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₣₳₦₲ɆĐ ₮ⱧⱤɆ₳₮₴ (ⱧɎ₱ɆⱤ ₳₲₲ⱤɆ₴₴łVɆ V₳₥₱łⱤɆ₴)

Commander / EDH Aggro Infinite Combo Multiplayer RBW (Mardu) Tribal Vampires


The Deck

This is my take on an optimized hyper-aggro Edgar Markov build with a combo backup plan. This deck plays a ton of 1 cmc vampires to generate a ton of tokens quickly to out-swarm my opponents before they can react. This deck absolutely punishes opponents who either stumbles with their board development or has a slow start early game. With the right draw, this deck can easily pump out 20 to 150 damage by turn 5 which demands a boardwipe or the game is mine to win. What makes this deck so brutal is that there are several axis to demolish my opponent's life totals: combat, death drain trigger, and combo.

Notable Card Choices/Synergies

  • Sorin, Lord of Innistrad : He's basically here for the permanent +1 power boost anthem effect. The steady token production is cherry on top of the cake.

  • Reconnaissance : An amazing card in a hyper aggro deck like this. Lets me go all in while giving my board pseudo indestructible and vigilance.

  • Scapegoat : Ran out of gas? Well, let's put those vamps back to hand and redeploy!

  • Bolas's Citadel + Necropotence : Plays all the cards off the top of the library for as much life I can spare.

Win Conditions

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Updates Add

Alright, I gotta admit that I didn't expect this deck to perform as well as it did. The different angle of attack approach via combat or indirect damage really does add up quick. I've won 4/5 games so far. Key takeaways:

  • Cordial Vampire is nuts in this deck and has won me my 2nd game by chaining Skullclamp into more vampires while pumping the team.
  • Reconnaissance has been awesome every time I draw it.
  • Scapegoat is one of the best card in this deck imho. The utility is insane. Bounce vamps to recast or saves vamps from boardwipes/removals.
  • Captivating Vampire is insane in this build and won me my first game when no one had an answer for him. He's great in this low curve build because of the insane amount of vampire tokens I can generate with all the one-drops (by turn 6 I am already able to steal 3 creatures). In a higher curved vampire build, he is less powerful.
  • Impact Tremors/Purphoros, God of the Forge are great at dealing out insane amount of damage. It helped me get through the last 18 points of damage when my opponents have a bunch of creatures to brickwall my combat step.
  • Coat of Arms is a dumb magic card. I am able to kill the entire table by turn 7 with this.
  • Always tutor for card draw. Always.

Cards for consideration:

  • Mirror Entity: Great late game finisher but sucks to draw early game so I'd need to test it out to see how it goes.
  • Metallic Mimic: Only great once I start the ball rolling on the vampire train. Further testing needed.

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