Edgar Markov

Edgar Markov

Legendary Creature — Vampire Knight

Eminence — Whenever you cast another Vampire spell, if Edgar Markov is in the command zone or on the battlefield, create a 1/1 black Vampire creature token.

First strike, haste

Whenever Edgar Markov attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on each Vampire you control.

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Mythic Rare

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
2019-10-04 Legal

Edgar Markov occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

RBW (Mardu): 0.71%

Edgar Markov Discussion

rofldiekatz on Good ol' Edgar - Aristocrats/Drain

1 week ago

Hi HannahBarbera, thanks for your suggestions. Anointed Procession tends to annoy me since it doesn't do a lot when the whole board is already set up (unlike Teysa, Orzhov Scion) but for now I moved it back in. Shared Animosity is a powerhouse for Edgar Markov decks but I feel it doesn't really suit the aristocrats-style enough. I might end up putting it in later though. Once again thank you for the suggestions! ;)

smilodex on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

1 week ago

@Coward_Token: As the title says, it's jank, slow and a gamble. It looks very fun but not like "high power edh" This is about who's the best commander and whether Mishra, Artificer Prodigy is stronger than Sliver Hivelord / Edgar Markov. And he just isn't.

smilodex on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

1 week ago

In your opinion, are Sliver Hivelord & Edgar Markov (two of the strongest tribal commanders ever) as bad as Lorthos, the Tidemaker & Ryusei, the Falling Star and besides that they should be weaker than Pianna, Nomad Captain & Mishra, Artificer Prodigy (I don't understand why Mishra is ranked so high in a singleton format !? he is at most tier 7...)??

They should be at least Tier 3.

  • Exchange Ghost Council of Orzhova with Teysa Karlov, because she's easier to cast, is more versatile and has a lot more combo potential.
  • Exchange Haktos the Unscarred with Winota, Joiner of Forces (he's maybe even better, like ElRobusto already mentioned), because he's with Feather one of the best Boros commanders at the moment. He's generating a lot of value and he's swarming the board pretty fast!
  • Exchange Rasputin Dreamweaver with Braids, Conjurer Adept, why? I mean, c'mon a 6 mana 4/1 with a mediocre effect should be better than cheating in Eldrazis for free protected by counterspells and stuff?? In my opinion she's almost as good as: Jhoira of the Ghitu
  • Exchange Slimefoot, the Stowaway with Zaxara, the Exemplary, it should be very obvious why Zaxara is stronger. 1. Colors + Blue means you have all the blue good stuff (counterspells, draw etc) 2. He costs only one additional mana, has Deathtouch and can produce mana and as an additional positive side effect you can create some hydras 3. in these colors Zaxara is incredible easy to break, because you have everything you need, like draw, ramp, removal, recursion, tutor, counterspells, discard etc....

Or do you really think that the commanders I mentioned above are at the same power level as Oyobi, Who Split the Heavens?

DemonDragonJ on Why Has Golos Become More ...

2 weeks ago

On EDHREC's top commanders page, Golos, Tireless Pilgrim has been the most popular commander for both the past week and the past month (at the time of this post), and has now overtakn Edgar Markov as the third most popular commander for the past two years, behind only Muldrotha and Atraxa, so I am wondering what caused this surge in popularity.

What does everyone else say about this? How did Golos become so popular? Do players simply really like the abilities that it has?

xjewgambitx on Card creation challenge

3 weeks ago

Sorin, Assistant to Edgar

Legendary creature - Human Wizard

Vampire creatures you control have lifelink.

If ~ would die, if you gained 3 or more life this turn, exile ~, then return him to the battlefield transformed.


Sorin, Vampire Ascendant

Legendary Planeswalker - Sorin

{Color identity: }

+1 Creatures you control get +1/+0 and gain lifelink until end of turn.

-3 Exile target creature with power 4 or greater.

