NEW UPDATE 6/28/2019 - Added WAR, MH1, M20.

August, 2018, I looked at the other Edgar Markov Commander Decks here on There are a lot! They share so much in common. This deck is not the same. It could have the infinite combos with Exquisite Blood and the like, but it doesn't. You can have removal, tutors, and combos in your Edgar deck - but not here, not in Hyper Markov! This deck is all about creating as many vampires as possible, as fast as possible, with the best card draw, best buffs, and best reanimation ever! This is making Vampires Great! And a Majority of Vampires agree that you should always be at least 50/50 with vampire creatures in an Edgar Markov Deck!

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The primary objective is to create synergies from Edgar's Eminence Ability. Having low cost vampires gets you lots of Vampire tokens. Low CMC and primarily black mana costs means you can run less lands. Fill the deck with all the useful low cost vampires you can find. If Wizards invents more good 1 and 2 cost black vampires, they will be added to this deck! The remaining cards are all for card draw, combat and aristocrat multipliers, and reanimation. This deck plays enough creatures with consistency to knock out unguarded players by turn 4 or 5. Usually by turn 5 you've played a major multiplier, draw card, or a serious vampire lord.

After your vampire presence has increased, remember that Blood Artist or Falkenrath Noble can win you the game when your creatures die. This backup plan is called the "Aristocrat" strategy. This is helpful against opponents who have made it impossible for you to attack them, or as a response to a board wipe, or in response to a win combo. Instant speed sacrifice your creatures to Viscera Seer or Yahenni, Undying Partisan . With Elenda, the Dusk Rose , Cliffhaven Vampire , or others you can double the effect. Get crazier when it's your turn with Living Death or Patriarch's Bidding after sacrificing all your creatures. The ability to drain massive life from all opponents by sacrificing your own creatures at instant speed is just one of many exciting things you can do with all these Vampires!

The biggest secret that you shouldn't tell your opponents is that the best card in the deck is Captivating Vampire . Tell them not to counter it, and reanimate it as many times as you can if your opponents have creatures: because all of your opponents creatures would make great vampires too!

People may think that such a quick deck would run out of speed, but this deck just keeps on giving. Give it a try for yourself and find out. You shouldn't have a dull turn, Enjoy!


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