Cover of Darkness

Cover of Darkness


As Cover of Darkness enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.

Creatures of the chosen type have fear.

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Cover of Darkness Discussion

multimedia on Dragons Forever

3 weeks ago

Hey, good start. Overall you have good sense with the high budget you have.

Consider revisiting the manabase, you forgot Command Tower and also expand on ramp? 31 lands with only seven 0-3 CMC ramp sources is a risky amount when you need a lot of mana to cast Dragons and Ur-Dragon is nine mana. You really want a ramp source in your opening hand and consistently to get this you want more ramp. Not playing one basic land is an interesting choice, not a choice I would make, but if it's working for you than nice. I would include at least one of each basic.

The Pathways are not good lands for five colors since can only choose one color, they don't give you enough color fixing. With your high budget you can do better than the Pathways especially since a few of them cost more price than much better lands. Castle Locthwain and Westvale Abbey  Flip look out of place and are not powerful enough only able to make one black or one colorless mana in a five color deck. Some Rainbow lands are helpful when playing five colors or with Dragons:

More land ramp that can search for a Triome or Shock land:

Lore and Visits are two drops, similar to Farseek, but the land you search for can ETB untapped if you search for a Forest Shock land. Skyshroud can search for two Forest Triomes or Forest Shock lands. Adding Overgrown Tomb would help with these land ramp spells. Some good ramp sources for five colors to consider:

There's a few other nonDragon cards here that you don't need because they're not as good as other cards here:

Nyx Lotus is not a good ramp source here since it's a four drop that ETB tapped and then it doesn't make mana unless you control another colored permanent. Cover of Darkness is an expensive price card that's not doing much here because Dragons don't really need fear since they already have flying evasion.

Because you have Tiamat then you could cut some of the lesser Dragons such as Deathbringer Regent, Amareth, the Lustrous and Ramos, Dragon Engine. You have Old Gnawbone, if you add Hellkite Charger then you have an infinite attack combo that Tiamat can tutor for.

There's several expensive price cards in the maybeboard that would be good upgrades, but there's also some budget cards that would be upgrades for any of the above cards I mentioned to consider cutting:

Good luck with your deck.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Help with Voltron protection and …

1 month ago

Volrath - No School, like Old School.

My current beloved voltron is Moraug, Fury of Akoum. Having evasion restricted to old-borders is kind of hard, so the Dauthi propably are your best bet. There are multiple sword of X and Y you could use.

Cards you could consider, too:


Corrupting Licid

Cover of Darkness

Dragon Shadow

Ebony Charm


Sleeper's Guile

Guerric on [Primer] Crouching One-Drop, Hidden Ninja

2 months ago

Thanks so much for you kind words betomindslav! Cover of Darkness used to be in my Scion of the Ur-Dragon deck, but it was too flavorful not to go in ninjas. Solve the Equation is a great tutor that I've slowly been slipping into most of my blue decks. I'm surprised more people aren't running it. I might slide it in here if I can. Bolas's Citadel is mostly a pet card here- it's certainly not essential to ninjas or anything. That being said, it does work well at what ot does, and I have had it work out where I can abuse the heck out of it the turn its played and put a bunch of ninjas on the board so that I could win by swinging with then the following turn. Its a fun card that always makes memories for better or worse, but is by no means essential to the deck.

betomindslav on [Primer] Crouching One-Drop, Hidden Ninja

2 months ago

+1 to the deck here and for your thoughtful primer(s). I'm definitely inspired to build my own pile. Cover of Darkness is such a great include. You mentioned Solve the Equation in your primer above (a card that I run with Mizzix), which I also believe to be a very fine, perhaps under-the-radar tutor. Just wondering if you could elaborate on your lines with Bolas's Citadel ? Is it more of a finisher if you've run out of gas? Cheers from Toronto!

Heliogabale on The Queen's Booty! (Grixis Pirates) **PRIMER**

2 months ago

Not only is Shared Animosity cheaper, but it stays on the board an provides the boost turn after turn.

I feel you are gambling a lot on Arcane Adaptation while it seems unnecessary to me. Most of your creatures are Pirates, and those that are not should generate enough value to disregard the tribal element. Chart a Course is a one-shot draw that could make room for repeated draw. This could free 2 spots for Reconnaissance Mission and a Bident of Thassa , both are better than Coastal Piracy.

I would cut Prosperous Pirates to make way for Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator ; a potential of 3 treasures per turn is better than a one-time effect for 2 treasures.

Marionette Master is a very convoluted way of attempting to benefit from your treasures, while you should actually try to hold on to them so you can trigger Mechanized Production or Revel in Riches, making it a non-bo card. I would replace it with Archetype of Imagination (or Sun Quan, Lord of Wu if you have one, or both!) which could win you the game for the same casting cost. This also replaces your Nemesis Mask, freeing a spot for something like Cover of Darkness .

Brass's Bounty and Pirate's Pillage are also one-shot deals that could make way for more stable pieces, like Inspiring Statuary , allowing you to tap your treasures for colorless mana.

I hope I am not overwhelming you with this cascade of suggestions, hopefully some of these will be helpful to you!

Guerric on Getting Lathril Through

3 months ago

You're presumably in elves tribal, so Elvish Champion can give you forestwalk to get through, and you can use Nylea's Presence to give any non-green player a forest. Forestwalk is far better at getting through than you'd think given the predominance of green in our format. Eladamri, Lord of Leaves can also give you forestwalk, but he's getting pricey these days being on the reserve list and all. Since you are in black Cover of Darkness is also a good option.

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