-7 Create Avacyn, a legendary 8/8 white Angel creature token with flying and vigilance. Permanents you control gain indestructible until end of turn.


His flip ability is because when Edgar Markov turned him into a vampire it was so traumatic his spark ignited. His first ability was taken from a similar ability on another Sorin card. His middle ability is representing the imprisoning of the Eldrazi. His final ability creates Avacyn.

Ninja'd do above

MajordomoTom on Teysa Karlov - KIlled By Death

1 month ago

I'm more a fan of Edgar Markov, but she's a wicked commander. Nice deck, thanks for sharing.

Ahdor on Edgar Markov - Blood on the Table [EDH]

1 month ago

Change Notes:

Out: Oversold Cemetery
In: Phyrexian Reclamation
More often then not I feel like Oversold Cemetery is a dead card in my head, cause it's way to conditional.
I think the flexibilty and the lack of conditions which needs to be fullfilled when playing Phyrexian Reclamation is worth the mana and life.

Out: Champion of Dusk
In: Vanquisher's Banner
Champion of Dusk is great, but he often hurt myself more then he helps.
If I can't play my card draw card, because I will loose like over 10 life and my opponents then going to be able to kill me, I'm doing something wrong.
Vanquisher's Banner also buffs your whole team, while letting you draw cards without dieing.

Out: Expedition Map
In: Arcane Signet
It was a big mistake from my side to count Expedition Map as ramp. Because it doesn't ramp you in most cases.
It just tutors a land to your hand. If you got one from the Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth or Cabal Coffers combo already and use Expedition Map to get the other one, it's probably going to ramp you.
But in any other cases, it's just mana fixing and helps to make sure, you hit your land drops.
That's why I want to replace it with Arcane Signet, since that card actually ramps you and is nuts in most edh decks.

Out: Cathars' Crusade
In: Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose
This one kinda hurts. I really like Cathars' Crusade, since it buffs your whole board whenever you play a vampire by 2.
The problem is, it is an 5 mana enchantment which doesn't do anything when it hits the board, it has 0 impact by itself.
I try to cut down such cards, therefor it has to go for now, but I will put it into the Maybeboard.
Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose is a totally new card. He doesn't cost much mana and has the potential to deal quite some damage on top of what I'm already doing anyway.
He also can go infinite with Exquisite Blood, which I already ran before. I want to test him out.

Out: Vandalblast
In: Vona, Butcher of Magan
Vandalblast is one of the best cards in red to me, because it can do so much. But there isn't a ton of artifact decks in my current meta.
And even if I need to wipe artifacts, I still got some options with Merciless Eviction and Austere Command.
Vona, Butcher of Magan on the other hand can repeatable destroy nonland permanents, as long as I have enough life.
She can also gain me life. And she is a vampire. Removal on sticks are pretty damn good for Edgar Markov, at least in my book.

Out: Utter End
In: Despark
Not much to add here. Want to test out if Despark is better then Utter End.
There are some cards which I won't be able to remove and I'll be sad, like for example Blood Artist.
But the reduced cost of 2 mana is just insane. Especially in this deck, you don't want to keep 4 mana up to be able to cast Utter End.
However you should be able to have 2 for Despark.

TypicalTimmy on What was your favorite play ...

1 month ago

In a previous thread I mentioned something as an underappreciated card. Here is why.

It was down to 3 players, myself and my two opponents. I was playing Edgar Markov, I don't recall the other two.

One opponent was entering their combat step. They had a big enough boardstate that neither I nor the other opponent could do anything. So, I turned to politics.

I explained to them that if they full swing on our mutual opponent, that player will be forced to block. If they do, they lose almost everything and are open for the kill.

  • Either they take it all to the face, or try to survive and lose it all

Then, when it rotates to me, I can finish them off. It will leave me open, allowing this player to win.

So our mutual opponent comes in 3rd, I 2nd and the current player's turn as the winner.

They obligated.

They attacked, full swing.

Our mutual opponent sighed and blocked everything.

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