Pallid Mycoderm


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Common
Planar Chaos (PLC) Common

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Pallid Mycoderm

Creature — Fungus

At the beginning of your upkeep, put a spore counter on Pallid Mycoderm.

Remove three spore counters from Pallid Mycoderm: Put a 1/1 green Saproling creature token into play.

Sacrifice a Saproling: Each Fungus creature and each Saproling creature you control gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

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Pallid Mycoderm Discussion

Conflykt on Rith Tokens & Fatties

5 days ago

Also didn't see Rhys the Redeemed ... If you're looking for strong board presence, that's a great one to go to for the last ability. With creature wide haste, or on battlefield abilities (Warstorm Surge), it usually becomes a game ender.

Because of Sporogenesis, I would also think of adding some sneaking saproling and card advantage creators to counter board wipes, allow card draw, life gain, sac outlets, etc:

Sporesower Thallid

Psychotrope Thallid

Pallid Mycoderm


Elvish Farmer

Conflykt on Rith the Awakener 2.0

5 days ago

I'm not sure how political your game group gets, but you are right, eventually your friends will know what's up and not let you ramp up quickly. Finding ways to divert attention helps a lot in decks that need time. Essentially, that breaks down into conceal, divert, or inconvenience. I don't know which I would grab, but I find a lot of these are very sneaky and discouraging to attack. The fungus creatures were something I never had in my original Rith deck... but came to love them after a few rounds. They sneak in a lot of benefits (sac outlets, life gain, buffs, card draw) while sneaking in bursts of saprolings every 3 turns that typically come at a surprise for many players (especially if you create these tokens on an opponent's turn). Of course, all of this gets avoided if you ramp fast enough. With green/white it can be pretty easy.


Psychotrope Thallid

Pallid Mycoderm


Elvish Farmer

Sporesower Thallid


Curse of the stalked Prey

Curse of Predation

Curse of Opulence

Curse of Vitality



Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist

Anything resembling Fog or Kami of False Hope

clayperce on Tribal Tech (List of Every Single Tribe in Magic!)

4 months ago

I stumbled across Hand of the Praetors the other day, and next thing you know I'm looking at the Lord page at gamepedia. From there, here's a bunch more for your consideration:

Finally, I'm not sure how to classify these, but they're all color related: Angel of Jubilation, Caged Sun, Gauntlet of Power, Hall of Triumph, Knight of New Alara

The7thBobba on A Flood of Spores

6 months ago

Nice and stramlined, love it ;)

Psychotrope Thallid offers some nice and cheap draw power.

If you're made of money, then Doubling Season is made for this deck. So is Primal Vigor

If you're as despicable as me, you might be interested in the infinite combo that is Life and Limb+Sporemound.

If you'd be willing to splash other colours, then:

White nominates Pallid Mycoderm.

Black nominates Deathspore Thallid.

Blue... don't get me started on blue :p I'll just direct you towards my sapproling-deck: and they keep on dancing...

Stay frosty!

ParadoxSg on My Atraxa Deck

8 months ago

Atraxa is great. She can get really big stuff out insanely quick, but she is susceptible to board wipes. One comes along and the deck takes a massive hit since it has to rebuild all over again. So some counter spells for that or sneaking in some indestructible is good. I still run her, I just changed her focus to sillier things. My current Atraxa decks (cause I'm weird and have two) are group hug and spore counters, the spore counter one relying on Pallid Mycoderm as a win con

Shwang on Saproling

11 months ago

This is cool! I can imagine in late game it would be nice to have something that can keep you alive in case of mass removal of some sort. I would probably substitute Sprout Swarm over Sprout.

Also, it might be worth splashing white in. You'd get 2 cards that could drastically improve the deck. Namely, Selesnya Evangel (who can give you a saproling every turn!) and Pallid Mycoderm (who can pump up all of your guys by sacrificing one saproling!) I'd probably ditch the Bramble Elemental and 1 of the Sporoloth Ancient (high casting cost), as well as Thallid Devourer (as he can only pump himself) to add 4x Selesnya Evangel and 3x Pallid Mycoderm. Love the deck!


TheMountainLion on Intangible Virtue vs Pallid Mycoderm

1 year ago

I'm thinking of taking out Intangible Virtue, in favor of Pallid Mycoderm. Thoughts?


Modern TheMountainLion


BlueScope on does the sacrifice of the ...

1 year ago

None of the abilities you're talking about is triggered - they are activated abilities as indicated by them containing a colon, in front of which is the cost to activate the ability. So once you decide you want to activate a certain ability, you pay all the costs (in case of Pallid Mycoderm, you sacrifice a Saproling), then it's put on the stack and will eventually resolve. You can activate the same or other creature's abilities in the same way, but you need to sacrifice a Saproling each time you do.

If you at all have problems grasping the concept, just image the cost would indeed be for each of those abilities. Here it's probably more clear that by playing a single mana, you don't get to activate all abilities of all your creatures as many times as you want, but instead you need to pay every time.

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