Cordial Vampire

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Cordial Vampire

Creature — Vampire

Whenever this or another creature dies, put a +1/+1 counter on each Vampire you control. (Dying is being put into the graveyard from the battlefield, tokens are put into the graveyard before they cease to exist.)

SefTheReject on mono black vampires

3 days ago

I play a more aristocrats type of build, but can suggest a few vampires to look into. Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord is PHENOMENAL, specially with Bloodghast & Silversmote Ghoul. All work incredibly well with Cordial Vampire, he acts like a lord buffing the team whenever any creature dies. Knight of the Ebon Legion is a very nasty 1 drop that doubles as a removal spell later in the game. Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose I nice as well. Depending on your budget, I’d also suggest at least 2 Cavern of Souls, some fetches like Verdant Catacombs, Marsh Flats, Prismatic Vista or Polluted Delta to thin out your deck, Castle Locthwain for some card draw. Hope some of that helps.

lhetrick13 on budget token sac

6 days ago

Lucrative1020 - I really like some of the potential combos you have going on with the deck. Lots of token creation paired with some cards that pump when sacrifice occurs and the heavy hitting Dictate of Erebos in a sac deck is killer. I am dabbling in a vampire aristocrat themed deck as well at the moment (Sucks to Suck (Aristocrat)) and really like the idea of adding Pawn of Ulamog as that would potentially give me more creatures to sac...had not that of that as a contender so thanks! I am jsut imagining sacing tokens with Cordial Vampire in play for a quick powerup and mana generation...

In regard to your deck, how often do you actually get to use Dictate of Erebos or Mycoloth? With Dictate, that is a wincon for sure but pretty high CMC and only running 2 copies will be pretty rare to see it in a game. The same is true with Mycoloth and it does not have the same protection as being an enchantment. Had you considered maybe adding Parallel Lives as a way to generate more tokens to sac?

lhetrick13 on Sucks to Suck (Damage Themed)

1 month ago

Yogei - Ya, being at work is when I do the majority of my deck building so I did get some changes made...

Generally I feel like the deck has more synergy now. 8 removal spells mixed with Cordial Vampire and the general theme of dealing damage pumps my creatures will help me either clear the board so my vampires can hit or will give me a chance to pump for a advantage in an exchange. Assassin's Trophy will also give me an answer to artifact/enchantments as this deck struggled against those as I had no formal removal of that. The ramping effect is not great but worth it for the flexibility. Need to get in some games though to see how it really feels post changes!

As always, thanks for the suggestions and tips, I appreciate it!

lhetrick13 on Sucks to Suck (Damage Themed)

1 month ago

Yogei - Good stuff! Thanks for sharing your thoughts man!

I am a little hesitant about Tuskguard Captain as I do not want to lose the tribe for him. In case you have ever thought about running Tuskguard, Duskshell Crawler is similar but a little cheaper. I have never ran Rancor but do hate when an opponent uses it so that is a decent option. I also thought about Hagra Constrictor for mass-menace.

I originally did have Winding Constrictor in this deck and dropped it to keep the tribe pure but do not disagree with you that it would be nice to have to add a 2x multiplier on that counter production. Vampire Socialite has some merit as it does have a lot of synergy with the aggressive nature of the deck. I almost included it originally but decided against it last minute for some reason. Good suggestion! Hydra's Growth is sick but might be a little slow or easy to deal with as none of the vampires I am running have a natural evasion from removal.

I think you are right about Slaughter Specialist. I liked how it came in at a 3/3 compared to Cordial Vampire's only 1/1 but Cordial's ability effects all my vampires while Slaughter's is more selfish. Realmwalker I think I might try to add another copy of before I decide to drop. The idea with it was to give me the ability to play creatures from the top of my library giving me a hand advantage since I lack draw engines. It is a nice ability combined with a 2/3 body is pretty decent for 3 CMC.

Always good to get some fresh perspective on stuff...let me think on this a few days but this has potential to make the deck better for sure. Thanks for taking the time to take a look!

owenger on Vampire Deatheaters

1 month ago

I agree with lukas96, I also think that Anowon, the Ruin Sage isn't a very good creature as it only triggers on the turn after you play it. I think you should consider adding Gatekeeper of Malakir (which I know you have as it is in your maybeboard, but i think you should reconsider). It triggers the Cordial Vampire already on turn 3 and can grow bigger by the turn you would play Anowon. Additionally I think that Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose is definitely the better card in this deck as it costs less mana, provides a good body against some aggro strategies and is a card that grows with what you want to do. I think this is a really cool and flavourful deck and I believe these tweaks would really help with the consistency.

lhetrick13 on Vampire Deatheaters

2 months ago

Yogei - Not sure how you feel about splashing and losing the tribe but a fun thing to experiment with might actually be Kwende, Pride of Femeref. If you care more about the First Strike and Deathtouch combo than the vamp tribal, he could be a killer addition as what could be worse than creatures with lifelink, deathtouch, and first strike when life gain hurts your opponent? Having lifelink, deathtouch, and double strike when life gain hurts your opponent.

I am just imaging Gifted Aetherborn taking out its blocker due to deathtouch and double strike, getting a +1/+1 counter due to Cordial Vampire, then hitting the opponent for 3 damage and the lifegain deals 3 damage to the opponent due to Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose being in play...glorious!!!

SefTheReject on Budget Vamp Sac

4 months ago

Cordial Vampire over carrier or LL because it will act like a lord, specially if you tweak the sac engine. Blood artist is a great pick, as is indulgent. I personally don’t indulgent in my build, but know it’s used in other builds. Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord is great when combo’d with Bloodghast & Silversmote Ghoul.

ElvenSkyArcher on Advanced vamps (looking for more ideas)

5 months ago

Coat of Arms is very fun when you have a large army, but I would also recommend Door of Destinies and Herald's Horn.

As far as vampires, Cordial Vampire, Necropolis Regent, and Forerunner of the Legion are cheap. I'm also a massive fan of Bloodline Keeper  Flip and Twilight Prophet if you think they're worth the money.

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