Oathsworn Vampire

Oathsworn Vampire

Creature — Vampire Knight

Oathsworn Vampire enters the battlefield tapped.

You may cast Oathsworn Vampire from your graveyard if you gained life this turn.

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Oathsworn Vampire Discussion

DixietheGod on Witcher EDH

1 day ago

Hey there!

Love the idea and what you've done with this! All of the thoughts I've seen have been either Chevill, Bane of Monsters as Geralt thus Golgari which limits you in terms of colors, or 5-color something as a catch-all. This is very interesting and as I said, I love what you've done with it.

I am not in love with your Dijkstra pick but understand that he is probably ideally Dimir which is not possible. That being said, I do definitely think of him more from the books as someone who somehow knows everything and is involved, more like a spy than a stereotypical government official, though all of his work is for Redania and not exactly personal gain.

I also don't love your Regis pick, I think he has a lot more to him than the thoughtful partier, Yahenni. Especially since Yahenni is really doing what he is doing to extend his life, though he has and had some conflicting thoughts about what he does and must do. I am not sure if there is a reluctant vampire card, it kind of goes against the whole idea of being a vampire, but that is Regis to a certain extent. Something I found that is not legendary is Oathsworn Vampire, which works well with Mathas in terms of gaining life. It also works well in terms of flavor as Regis does not drink blood because of the oath he swore to himself, and he was believed to be dead for a while. Another option is Arvad the Cursed due to how his lack of blood-drinking is a pseudo-curse as it makes him weaker and suffer.

Orianna could definitely be one of the Olivias: Olivia Voldaren or Olivia, Mobilized for War (not so much Olivia, Crimson Bride). The red hair and being a vampire is very fitting, especially that they both party and run those parties.

Detlaff could be Sengir, the Dark Baron; he likes and benefits when things die and when people fail. Transformed Detlaff does look a bit more like The Haunt of Hightower but I know you are already thinking of that.

All in all, thank you for this!! Sorry for the long and late message, just got into Witcher in the past year-ish :).

pretendingtoalright on Ayara Aristocrats

3 months ago

love it when Ayara gets some love not big on token creation? I think Oathsworn Vampire and Smothering Abomination could fit in here just fine.

multimedia on Vampire Assault

5 months ago

Hey, nice budget version.

I prefer a lower mana curve with Vamps having Edgar and Ruinous Ultimatum as the high end. With Patriarch's Bidding and Haunting Voyage as major recovery.

Here's two combos that give you repeatable value or can potentially win the game without having to attack with Vamps which in some situations is helpful in Commander.

Oathsworn Vampire + Cruel Celebrant + Yahenni, Undying Partisan is a Vamp combo because of Edgar's eminence to create as many Vamp tokens as mana you have available from repeatedly casting Oathsworn from your graveyard. This combo makes die triggers from Celebrant by sacing Oathsworn which is what lets you cast Oathsworn from your graveyard. Combine these Vamps with Cordial Vampire to make your Vamp army powerful with +1/+1 counters. Combine this combo with Captivating Vampire to gain control of a lot of your opponents creatures.

Bontu's Monument is nonVamp card that can replace Celebrant in the combo and it reduces the cost of Oathsworn to only one black mana. Blood Artist can also replace Celebrant. Viscera Seer is another Vamp sac outlet that could replace Yahenni in the combo.

Throne of the God-Pharaoh combines with Captivating Vampire and other Vamps to drain all your opponents life by tapping Vamps. Captivating can gain control of a creature and that creature can be your own creature repeatedly which means that if opponents don't have creatures to steal then you can continue activating Captivating.

Here's some suggestions of how to improve the manabase on a budget.

Vault of Champions and Spectator Seating are excellent lands in multiplayer, but they be out of budget range.

Good luck with your deck.

YamishiTheWickedOne on Bordello of Blood

6 months ago

I've been playtesting this a bit out of curiosity. It's frankly an excellent Aristocrats build, to the point Aether Vial and even Sorin almost don't feel needed. (would still keep Sorin, his +1s are really good). You run ample support for devotion, and Nykthos imo is justification for keeping Highborn. In all my tests where I've drawn Nykthos, I get to turn 4 and the whole thing just explodes in a beautiful, bloody, gory mess. Viscera + Bloodghast + Cordial + either highborn or artist is basically your core. Viscera being instant speed lets you do some really fun combat tricks as well.

And one last possible recommendation is maybe Oathsworn Vampire but that's about it. Well, him and possibly Champion of Dusk as a Sorin target for draw power as you tend to play your entire hand pretty early.

Hope all of this helps, you've certainly earned my seal of approval.

