Verdant Embrace


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral (TSP) Rare

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Verdant Embrace

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +3/+3 and has "At the beginning of each upkeep, put a 1/1 green Saproling creature token onto the battlefield."

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Verdant Embrace Discussion

lumberjackpatty on bad plz help

1 week ago

Hey man, I would suggest these couple of cards:Rohgahh of Kher KeepBraid of FireKobold OverlordCoat of ArmsVerdant ForceVerdant EmbraceVerdeloth the Ancient

There are some other tribal cards too but you have a couple different tribes going so idk how much you want to focus on any of them. As for mana I would say put some duel lands in to help you get all your colors easier. It looks good though, if you need anything else I'll try to help.

landofMordor on Graveyard Shenanigans

4 months ago

Hey friend (: it's my pleasure.

First, for potential cuts: Bloodbriar (there are better options like Mortician Beetle), Agent of Erebos, Eater of Hope, Pharika's Mender, Skullwinder, Vampire Aristocrat (see Bloodthrone Vampire), Vampire Nighthawk. Also, depending on how you feel about your top-curve creatures, those could be flex spots.

I love how strong this deck is with ETB abilities and "when this dies" abilities. Treasure Keeper is phenomenal, for one. You've also got excellent one-shot sacrifice outlets like Devour and kickers and so forth. The permanent sacrifice outlets like Viscera Seer and Jarad are great, but there are few enough of them that you might have trouble sticking a sacrifice outlet.

So, what I would focus on at this point would be finding ways to cheat your fatties into play from the grave, and finding redundancies in your "permanent" sacrifice outlets. There's nothing worse than being a reanimator player with no grave and no ways to sacrifice creatures (it happens...and not always on bum draws). Splinterfright, Jarad's Orders, self-mill like Deadbridge Chant, and anything Dredge (like Stinkweed Imp) will fill your grave with creatures for you, so that when Meren has sixteen counters you'll actually have targets worth pulling. Disciple of Griselbrand, Nezumi Bone-Reader, Birthing Pod are all ways to get more sacrifice triggers when you want them. And don't be afraid to up your curve with Xathrid Demon or other high-CMC win-condition-like cards.

Then, I guess if you're feeling extra adventurous, I'd investigate ways to produce more tokens, because a lot of those sacrifice effects are still powerful for non-tokens, and tokens will help you go wide when you stick Pathbreaker Ibex. Golgari Germination, Verdant Embrace, Ogre Slumlord are all options. The worst part about GBx reanimator imo (I run Karador, Ghost Chieftain) is that the endgame is pretty grindy, so going wide with tokens is a must for me if you want to play a second game.

So, in summary, the deck is super strong in staples/ramp/card draw/core mechanics. Self-mill/extra sacrifice/token synergies are things you can pick and choose to personalize and make it fun for you, the pilot. Best of luck, and be sure to mention me if I can help with anything else!

ellie-is on Ellie's Saprolings

5 months ago

TheSurgeon kurcody1

Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions.I think I can definitely decrease the amount of rampant growths if I have more cards to put in it. I was playing yesterday and yeah, I think two would be enough!

Cody, the reason why I'm not running any mana creatures like Arbor Elf is that they're very easy to kill for most decks, while lands are not. So looking for a land in my deck is more useful in the long run, and even Explore's extra land or just the draw can also help a lot in the early game. I used to run a very similar deck which relied on Overgrown Battlement and Axebane Guardian to generate a huge amount of mana for Jade Mage. It was fun, but without the mana generators it never went far, and people learned to always kill them quickly. As a quick tip to you - Arbor Elf usually shines in decks that make use of enchantments such as Utopia Sprawl, because the lands it untaps can generate even more mana now.

The main problem with Stoneforge Masterwork compared to Might of the Masses is that it lacks the surprise element and the instant speed, which are often what give me the win with it - casting it after a single saproling has managed to slip past defenses - but people would most definitely block the saproling that had Stoneforge equipped, and sadly it doesn't include trample.

Verdant Embrace rarely sees play, indeed. I might be able to reduce it by one or cut it entirely. I'm also thinking of giving Essence of the Wild the boot, because by the time I can cast it, I'm usually either about to win or lose, and it doesn't do too much. Finally, Beastmaster Ascension does what the Essence does, for a lot less mana - making all my saprolings 6/6. It's my usual wincon, and I think I like having three, as successfully playing it usually means the game is about to be won.

I like Blunt the Assault and used to have it on my previous saproling deck. I might give a try to adding it to this one - I don't have any way to gain life, and that could be rather handy.

Cerradura on How does Karona and Verdent ...

6 months ago

If I play Karona, False God and proceed to enchant it with Verdant Embrace, as Karona, False God is bounced around the table who gets the tokens? How does this effect with the stack at the beginning of the current players upkeep?

Thank you for your help.

bushido_man96 on

6 months ago

I like the idea of the deck. I'm a fan of spores and saprolings, and I think every deck with the theme should run Verdant Force. He is the ultimate saproling generator, and his enchantment, Verdant Embrace makes another creature his kindred spirit.

Nice looking deck!

acefalo on Spanked by a sapling

7 months ago

Saproling outlets: Verdant Force and Verdant Embrace

Finisher: Overrun

The_Grape on Intelligent Evolution

9 months ago

It makes your commander harder to kill, which I find incredibly useful. The Verdant Embrace I mean.

ghoul_Legion on Intelligent Evolution

9 months ago

May I suggest: Verdant Embrace

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