or Unmake/ Ruthless Disposal v Eyeblight's Ending/ Bone Splinters? Gotta love that removal. Forsake the Worldly has become a favorite of mine, I was so happy to see that in your deck. There's also some other cards like Utter End, Pontiff of Blight, etc that fits your theme well. I also love non-combat victories, so I would add more cards like Zulaport Cutthroat and Debt to the Deathless.

Now onto the hard decisions. Like High Priest of Penance v Angel of Deliverance. Each has it's own pros and cons, but I thought I should argue for it. I would also replace Unraveling Mummy as it only supports Khenra Eternal and Gravedigger. I'd argue for Gifted Aetherborn or Vampire Nighthawk instead. I like where you were going with Gravedigger though, everyone needs some recursion. I'd argue for Phyrexian Reclamation or Ravos, Soultender to keep with the recursion, or load up some reanimation with Dread Return, Stitch Together, or Phyrexian Delver to keep with the ETB (enter the battlefield) effects. And if you want another general theme for the deck, consider Panharmonicon or Skybind. Lastly, you could include an infinite combo to make it more competitive, like Emeria Shepherd + Kor Cartographer to ramp all your Plains out.

So yah. I still love the deck and upvoted it, I just wanted to argue some cards and be devil's advocate. Also, EDH is my favorite format and I'm always here, so text me if you've any questions or need more help. Hope this helps

areyoulookingatmyboobs on Oloro's dissociative identity disorder

2 months ago

Hey TheSpiritombEnthusiast, I really appreciate your input. I've never heard of a lot of those cards! My thoughts:

  • Winter Orb - I'd like to run this, but I only have a couple of things in the deck that can tap it. (I do love the fact that the text has been updated to maintain the "tap to turn off" rule that used to apply to all "continuous" artifacts.)
  • Torpor Orb - Hooboy, I can see this forcing some decks into "creative" play and causing some frustration. And a two drop! I like...
  • Trinisphere - Nice, but same comment as I had for Winter Orb. If I can figure out a reliable way to control it, I could see it fitting nicely.
  • Defense Grid - Wow. I guess this probably slows things down a lot but fills the board with permanents over a few turns? Seems powerful for sure.
  • Aetherflux Reservoir - Now that is a ridiculous card. Must have.
  • Karlov of the Ghost Council - I was looking for something to replace High Priest of Penance, and this is absolutely perfect!
  • Sphere of Safety - Nice! Not sure if my enchantment subtheme is quite strong enough to run this right now, but I will definitely keep it in mind.
  • Test of Endurance - This seems almost too powerful in EDH. But it does provide a reliable win condition, something I think this deck is lacking.
  • Celestial Convergence - This one I'm a bit less excited about, but I guess if I learn to work the life gain properly it should work well for me.
  • Dream Tides - If I ever get around to putting a side board together, this will be in it.
  • Crawlspace - Back in the day I wouldn't have thought much of this card, but that was before you could generate an army of token critters. Nice one.

Again, thanks a lot for your feedback. Do you have any suggestions for cuts? I've monkeyed around with this deck to the point that I'm starting to feel unreasonably attached to everything in it.

kamelyan on Ravos and Tymna Cleric Tribal HELP!

3 months ago

With Rotlung Reanimator, you should run Phyrexian Altar and Conspiracy; that way you could draw as many cards desired with your Skullclamp or cast Exsanguinate for infinite.

...but I guess you don't want to go infinite, since you're not running Exquisite Blood with your Sanguine Bond.

As for what to take out, I would start with High Priest of Penance. If there's nothing to make him indestructible, he's just a one-shot, spot removal. That being said, your two clerics that act as Journey to Nowheres should also come out. Once you (or any other player) casts a wrath, your opponent gets back that threat you tried to remove. I would stick with Crib Swap, Forsake the Worldly, and Path to Exile.

Forceofnature1 on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

3 months ago

Olivia Voldaren could be a good inclusion here. She draws hate away from your commander, she's a threat but not an active threat unless you want her to be, and she can steal creatures.

couple her with a Basilisk Collar and hot diggity. You have some other synergies that could help that too... they get a little comboey but the collar and Darksteel Plate could go on a few of your creatures. An indestructible High Priest of Penance pinged by lady voldaren...?

Then again that may be too aggressive for what this deck is trying to do.

Weenie_Roaster9000 on Crouching Salamander, Hidden Courtyard

4 months ago

Heymaxon, I like it! First I would be sure to include 4 Orzhov Charm - the card is just too good to not use a play set. You've added some cool additional combos, but at the risk of making yourself extra vulnerable early. I'd take out 1 Elixir of Immortality, 2 Bubbling Cauldron, (you only need two cauldrons if you're using the elixir) and add either High Priest of Penance or Path to Exile. Great Brewing! I like the life drain effects outside of just the newt, and you have a strong finisher with Angelic Accord

StopShot on The Unfair Girl, The Daughter of Kaalia

4 months ago

Wow, I thought I was the only one that ran the Land Tax + Scroll Rack draw engine.

I don't know if you'd likely consider it, but Fiend Hunter also goes infinite with Karmic Guide and Goblin Bombardment/Blasting Station.

Also I see you're running High Priest of Penance, let me tell you that card is bonkers in this deck if you're reanimating and pinging him with a Desert. Destroying permanents every turn is fun especially when its cheap.

Also, I recently came across an infinite combo I don't think any other deck is using. I could see the combo: Goblin Trenches + Mana Echoes + Drownyard Temple doing really well in this deck since most EDH decks can have troubles removing enchantments and the fact you can generate the Goblins at instant speed means you can do so on an opponent's end step right before your turn by-passing the threat of boardwipes.

I hope my suggestions are of some use to you.

Flagellum on Zurgo Board Control Hatebears Help

4 months ago

Thought of a couple more bears:

Magus of the Tabernacle

Windborn Muse

Kataki, War's Wage: maybe not the greatest if you're running lots of equipment

Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker

High Priest of Penance

Containment Priest

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