Omniscience_is_life on Steep Price to Pay (Dina, Soul Steeper)

9 months ago

BrassLord goodness gracious this'll take a second to go through!

Crypt Ghast seems perfect, that one's going in. Urborg --why not?

Mox Amber seems like it would just draw hate, most of my ramp sits at two anyway so I don't think it accelerates me too much.

Veinwitch Coven looks like fun, I should be able to find a place for it.

Oathsworn Vampire is ideal, 100% going in.

As far as the AltarMantle combo goes, I think I like it! I'll use Callous Bloodmage .

Sensei's Divining Top sure is a good card. I always forget about it, because--to be quite frankly honest--I don't want to buy one. But this is my no-holds-barred deck, so it should definitely go in!

I'm definitely trying to keep the average cmc down as much as possible, but I'll consider Savra .

Thank you so much for taking all that time to make such a detailed comment!

BrassLord on Steep Price to Pay (Dina, Soul Steeper)

9 months ago

Crypt Ghast and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth would be a good way to generate a bunch of mana in addition to getting lifegain triggers from extort! With any 2cmc commander Mox Amber is a decent ramp spell for 0! Also I saw Veinwitch Coven put in a lot of work at prerelease!

Bloodthirsty Aerialist and Scion of the Swarm also seems to gel really well with your deck, getting HUGE with lifegain triggers and also providing a big body for your commander's other ability! Something like Sanctum Seeker also seems like it'd work, doubling down on your commander's trigger.

Oathsworn Vampire also seems like it should go infinite somehow in your deck, I'm trying to find a way!

I don't know if I don't see it, but you have both the altar and Deathmantle in the deck, which also goes infinite with any creature that can make tokens, something like Grave Titan or anything with Fabricate like Marionette Master , which if you can make enough tokens can get you infinite ETBS as well as make your commander infinitely big!

You're also running both Aetherflux and Bolas's Citadel, you can make it an infinite with Sensei's Divining Top , where you cast it then do the draw trigger to put the top on top of the library, then cast it again, all while gaining life from the Resovior. Though running any combos comes down to preferance!

While a little more CMC Noxious Gearhulk Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper and Savra, Queen of the Golgari all seem to be what you'd like in the deck! And if you lean into the sacrifice, Black Market can be another decent way to get a lot of tokens!

VampRamped on A Vampire Storm *Primer*

10 months ago

Gorbah To answer the first question it is very powerful, as a part of the storm combination you can win immediately if you have 5 mana available Skullclamp or Heirloom Blade in play and Mana Echoes , Phyrexian Altar , 1 mana vampire in your hand, otherwise if you don't have Phyrexian Altar you can probably win the game if you just play mana echoes and it makes it all the way around the table as long Skullclamp or Heirloom Blade + any sac outlet is out.

Entomb is a new inclusion that I'm trying out that you can use to get Oathsworn Vampire to combo, or just get Bloodghast , or if you have Bloodline Necromancer or Nullpriest of Oblivion you can get any vampire you want right into play.

VampRamped on Edgar Aggro

10 months ago

This is a decent Edgar Markov list I just had a few questions and comments about choices

  1. You are playing swords to plowshares and path to exile in your deck what creatures are you worried about dealing with.

2.I know you have in maybe board but for 1 mana more than Vampire Aristocrat you get a much better card in Falkenrath Aristocrat as it has much better stats, evasion, and protection in addition the new Immersturm Predator is also a very good vampire sac outlet that is targeted graveyard hate.

3.What is your goal with this deck you say it's more and more a combo deck but it still has vampire aggro elements of it. While I think having multiple strategies within Edgar Markov is actually a good strategy with Edgar Markov. For example not only is Oathsworn Vampire a component of a decent combo but is actually pretty decent for the aggro beatdown Worldgorger Dragon while technically part of a more efficient combo is actually terrible for your vampire aggro deck. My suggestion would be to remove Worldgorger Dragon from your deck. doing so also allows to remove Heir of Falkenrath  Flip and Olivia's Dragoon which are not very good cards and are only really in for worldgorger in the first place.

Things I like about your deck

  1. Living Death : I think it is arguable the best card in an Edgar Markov deck not only an immediate board reset after a wipe but with a sac outlet you get a one-sided board wipe with all the effects of the sac + death triggers

  2. Multiple win cons: I did sort of mention this before but you also seem to recognize that Edgar Markov is a deck that can benefit exceedingly from a multitude of win conditions. This I think is because Edgar Markov identity is a momentum-based strategy, and thus is at its worst when your ground to a halt, or when you divert attention away from building momentum, which is also why I asked about your choice of strictly creature removal.

If you wanted to get some insight into how I personally balance multiple strategies in my personal deck, in addition to some very interesting vampire combo's I will put a link here.

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